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A clear summary of the terms and conditions in VERSUS

We all know about the existence of clauses in a contract, but very few of us We take the necessary time to read the entire content. Before completing the registration on the online site, the company requires your absolute approval and, let's be honest, who reads it before clicking "I accept"? To help you in this extremely important but still neglected aspect, we took on the task of reviewing each of the VERSUS casino Terms and Conditions. Inthe most important articles or in those clauses that were interesting to us, we add textual quotations and allusive explanatory comments. We hope to make your life a little easier with our work.

Content of the Terms of Use

In our portal we try to continuously update the content of our reviews, to offer you the most faithful and new information possible. For this reason, first of all, it should be clarified that the owner operator of the website now known as VERSUS was previously called VivelaSuerte, but this has not greatly affected the terms and conditions of VivelaSuerte that after the change of the name of the company logically have become the terms and conditions of VERSUS. In case any of the points concentrated here is wrong or has been corrected/changed, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible to the emailinfo@casinos-online.es. Thanks in advance!

1. Introduction and notices

2. Game contract

3. Identification data

4. Object of the Contract

5. Rights and obligations| ||260

5.1 VERSUS will not be responsible for breaches of applicable regulations attributable to the participant. Thus, you acknowledge that you are aware that access to the Website from certain countries may be subject to specific regulations in which gambling is prohibited.”

Comment: The VERSUS casino operates in USA with the necessary national permits. The license for this type of service is delivered only after fulfilling all the requirements established by the current Gaming Law. Among them is the launch of an exclusive “.es” domain, identity controls and income regulation.

6. Participant rights

7 . Participant Obligations

8. VERSUS Obligations

8.1 VERSUS Casino undertakes a “Keep the gaming contract for a period of at least six years from the cancellation of the user registration and adopt all the necessary measures to protect your personal data. Request your express consent for the extension of the contractual relationship in the event of unilateral modification of the contract or subjective novation…”

Comment: The company will have access to your information and data data stored in your profile for the indicated period. However, if you disagree with this article after canceling the account, you can request the casino in writing to delete all your information, throughthe support platform.| ||286

9. VERSUS rights

10. Game and user registration activation procedure

11. Operations that can be carried out in the user and game registration

11.1By accessing their account, the participant will be able to access and download a copy of the CGC subscribed at the time of registration as a user or the updated version of the same if there have been changes in it, as well as have access to the Privacy Policy and the Responsible Gaming Policy of the Company .”

Comment: The accessible information is also available in English, in case you require it. All owners of a VERSUS profile will be able to update their identification data at any time, access the account and manage it freely. This space of course includes real money deposits and withdrawals.

12. Deposits and payments

13. Deposit methods and withdrawals

14. Rules for betting

15. Bonuses

15.3| ||317La participación en Servicios de Juego que se realice con cargo a los bonos o puntos de promoción, en caso de ganancias, su abono se realizará mediante apunte contable en el momento que el juego se haya completado.”

Comentario: Promotions that indicate a benefit in game credit directly linked to bonuses or points, will be activated in the user's balance as soon as compliance with the stated requirements is verified. This process can last from a couple of seconds to several hours, depending on the specific case.

16. Cancellation, resolution or suspension of the game contract and its effects

16.3In the context of a player's account suspension or closure, VERSUS undertakes to refund the player any deposit made on the site, or allow the player to withdraw their remaining balance ; as long as those funds have not been subject to fraudulent practices in the gaming environment. The funds will be delivered to the player using the bank transfer method, in a bank account identified as belonging to the player.”

Comment: The company reserves the right to modify or terminate any bonus or promotion on its page without prior notice, as well as denying, canceling, withholding or withdrawing the credit granted to users, in case of suspecting and/or detecting an abuse or fault by it.

17. Voluntary account closure

18. Inactive accounts

19. Self-exclusion

20. Illegal funds and illicit activities

20.1In case the participant used the Gaming Services for any illegal or fraudulent activity, VERSUS may initiate as many civil, criminal and/or administrative actions as may be applicable against the participant.”

Comment: Different security locks have been prepared by the company to prevent the casino platform and services from being involved in this type of action. However, one final warning makes it clear that anyone using VERSUS services for illicit purposes will face direct criminal charges.

21. Intellectual Property| ||357

22. Liability

22.2Under no circumstances (including fault, negligence or any other tort liability) VERSUS shall be liable for any damage, loss, claim, loss of revenue, loss of profit or loss of opportunity, loss of data, loss or damage to property or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your access to or use of, or inability to use, the Gaming Services and the relevant Websites, even if we are advised of or otherwise advised of the possibility of such damage or loss, or that the loss was foreseeable, beyond the responsibilities directly required gible by law. ”

Comment: The operator makes it clear in this article that the products offered on his page are provided by external companies, for which he disclaims any direct responsibility. This includes a software malfunction, wrong descriptions of the game rules, failure to distribute or release winnings, or even unexplained loss of capital. These types of clauses are common in many online casinos, as the game software is programmed by external providers. However, the phrase "including fault, negligence or any other non-contractual liability" caught our attention, which indicates a total demarcation of liability, even in situations that directly concern the VERSUS company.

23 . Complaints and conflict resolution

24. Processing of personal data

24.3The participant You are duly informed of the filing and storage of your personal data, your player account and the bets made. The data obtained, the communications and the development of the bets will be kept for at least ten years following their collection in the event that the data is covered by Royal Decree 304/2014 that approves the Regulations of Law 10/2010 Prevention of Money Laundering…”

Comment: The ten years marked in this section refer to the time while the user's account is active. After canceling the profile, article 8.1. will come into force, so your information and the data stored in your account will remain much longer within the company's files.

25. Effectiveness and duration of the contract

26. Applicable legislation