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Func Extraordinary ions and special features of Slots

Tragaperras innovadores o especialesMore than 2000 thousand online slots, but all similar in design and game style? This would be a disastrous scenario. Fortunately, the main providers of software for online casinos are aware of this and have taken care to incorporate various new features, which always generate new expectations in the public. Among the added elements are not only the best possible graphics or great jackpots and jackpots, but also diversity in bonus turns, changing squares, double screen, 3D technology and much more. In this review we present a summary of the most interesting features and the machines that best represent them.

Additional Wild Slots

This type of variant on every spin is designed to help the player to form better combinations with the lines. There are different types, depending on the exact moment of appearance and the way in which they modify the course of a turn or a series. They are normally activated with 'Wild' symbols and the number of boxes in each Slot varies between operators and titles. The main forms of appearance are:

Characters and symbols that modify a reel

The Dark Knight Rises (Microgaming)
Series extra con peleas cambian las casillas
Bonus type phases are activated after the appearance of Batman and Bane in a physical battle. With each hit given or received, the boxes on the reels are influenced and some of the figures change value. With the right combination, various prizes are released.
Dazzle Me (NetEnt)
Con los rodillos sobrepuestos a las rondas bonus
Wild boxes with overlapping diamonds appear randomly in different places and thus can form dazzling wild reels , which lead to extra bonuses. At any time they can lead to winning even the progressive jackpot.

Expanding Lines

Las casillas con la estrella permanecen estáticasAnother possible function of a “Wild” slot is expansion to a full reel. The best example of this is the SlotsStarburst, because when one of these symbols appears, not only the entire line is transformed into Wild boxes, but the winnings are multiplied and you get a free spin. This action can be repeated several times, until a new Wild badge appears. Thanks to this, the prizes of this machine are usually quite attractive and it has become one of the favorites of the public. In USA it is possible to find the in 888casino, both in test mode and for real money.

Fixed boxes

Una innovación interesante son las casillas estáticas temporales como en South Park slotA new trend is to include figures that directly influence one or various squares, changing the way they rotate. In South Park Slot for example, various characters can appear over the course of the game and create temporary static images, which move left or right with each spin. This situation increases the chances of creating a winning line and even clearing the bonus phase. With extremely colorful and fun animations, NetEnt created without a doubt one of the best titles out there today.

Extraordinary Bonus Stages

Extra or bonus sessions are usually released by getting at least three simultaneous “Wild”, “Bonus” or similar symbols, regardless of their alignment. The bonus is made up of free spins only and sometimes includes some kind of multiplier. But there are also Slots with totally different and innovative extra turns.

Various non-reel options

One of the best examples is seen in the machine inspired by the musicalMonty Python’s Spamalot, based on the movieThe Knights of the Square Table and their crazy followersfrom 1975. With medieval graphics , the five-reel, three-reel slot machine mixes the original humor of the film, with lines from the stage play and constant humor elements. In addition, there are several boxes with hidden prizes, multiplier treasure and an exceptional bonus round, which has the star role. In it, the knights of the kingdom must conquer the castle and remain united all the time. The entrenched bourgeois defend themselves from the attack by launching… with cows in the air! and you must save the group of heroes. For each of the phases passed, the winnings grow significantly and at the same time extra free spins can be released. Added to the existence ofa millionaire Jackpot, it is not surprising that Spam a Lot appears among the 50 favorite titles in USA. If our readers want to try their luck here, you can do it from theSportium casino platform.

The extra turns in the Spamalot Slot
Las aventuras de los caballeros hechas Tragaperras

En cada giro existe la posibilidad de obtener hasta tres casillas Wild (sin importar el orden) para activar las rondas especiales.

A showdown-style fight

fusión de dos generós: Pelea y Tragaperras de línea In the new slot from the sagaSouth Park Reel Chaos a new feature was added: the Showdown-style bonus stage. In it, the game's protagonist Captain Mintberry must face General Chaos and his henchmen. Before each attack on both sides, the reels are turned and the result directly influences the fight: if the roll is won,Mintberry attacks, but if lost, the opponents cause damage to the superhero. Every time any character suffers an attack, one life bar is reduced from the board. This bonus phase lasts as long as the captain has vital blocks. For each opponent defeated, the multiplier is raised by one digit and if he manages to defeatGeneral Chaos, a large victory bonus is released. Sound interesting enough? Feel free tovisit Interwetten to get access to the game.

First-person shooters

The best innovations so far Visuals belong to the Swedish company NetEnt, who since its foundation have given a great boost to the sector, mainly by including or merging different styles of games with Slots. A very good example of this is the machineAlien. Based on the classic saga by James Cameron, the user becomes a space soldier and her goal is to find the alien queen and destroy her, as well as all her offspring, to save humanity. To do this, you must first find the queen's nest with a scanner, which is activated by the spins of the reels that this slot contains. Once located, the bonus battle begins.

Pelea contra Alien y gana premios
The death match with the “Alien” invaders is activated…Be careful!.
Acumula las ganancias en cada giro
With each earned spin you get vital ammunition that will help you.

The user must go through the dark passages of the crew ship, surprised from time to time by some Aliens. After each won spin of the reels, ammunition is obtained, which is used to defend against attacks and eliminate threats. Without provisions (ie losing a roll) it is not possible to counterattack and thus the bonus phase is over. In case the player manages to find the queen, the weaponry grows to grenades and heavy artillery, to destroy her completely. By doing so, the profits are multiplied greatly.

Out of the ordinary alignments

Another kind of innovative variety can be seen in the very construction of the machine and the “traditional” functions . For all those who want to try beyond five reels with at least 20 possible combinations, we recommend the following options:

Double symbols (Monopoly)

Símbolos de las Tragaperras dobles o individualesThe tabletop classic has a worthy representative on-line. The game system seems quite simple at first glance and without any peculiarity that makes it stand out, but a couple of turns are enough for the user to be surprised. Some squares include the well-known objects used to play on the board, such as the loot, the hat or the car. All of them are part of a unique sequence and when the Monopoly symbols appear, they transform into Wild cards. That is, the chances of winning are much higher, since it does not require a particular line, but a random group of them to obtain winning mixes and even release the bonus wheel with multipliers of up to 100x!

Combinaciones verticales y horizontales

Do you think that the maximum number of lines possible in an online slot machine is 243? If so, you should immediately tryReel Rush. This machine starts with five reels, each containing five symbols. In the first turn, not all the squares are released and as the rolls are won, little by little the missing spaces are conquered in the same way. By accumulating win spins, new winning lines are activated, up to a total of 3125 lines! (no, not a typo: three thousand one hundred and twenty five) and up to eight free spins with multiplier included.

Reel Rush (NetEnt)
Posible formar diferentes líneas
The reels can be aligned both horizontally and vertically. vertically.
Pyramid (Merkur)
La piramide egipcia mejora los premios
The shape of the Slot makes it easier to form winning lines.

Various corner symbols and shapes

Al igual que el título anterior, el slot online Pyramid defies standards in the shape of the reels and introduces paylines with pyramid combinations. The base of the structure and the two subsequent levels are made up of 5 reels, while the fourth only has three and the fifth has a single box. Wild symbols are spread across all tiers as are the golden scarabs. Due to the atypical formation of the reels, it is much easier to obtain winning combinations and release the bonus phase. Also, as more wild boxes appear, the multipliers are activated and continuously ascend. The best thing is that both Slots can be played in trial mode or for real money, at Casino Barcelona, ​​for example.

Tetris-style cascade of slots

This designation for this type of slots is not official, but it describes the gameplay very aptly. When a payline is activated, the winning blocks change and immediately afterwards all the symbols involved disappear, while new ones replace them as they fall from the sky like an avalanche (from the top of the screen). With the new squares pay lines can be formed again and therefore higher final winnings. This situation is permanent, in general, until some extraordinary benefit -such as the release of an accumulated jackpot- happens.

Avalanche of prizes

A last variant used by some games to including variety in the development of bets is the elimination of blocks and the individual separation of boxes, in the style of the well-known video game classic: Tetris. The most famous machine currently using this system isGonzo’S Quest and can be found on the Finnish portal paf. In the slot, the conqueror (probably Gonzalo Pizarro or Gonzalo de Sandoval) finds himself in the jungle inside some ancient Mesoamerican civilization and watches as stone blocks (three levels in total with five columns) fall from the sky. Similar squares are removed and for each winning combination the multiplier is increased by one level. After 5 steps, the free fall is activated and up to 15 times the value of the prizes obtained in each spin can be achieved. Finally, when the “avalanche” is unleashed, players are swept away with huge wins that can reach several thousand Euros.

Gonzo's Conquest (NetEnt)
Una de las máquinas preferidas del público

With every spin , the prize multiplier is activated and reaches up to 15 times the spin total.

Two games in one

Algunas máquinas permiten la fusión de dos o más estilosFinally, a category in which many Slots could be included is the one concerning to the inclusion of rules or elements of other games. This usually happens in the bonus phase, because in that space there is more space to modify the development of the slot. A good example of this isthe King Vegas machine, which at first glance looks like a normal title with reels and poker values, but when you get three boxes with the figure of the King (an Elvis Presley cartoon-like animation), the player is taken to the bonus area with a dice board called “double or nothing”. Each time you must guess whether the final value will be less than or greater than 11. If you guess correctly, the winnings are doubled and you can bet again; if you lose, the prize will be annulled and you will return to the slot machine's initial screen.