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Ap render the best slots tricks and start beating the machines

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a tool with all the possible means to make the most of the slots and spread the winnings on every spin? On our site we provide you withthe best slot tricks and other tips to win at online slots. In addition, we separate the unreal or utopian (even illegal) tricks from the 100% effective tricks. Throughout this article you will also find a general overview of the manipulation of machines and the necessary attention to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Is it possible to cheat the machines?

¿ Who hasn't read about someone using a trick to trick a slot machine into making a bigger profit? It is clear that the great prizes of the slots included in theTop 50 in USA are very attractive, and some users want to “break” the machine and win a great prize. However, this is a very complicated thing to do nowadays. In addition, by using illegal or clandestine methods, the profits are not only not delivered, but the person involved may face severe legal charges.

This page is completely informative and we do not promote any type of unfair practice. What we do seek is to provide you with tools to identify fraud and we promote responsible gaming and follow our tips and tricks to fully enjoy the best casinos with slots that we show you below.

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Before we begin, we want to make it clear that we do not promote or encourage manipulation or fraud of slot machines, their programs, software, hardware or the like for any reason. Our goal is simply to show which tips and tricks are workable and which are ineffective. Similarly, we urge all readers and users to refrain from using offers or services from Internet pages that "guarantee" to break any system on the machines, as it is surely a scam... against you!

Las tragamonedas pueden ser manipuladas

Yes, it is possible and there have been several examples of it in the past. The media -mainly news- have repeatedly reported on attempts (some successful) to fraud machines, although the details are not reported. In the first place, because its understanding requires deep technical knowledge in the matter and second, to prevent readers from being inspired on the spot and end up copying it.

The history of slot machine manipulation extends through the last five or six decades. In fact, the machines have been around for 130 years, although initially the prizes consisted of low-value products such as cigarettes, candy, coupons and the like. Gambling for money expanded from the second half of the 20th century, when machines ceased to be purely mechanical and began to employ reliable electromechanical systems.

In the beginning, a possible fraud or the security levels in a machine were not important issues, because this type of situation rarely occurred. But it didn't last long until the first players came to the conclusion that there had to be at least one way to make the prize money without taking any risk. The simple technique used in those times allowed the corruption of systems, to manipulate and benefit from them.

The coin trick

A method used by many "scammers" is to fool the coin sensor when they are entered into the slot, so that the machine registers a credit despite not having inserted any token. The most popular way to do this is to attach a coin to a sturdy piece of string, string or twine and pull it out of the machine immediately after it is entered. Traps with buttons are also located in this category, since the first slots recorded the weight of a coin to assess its weight, so it was possible to replace it with other objects and obtain high credits in the system, practically for free. Therefore, game manufacturers were forced to implement methods that would prevent this type of operation. The result was a mechanical system that does not allow the reversible movement of tokens and the introduction of electronic readers for the correct valuation of money.

Gaffed Coin - Free Games
Una mano introduce una moneda en una máquina tragaperras.
Upon inserting the token, the machine recognizes an initial credit and prepares to grant access to the game. It is therefore possible to manipulate the currency itself or the insertion mechanism in the system.
Ejection of winnings without playing
Un montón de monedas que han sido liberadas de una máquina tragaperras después de ganar una partida.
The same happens with the release of cash. To activate the machine, the system requires a special signal that activates the payment of winnings, regardless of the income made.

Another aspect is framed by the direct and physical handling of payments. These are usually calculated and performed by the system itself, and when the user knows exactly how the process works, he can "help" himself with some specific technique. In some cases, for example, powerful magnets were used that confused various parts of the slot or that attracted the metals towards the withdrawal tray. Also used to move the device continuously until the contents of the vault fell by gravity or was ejected from it. For these reasons, many companies began to increase the security measures present in the different machines, achieving today products that are extremely difficult to trick or manipulate, without the process going unnoticed.

Influencing the development of the game and the outcome

Fotograma del documental sobre Diethard Wentland, conocido como el monarca de las tragaperras.One of his most famous phrases was: “One day, a machine said to me: Thank you for your attention. I have to give you money because that's all I can give”.

It's one thing to manipulate the deposit/withdrawal and quite another to manipulate the progress of the game itself, mainly because this requires great knowledge of how the game works. machines, and not everyone has access to this information. Thecompanies that manufacture the slots and the software that they use, jealously guard the secrets that surround each of the titles and do not usually leave open spaces for external agents to take advantage of any possible failure in the system. However, people with unrivaled technical flair can recognize the essential features and discover a weak spot to attack.

The reels of early electromechanical machines allowed them to be interrupted mid-turn. Players with a quick eye and an even quicker hand could form winning combinations and thus directly influence each turn. It is obvious that this situation is due more to individual qualities and talents than to chance or luck. The most popular example of this type of technique is the so-called "Monarch of Hamburg" Diethard Wendtland, who developed an incomparable talent for betting, specifically on the "Mint" machine. Fortunately for him, there was no legal impediment to exercising his methods and even a film crew accompanied him on a tour throughout Germany, in which his way of playing, general interviews and the parties held with the profits were documented. The documentary was made public and many people tried to use Wendtland's advice, only to discover that the manufacturers used the information he provided to strengthen the safety of the machines and avoid suffering millions of losses. Consequently, the games were redesigned so that participants could no longer stop the reels manually, but that did not stop the inventiveness and creativity of some users.

Because the reels are started and electrically stopped, someone had the idea of ​​activating them by means of electromagnetic impulses, with the help of small electric igniters, which generate a magnetic field capable of influencing the sensitive control of the rollers. Little time was required for the manufacturers of the machines to detect the new technique and once again reinforce the safety of their products. Nowadays, systems are significantly much better protected against external influences of all kinds.

Manipulation of internal programs

Fragmento de un código HTML de una página web.The difficulty in finding devices with electromechanical function and the great effort to increase their security has directed the creativity and imagination of fraudsters to a new field: the manipulation of the software of the slot machines. Obviously, these types of techniques require greater knowledge of both the programs and the technical details of the manufacturing company, so not just anyone represents a potential danger. Although there are some points or general elements that can be attacked (for example, the use of standard format chips), any action requires a deep understanding of the structure and operation of the system.

A couple of years ago, some slot machines in USA started exhibiting strange behavior and generating irregular winnings. When the police launched the investigation, they discovered that new software had been co-installed on the slot machines and was influencing the distribution of winnings. The investigation culminated in the arrest of several suspects. Although the attorney general's office never revealed details of how those responsible managed to corrupt the slots, there is speculation about two possible general scenarios.

The first of these would be software that facilitated the official “update” of the devices. In order to gain access to said program, they either had the help of an internal worker of the manufacturing company, or the hardware was stolen from one of its employees. Subsequently, the software had to be analyzed and understood exactly how it works, in order to be able to manipulate it and install it on the real devices. The result: irregular handling of bets, with a marked increase in winning spins and prizes distributed. A machine behaving in this way is immediately conspicuous and suspicious.

Una mano jugando a una máquina tragaperras. To "disguise" a tampered machine, system manipulation is initiated with a specific combination of keys. This feature allows normal users to play the games and make deposits in the slots, in order to generate a basic “cushion”, which will be emptied later by the scammers. Thanks to the video surveillance mounted in various establishments, the personnel of the casinos or betting houses discovered the activation of passwords with the buttons, which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. As those responsible were arrested, expelled and confronted, the number of this type of incidents dropped considerably.

Fragmento del software de una máquina tragaperras.The second scenario is represented by the exploitation of weak points in the electronics. Some cards can cause the entire system to reset (for example, by short circuiting) and thus initiate software reloading via a game safe mode. This is intended as a "contingency plan" in case the software is not accessible due to various continuous update errors. Since these types of backdoors have been used several times as an access point for manipulation (such as DBox or PlayStation hacks), they are protected under “company secrecy” clauses. Currently, these channels are also protected with the support of additional encryption and cyber locks.

The abuse of system flaws

Extraordinary technical qualities are not always necessary to obtain productive profits by taking advantage of system errors. As the software used is programmed with increasing complexity, the probability that faulty functions will appear increases. Anyone who has regularly used a computer or a smartphone has experienced this type of problem at least once. Most of them are small and can be fixed by rebooting the device. Some failures are recognizable by the interruption of a program or the freezing of the image, there are even some that completely turn off the computer or smartphone, without any apparent explanation. In slots, anomalies can appear in strategic parts and when triggered, they open the door to systematic manipulation of the software and its behavior. This is themodus operandi of Hackers, who wait for the detection of an error or weakness, to have access and introduce their own codes.

Primer plano de una línea en una máquina tragaperras.Other failures they can cause great damage despite being invisible. An example of this recently occurred with an Auto Roulette player: with the simultaneous placement of multiple bets (via the touch screen) followed by the activation of the “Cancel” button, the inserts were successfully credited, although the balance in the account of user did not undergo any change. Thanks to this error it was possible to place bets without running any risk of losing one's capital, although the profits were paid normally. The situation did not remain undetected for long and could even affect the customer who abused it, if the casino had filed a lawsuit against him. In the event that the affected person files charges against an individual for this reason, the justification "I did not realize / I did not know it was a mistake" is usually rejected in court. For this reason, using the argument of assigning actual blame to the machine has no place. Both bookmakers and online casinos view system bug abuse as attempted fraud. In the event that any user detects a similar error, the staff of the establishment or portal must be informed immediately, to avoid sanctions or legal problems.

Fraud and scams to users

There are not only users who play with the idea of ​​using tricks to manipulate slot machines or tricks for their own benefit (an action that we completely dissuade the public from ), but also those who go further and try to scam even other customers. By this we are not referring to the managers or staff of a casino, because in the event that they incur in this type of abuse, alllicenses and permits granted by the DGOJy otras instancias reguladoras, les serían revocados. Nosotros nos referimos a supuestos “expertos” en Internet, que aparentemente facilitan estrategias ganadoras garantizadas. Es fácil reconocer a este tipo de timadores, pues por lo regular ofrecen compartir el conocimiento de forma “gratuita” o piden en retribución únicamente un módico precio inicial o incluso, una parte porcentual de las ganancias. Pero este (a primera vista) noble gesto solo sirve para generar confianza y buena fe en el usuario, mismo que posteriormente será estafado.

Professional scammers do not hesitate to announce the use of programs that manipulate the software of the games and that guarantee them winnings. According to them, the legal justification lies in a gray area of ​​the local jurisdiction where the various portals have their official base, since supposedly, this type of computer fraud is not classified as a crime. The confirmation is done by fake lawyers and there are even videos with confirmations of high payouts generated in the slots.

This kind of promises should not be taken seriously! The real reason for this action is to drive players to register at one of the online casinos to get a recruitment commission.

Another argument used in the scam is the offer to use so-called “ bots”. These little programs play automatically and supposedly recognize “weaknesses in the random number generator” (RNG) of the casino. We can assure you that these tools do not influence the results of the machines and in no way affect the chances of winning. In addition, the RNG are under constant supervision of the casinos and the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, the regulatory authority in USA that issues legal operating licenses. The RNG are also periodically analyzed as well as the generation of payments, which would easily show the execution of a fraud. Throughout all our reviews you will find more information about the gaming regulations and how to recognize a safe online casino.

Aunado a los intentos de estafa, existen en Internet numerosos trucos para tragaperras que pueden ayudar a ganar cuando juegas en ellas. Gran parte de ellos son inexactos, no sirven realmente o son falsos completamente y solo pocos son realmente útiles. Aquí encontrareis además de los consejos y trucos más comunes para las tragamonedas, también advertencias sobre su efectividad y empleo. Esta selección aún no es definitiva, pues con el tiempo añadiremos poco a poco nuevas recomendaciones y comentarios.

Increase the chances of winning with the number of lines

Pantallazo de una slot en la que se muestran las múltiples combinaciones ganadoras posibles.One of the most popular tips suggests always activating all available pay lines. By not doing so, various extra opportunities are lost and the odds of winning are obviously lower. Is completely true? No. On the one hand, for each line to play, a bet must be made, but not all combinations generate enough profits to recover the total amount bet, because while the best ones award prizes of 5, 10 or up to 25 times the amount, others only cover 1, 2 or 3 times the initial amount. The number of compositions does not directly affect the payment to be received, in case of winning the spin.

Summary: Seen from the perspective of fun, it is advisable to use as many lines as possible, even if this does not have weight some in the expectation of winning in the machines.

The total bet influences the amount of the payment

The idea that the higher the amount bet, the greater the chances of win, has no sustainable arguments. The payout percentage applies to the game in general, based on the probability of appearance of the symbols and the respective payouts generated. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the Mega Joker Slot (NetEnt), in which you have a choice between 1 and 10 coins. With 10 of them, it is played with 99% probability, while with only 1, the percentage drops to 77%. Fortunately, it is possible to modify the value of the coins, so that you do not necessarily have to participate for the maximum amount of bet. Other slots have different rates, usually between 85% (the worst) and 98-99% (the best).

Summary: The odds do not differ and remain the same, regardless of the bet amount. Although there are machines in which this situation does not apply, there are very few cases referred to as to speak of a general rule.

Effective administration – know your bets and respect your limits

Un consejo muy importante se concentra en el manejo del dinero. En primer lugar, se debe saber por cuánto se juega en cada giro y cuánto es el máximo permitido por hora, para nunca se perder de vista el balance de vuestro monedero. Para tener un mejor control del flujo del crédito, es recomendable fijarse un determinado número de giros y una cantidad específica, para una vez alcanzada la meta, cambiar el estilo de apuesta y retirarse con las ganancias acumuladas. La primera parte es completamente cierta, pues en todo momento se recomienda tener control absoluto de los montos realizados, así como del efectivo que se puede permitir apostar sin sufrir por las posibles pérdidas. El segundo punto es de igual forma acertado, pues el trazar límites iniciales ayuda a llevar una correcta administración de los ingresos, ganancias y pérdidas por hora. Finalmente, el tercer consejo sobre la toma de premios acumulados va en la misma dirección y sirve para concluir un periodo de juego antes de pasar demasiado tiempo en un portal o local.

Conclusion: Of great help, in case that the player usually loses sight of the total wagered or the losses suffered, as well as the period spent on a machine.

Use the Demo-mode to gain experience

Before betting own money. You must read all the rules of the game and try the free spins to gain experience and avoid losses. Here is a storm in a glass of water, as the rules are recognizable and understandable in 99% of cases with just a couple of spins, even for the most novice in slots betting. There are some machines that do include some complex regulations, but it is impossible to make a mistake that harms the user.

Summary: Only for players who have NEVER used a slot machine.

Jugar siempre la mayor apuesta en slots con botes y jackpots

One of the exceptions mentioned in the previous tip applies here. Slot machine jackpots are generally subject to various rules, which limit participation and eventual payout of winnings. Sometimes you have to cover a certain minimum bet to be eligible for the jackpot or the number of spins determines the chance of winning the highest prize. A good example of this isthe Progressive Jackpots on Playtech's Marvel machines. In them you can win one of four different jackpots. In principle, you can clear the pot even with smaller inserts, although the odds increase considerably as you raise the stakes.

Summary: It all depends on the game in question, but in general, the higher the amount of bets, the greater the chances of increasing prizes or releasing progressive jackpots.

Accept bonus offers

The recommendation here dictates accept all bonus offers and get more credit for slot games. These bonuses are generally worthwhile, but do not forget that each one is linked to release conditions that must be met before you can withdraw the money from the user account or the winnings generated with the prize. If a promotion also includes free spins, these should be used in the best case in jackpot machines, since the prizes generated with free spins are excluded from the general terms of release and can be paid immediately.

Resumen: efectivamente, en las tragaperras conviene siempre aceptar el bono de bienvenida. Sin embargo, es indispensable echar un vistazo a las condiciones presentes en el contrato.

Play preferably online

Online casinos offer better payout percentages than physical locations. In addition, the total selection is larger and always available. It is difficult to think of a reason why traditional casinos represent a clear advantage to play and win at slots, although for roulette or blackjack there are clear prerogatives. In physical slots, not only are the payouts significantly lower, but the winnings are limited by law and the content is usually emptied after a couple of hours, a situation that does not exist in online games.

Summary: True. The RTP values ​​of online slots have much better rates and other considerable advantages.

Direct advice from customer service

Some users claim that the staff working on the helplines have insider information about which machine is about to be busted. This assertion is complete nonsense, because there are no "hot" slots online or offline. In any case, one can only speak of "cold", immediately after the physical machines have been emptied. Winnings in general depend on chance and not on the time that has passed since the last winning spin.

Summary: Complete myth. The odds of winning are the same each turn, although online the figures are not reduced if a jackpot is won repeatedly in a short period of time.

Change the machine when luck doesn't show up|| |531

Igual que el consejo anterior, en los casinos online esta idea no tiene validez alguna en las tragaperras. Repetimos: el desenlace de un juego depende completamente del azar y no de manera simétrica o un patrón numérico. Por esta razón, es posible experimentar una mala racha o un trecho de suerte, pues cada giro es independiente de los demás.

Summary: Changing slots does not influence or contribute anything. Of course you can change the game when you feel bored or feel stuck, but not as a winning tactic.

Increase the bet after a couple of spins without winning

Cuatro montones de fichas de casino de diversos tamaños.Of From time to time you can read on the Internet the suggestion to raise the inserts after losing a couple of turns. The idea behind the advice is to follow the principle ofthe Martingale strategy for Roulette: on each negative hand the bet amounts must be doubled. Theoretically following this principle, with the higher bets it is possible to compensate the losses suffered in the previous turns. However, this concept does not apply in most cases due, among other things, to the enormous number of possible combinations. Normal wins are regularly low and insufficient to balance several preliminary spins. The main risk is to fall into a losing streak and by raising the stakes each time, quickly end up bankrupt.

Summary: This is inappropriate advice. It is better to continue with the rhythm of the bet at the beginning and control the course of it. Chance knows no strategies and a streak of good or bad luck can appear.

Frequently asked questions

💰 How much money is recommended to spend on slots?

You have to take into account thatthe amount of money you bet has no influence on the result. You can get good profits betting very little. It's pure luck. Go to ourpractical tips section to learn more.

Put a limit on the amount you want to spend and never exceed it. Theonline slots are above all a fun and pastime with some extra surprises. Never see them as a way to make money.

🎒How to choose a winning slot machine?

No slot machine can guarantee that you will win every time. Many unscrupulous portals will want to tell you that there are strategies that guarantee great prizes. But this is nothing more than a scam carried out to take advantage of the players. Therefore, when you come across proposals like these, discard them andfollow our advice.

There are statistics. That's why you have topay attention to their RTP and volatility rates. Statistically, there are someslots with higher return rates than others.

🎰 Can you tell when a slot machine is about to give a prize?

There is nothing that can foresee this. As we told you before, slots are games of chance so you never know if you are about to win or not. You can follow our tips to play like a true pro and thus avoidscams with promises of big prizes.

🕓 When do slot machines hit jackpots?

Each slot hasits rules regarding this. In general, you mustmeet certain requirements arranged for each particular slot to unlock the jackpot as minimum bets or certain number of spins. You could win with the minimum bet, although the chances increase by increasing the size of the bets.

🔥 Why don't I win at slots? Is there a trick?

There is no concise answer that can answer this. We can only say that you have had a lot of bad luck.Most players win and lose, but your chances increase exponentially when youplay online since they have High RTP's well above those you find in physical casinos.

👎 Do casinos manipulate slot machines?

The licensed casinos in USA that you find innuestro sitio maintainhigh standards of quality and reliability thanks to the endorsement and control of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. In addition, the games are audited by prestigious international agencies that guarantee fair operation.

⛔ Do slot machines follow a pattern?

This is a very common question and the answer is very simple. No,the slots do not follow any pattern. These are games of chance so nobody knows what will come out next. This is whyyou cannot influence the outcome of a game.