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The origin and the story of slot machines

The history of slot machines began 140 years ago, when engineers with pioneering vision discovered the potential of gambling assisted by automated physical terminals. In this article we present the most important details ofa technology, design and symbols in constant innovation.

Los primeros pasos en el desarollo de las máquinas tragamonedas.

Game automation

Las apuestas de azar han acompañado al hombre desde el inicio de la historia, pero a diferencia de las características actuales, antes era necesario un administrador para participar en el juego. La invención de máquinas automáticas (primero mecánicas y después eléctricas), facilitated the spread and use of games. Let's see its evolution in detail.

The first automatic poker from Sittman & Pitt

La bandida de un brazo comenzó con el póquer automático.Since the mid-1800s there were mechanical machines that offered to bet depending on whether the colors red or black appeared in the spins of a disc-shaped roulette. Entrepreneurs Sittman and Pitt took the idea and replaced the colored plate with five reelswith images based on the deck of poker. Winnings depended on the value of the combination of cards, as in a poker hand likeTexas Hold'em. The 10 of spades and the jack of hearts were excluded, which cut the chance of hitting a royal flush - and thus the jackpot - by half. The prizes consisted of drinks, cigarettes and other products. These machines became popular throughout the East Coast of the United States.

Charley Fey and the first slot machines

La máquina llamada campana de la libertad fue la primera en su estilo.Although the Sittman and Pitt machine was created in 1891, the innovation made by Charles Frey in 1897 is seen as the birth of modern slots. Frey reduced the number of reels from 5 to 3 and replaced the poker deck with the horseshoe, spades, heart, diamond and bell symbols. The prizes corresponded to the correct alignment of the reels, a smaller advantage for the players, but withthe possibility of obtaining money in return. The jackpot was to get three bells online. The machine quickly caught on, and the nickname “one-arm bandits” spread throughout the United States. Frey did not patent his invention and it was used by different manufacturers throughout the country who introduced some innovations.

The 20th century and fruit symbols

En el siglo 20 las máquinas obtuvieron símbolos de frutas.In order to combat addiction to gambling and other substances, some local boards introduced a ban on gambling and alcoholic beverages, which had an impact on the production of slot machines, their location and the prizes they awarded. Onesolution to avoid legal problems was to replace the symbols used with images of fruits as well as the profits, obtaining sweets, chewing gum or similar, corresponding to the flavor or color of the winning line. In 1908 the producer Herbert Hills included the “BAR” badge, the same one that still appears today in many slots.

For many years little changed. The slots worked 100% mechanically and it wasnecessary to pull a lever to activate the spin. A spring made the rollers stop. This operation gave players the feeling of directly influencing the outcome of each round, which is why these types of devices were extremely popular.

First electromechanical slots

En los 60 los slots mejoraron su tecnología.After the era of prohibition the first novelty occurred in 1964, after the public announcement of the company "Bally", referring to the movement of the rollers completely electrically inMoney Honey (although the turning activation was still depending on the manual lever). A tray was added to hold coins and it could award up to 500 chips in payment for a winning combination. The success of the new productled to the demise of the crank.

Video slots

Nueva tecnología produjo las primeras videoslots.In 1976,Fortune Coin was completely electronically operated and the spins and results were viewed on a 19-inch screen. The machine was presented first in California and later in the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas. The new technologybrought skepticism from authorities and users, but after careful inspection no fraud or trickery was ruled out. The Nevada State Gaming and Gambling Commission authorized its use.

The future is here

La última generación de videoslots de casinos.The WMS consortium introduced the split-screen video slot in 1996, which separated the game in two sections: one with the normal reel and one with the bonus edition, once activated through the appropriate combination of boxes. Thanks to this new feature, all users hadaccess to jackpots, increasing their participation and therefore the casinos' profits. Little time passed for slot machines to occupy about two-thirds of the total area of ​​each licensed venue.

Con el paso del tiempo, los símbolos en los slots han cambiado.

The splendor of online slot machines

In the mid-90s a new phenomenon took hold world force: internet. Gambling was no exception and with new technology new systems finally got a chance. In1996 the first online casino (InterCasino) emerged, which added several slots to the blackjack and roulette offer.

Extraordinary configurations in the slot machines online

Thetragaperras online started with the symbols, game mechanics and even prizes of the physical machines. With the development of the programs came new features, themes, and animations. Today five or more reels are common, with an infinite number of boxes, characters,bonus phases, multipliers and progressive jackpots or accumulated.

El casino Betway tiene el record actual de la mayor cantidad ganada en una máquina tragaperras.Manufacturers and programmersgrew as demand increased, so much so that, while the companies creatingconventional slot machines have maintained the same for 40 years (between 10 and 15, considering the most important),responsible for providing software have multiplied.

Although some are small and have limited service, others are companies with hundreds of slots and supply portals around the world. The general offer is immense and difficult to cover. It is estimated that there arethousands of online slot machines.

The jackpots reached surpass the biggest prizes awarded by physical slot machines. TheGuinness record win in an online slot is almost 18 million euros and was the British player Jon Heywood, who in the Mega Moohla machine ofMicrogaming accomplished such a feat. Fortunatelyslots with progressive jackpots there are more and more, so it will only be a matter of time before another millionaire jackpot is broken.

Frequently asked questions|| |324

🎰 ¿Cuándo se inventó la primera tragaperras?

Thefirst slot machine in history was invented andlanzada al mercado en el año 1891. This was the successor to the first poker machine that had been invented four years earlier. The novelty was that this slot was the first to offer automatic payment to its players.

❗ What is the oldest symbol used in slots?

The first symbols in slotsThey were not so different from what we know today in physical casino machines. Since 1889,the classics of poker were used such as hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and bells, which some fourteen years later changed to the classic fruits that we all know.|| |344

💻 ¿Quién fue el creador de la primera videoslot?

The first video slot was created in 1976 in California USA by Fortune Coin Co, who was later bought by IGT. Then, with the explosion ofinternet in the mid-90s and the appearance of online casinos, in the year1996 the first online slots appeared.

💰 What has been the biggest jackpot delivered by a slot machine?

One of themost famous jackpots in the history, was the one who gave away the casinoBetway in October 2015. The winner was John Heywood from the United Kingdom, who won almost18 million euros playing the Mega Moolah slot machine. There are manyjackpot slots in USA that you can play.