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Ready to play: Tombola casino in detail

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There are still several operators in USA that offer games to their players and that They have made the leap from the real to the virtual. Tómbola is one of them, a well-known company in our country that for around fifty years has beenworking closely with bingo and cards. This is a casino with a very limited but interesting offer of games with a slot machine and a card game. Next we are going to analyze in detail everything pertinent to this operator so that you have a good general idea of ​​what it offers.

Our evaluation of Tombola casino
Summary: choose any category
Games 6
Bingos 5
RTP 92%
Customer support Live chat, email, phone,USA
Most popular game Bingo
Technical security Not stated
Player protection Play WELL
License|| |128 Juego Seguro
The bingo specialist
Visit Tómbola: See alternatives
Web page:|| |151 www.tombola.es
The highlights of Tombola || |166
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Throughout this review we will be evaluating the most important points paying close attention to what you need to know to get the most out of it. As we told you before, it is an operator with a special favor to bingo games, which are only four in addition to a couple of casino games such as a single slot machine. Accessall the information you need to get to know Tombola casino.

Opinions on Tombola and its games

Tómbola is one of the sites in USA that specializes exclusively in, as the name implies, bingo games. In addition to having this selection of three games plus a special one,also offers a casino card game and a particular slot. Next, we will review each of the games with their particular characteristics so that you can get to know them. Read on and learn more about these particular games.

The game offer in detail

Very good, now that We already know a little more about this operator, we want to introduce ourselves more about the range of games it offers. As we have already reviewed throughout the previous paragraphs, Tombola is not a traditional online casino such asJokerbet orBetway. Because it is almost exclusively a bingo portal, theoffer of games is different and has other varieties. It should be noted that there are six categories offered, namely:bingo 90!,press,bingo! Lite,bingo 75! and both casino gamesFive and || |371spin. The latter is the only slot that the operator offers with a particular style that is beyond the common. Although the rules are the same as in any slot machine, it is not a game like those developed by big brands likeNetEnt orMicrogaming| ||376. Por eso, es que si lo que te apasionan son las slots como The Pink Panther orGonzo's Quest, then we recommend youtry Casino Grand Madrid.

The most popular games in Tombola
bingo90! (1) press (1) bingo! Lite (1) bingo75! (1) Five 1 spin (1)

There is no longer any doubt that it is a very particular operator because it is so intimately linked with the bingo games. According to different opinions, Tombola is a very attractive casino for lovers of cards and the suspense generated by not knowing which number will come up. The main games resemble to some extentexclusively video bingos with some particular variations. For example,bingo 90 allows you to buy cards from €0.10, up to a maximum of 24, or strips made up of a total of six cards for €0.50 each, up to a maximum of four. This title plays with a total of ninety numbers, hence the name. The same happens with the rest of the bingos where you will even find progressive jackpots in some. Then the slot calledspin.

Live games

Experiences with thetables live in online casinos are already a reality that satisfies USA users. In our country, operators offer only live dealer roulette from a physical casino. As you will read in our general review of this type of game, there are currently only two provider companies which areEvolution Gaming andPlaytech. Unfortunately, Tombola casinodoes not offer a live gaming channel. If you are interested in playing in this format, we recommend that you tryCasino Gran Madrid's live roulettes with appropriate limits for all players.

Application tombola mobile

Today, our mobile devices allow us to do almost anything. Always connected to the internet or wi-fi networks, smartphones and tablets have become an extension of us, allowing us to communicate with any person or source of information in moments. Something similar happens with casinos, and it is the possibility of walking wherever we want and still having the opportunity to play our favorite games. In this sense, we have tested theTombola native app with a test for Android and iPhone users. In general, we have been pleased with its intuitive design. If you are someone who likes to play on mobile, we recommend ourcomplete review of the app of this operator.

Betting limits

When we talk about betting limits in general, we refer to the minimum and maximum that can be bet on an operator's games.There are different variants depending on the titles offered. For example, if we talk about a normal slot, it is likely that the limits are between €0.50 and €20-€50. However, there are games that allow users to bet even higher amounts. Some of these, depending on the limits set by the operator and game, are often calledhigh rollers. It is an English definition that refers to players who prefer to make large bets on each shot or play. For these users, it could be normal to bet €500 on a pass.

In the case of the Tombola casino, the maximum and minimum bet limits are given by the six titles offered. After analyzing each game, we have found that the minimum you can bet is €0.05 and the maximum is €1. This depends on the game and the type of bet you want to place. Although themaximum in some strips is €0.25, this value could be multiplied betting on a greater number of strips or cards.

The RTP de Tombola

In general, if you have been playing in casinos for some time, then you will be quite familiar with this very important concept. If you join the wave only now, then we recommend that you continue reading this paragraph in detail in order to understand one of the most essential points of online casino games. From its acronym in English,RTP, means: percentage of theoretical return to the player, from EnglishReturn To Player. Este promedio se calcula a través de programas auditores que analizan el comportamiento de un juego durante un tiempo determinado. Es por eso que el RTP puede variar con los años. En el caso de los títulos ofrecidos por el casino Tómbola, estos poseen un porcentaje relativamente bajo en comparación a otros operadores que ofrecen una gama similar de títulos. Con an RTP of 92%, this operator is located a few steps below other more beneficial for users such ascasino Paf with an average of 96.75%.

RTP values
  • .
  • bingo 90 90.00 - 100.00%
  • bingo 75 90.00 - 100.00%
  • bingo lite 90.00 - 100.00%
  • press|| |494 90.00 - 100.00%
  • five 90.00 - 100.00%
  • spin 98.50 - 100.00%
  • ..
  • .....
  • RTP(%)

In the table above we have put all the games available in this casino and have done our own research to find reliable numbers of the theoretical return percentages for the player in general. The results showed thatthis operator has the same RTP for its four bingo games, which are bingo 90, bingo 75, bingo lite, pulse and card game five. In these cases, it is an RTP of 90% for everyone, which, as we said before, is below the average for online casinos in USA. However, the only game ofslots that it has, called spin, has an average return of 98.85%, which is well above the general average for slots.| ||528

El software detrás del bingo

We are going to analyze in this paragraph which are the high and low points behind the programming, software and design that this operator offers its users. When we enter the platform, we find our own style that identifies the brand. This is a strong point as registered players quickly become familiar with the graphical environment. As regards the questions ofdesign and image, we must say that it is somewhat outdated.

On the other hand,the web site is confined to a square almost half the size of the screen. This means that there is almost as much empty space as covered space. The problem we found with this window is that all the pertinent information is severely densified and there is no room left for organic navigation. If you're someone who cares about eye-pleasing and effective design, maybe you should try888casino.

Software Provider DigiCert Inc.
Website www. tombola.es
Game Provider Tombola
Languages USA
Download size 256 kbps
Hardware Requirements: 1.6 GHz CPU (Pentium 4), 512 MB RAM, 16 MB video card, bandwidth 512Kbit/s network, at least 1GB free hard disk space.
Software Requirements Windows 7,8 10/ Mac OS 10 or similar|| |586
Requisitos para Casino Instantáneo Adobe Flash Player updated

The company that operates this website has the necessary functions to carry out a correct functioning of its games with the high security standards established by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. This is important when choosing a new casino where to deposit our money, since not having at least one SSL encryption system runs the great risk of losing all personal information at the hands ofhackers. As we mentioned before, there are not many pros or cons to mention. Except for the design of the site that refers to more outdated styles and the little navigation of the main screen.The programming of the games is quite basic compared to the titles offered by other operators in our country. However, this does not mean that the available versions of bingo as well as casino card games such as slots are not fun for the conventional player.

Relevant company information

La empresa dueña de Tómbola ha estado providing and distributing bingo cards for approximately fifty years to traditional gaming halls. Founded in the sixties, it is one of the most successful companies in USA that, after the legalization of online gambling in 2011, made the leap to virtual rooms on the internet. It currently offers a comprehensive service to an average of 700 players in peak hours and various jackpots of around €600.

The company behind Tombola

Tómbola International, PLC is a USA company based in Madrid. Since 2012has had an official license to operate issued by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling under the Ministry of Finance. If you have doubts that Tombola could be a scam, you can go to theofficial page of the DGOJ and certify the type of license you have.

Information about the company behind Tombola
Company Support Security Player Protection
Name:| ||633 Tómbola Live Chat: Yes Encryption: Yes Deposit Limits: €1,500 according to the DGOJ
Central Office: Line Road 57/63 Telephone:| ||650 800 600 132 License: 210-11/BNG/N0140080A/SGR Activity limits:
Parent company: Tombola International Plc. Email: soporte@tombola.es Seguridad Técnica: Owns Self-exclusion: SafeGame
Physical rooms: Yes Social networks: No password RTP analysis: No password Protection of minors:| ||685 +18
Fundación: 1965 Hours: 08:30/0:30 Prevention of money laundering: No entry Organizations against Gambling:Yes

As we said before, this company has been working in the country since the sixties, specializing in preparation of various cards for the game of bingo. For almost fifty years, they have been working andpositioning themselves as one of the most important companies in the field in the country. With the advancement of technologies and the internet, new possibilities appeared in the nineties for players from all over the world who love slots and casino games. With the creation of the first online operators, endless possibilities were opened that allowed a rapid development of this activity on a scale never seen before. Another important boost was given by the United Kingdom in the year 2000 when it legalized and regulated online gambling. In USA we had to wait until 2011. Less than a year after this milestone in history, Tómbola International PLC obtained its first license issued by this body and moved forward.

Customer service

There is no doubt that when choosing an online operator, every user must have total confidence that in case of doubts or comments regarding the correct use of the platform. It is precisely for this reason that theonline casinos in USA must have an effective customer service and in USA capable of helping their players. Today there are different ways to communicate and that is why the Tombola casino offers three special channels so that you can contact them. Whether you prefer to write them an email, call them on the phone or talk in real time through live chat, you will be able to do it without problems.

We have analyzed the customer service and we can say that it works decently. In our opinion, the best way to contact them isthrough chat because it is very fast and effective. To evacuate doubts or make pertinent comments in this way, all you have to do is enter the site and click on the box located in the upper right corner with the legend "live chat". Remember that for now, this service is offered in USA but it could also happen that there are customer service agents in other languages ​​such as Catalan or English, although this is at the discretion of the operator.

Licenses and systems security

We have already explained before that yes or yes you should choose a website that hasthe minimum security standards. This is of the utmost importance since you play at any casino, you will be playing with your money and giving away personal information. According to what is published by the DGOJ of USA, Tómbola has a valid license to operate in the country and therefore complies with the security systems established by the body.

We can see that this company provides a service fair to its users withan encrypted system that guarantees proper development and care of the personal data of all users. This means that you are assured of the identity of the remote computer you connect to when you enter the site, as well as that your identity is verified. Thanks to this, there is almost no chance of your data being leaked to third parties or sensitive and personal information being stolen.

A few extra points

We are nearing the end of our review For this reason, we have provided this special section where we will analyze the extra points that we believe are relevant when it comes to closing the final score. The first point will be awarded as a reward for its trajectory and for being a national company. Without falling into chauvinism, we greatly respect the fact that they are still standing after fifty years of work. We can say that it is agood casino for certain types of players who like bingo more than anything and play sporadically.

If what you are looking for is an operator specialized in slot games , then we recommend that you try another casino such asCasino Gran Madrid with a good selection of games in addition to blackjack and roulette. Unfortunately, the Tombola casino is more for bingo games, just a handful,without having a very interesting or extensive offer as is the case with the big operators that you will find. In this sense we can say that it is a site far below the possibilities found in general.

Conclusion: a general summary of Tombola

The company that owns the Tombola casino It has been operating in USA since the 1960s. They began at the time providing bingo cards to the country. Since 2012, thanks to the creation of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, which reports directly to the Ministry of Finance, it obtained a license to operate online. Hence thedigital version was born with a clear favoring of videobingo games. Among the games offered, four are in this category, in addition to two that are specific to casinos such asfive, of online cards, and thespin which is nothing more than the only slot machine offered by this operator. This is a safe casino to play as it has its own licenses and specifications issued by the national government.

Unusual games See alternatives
Advantages and disadvantages deTómbola
  • SignificantAdvantage
  • Special bingos
  • Native mobile app
  • Outstanding Advantage
  • Fast access
  • Significant disadvantage
  • Little variety and number of games
  • Notable Disadvantage
  • Poor design

If we base ourselves on the opinions of Tombola from industry experts, we can affirm that it is a casino that does not stand out much, unlike others that we have mentioned throughout the review, such as | ||818Wanabet, due to the poor variety and offer of the games. We can say that it is an operator that wins in simplicity when it comes to widely favoring titles related to bingo, for obvious reasons, although these are only four. TheRTP of most of these is 90%, which makes it generally well below the rest of the competitors. An operator that brings together outstanding features combining casino games, live games and a wide range of video bingos isInterwetten.


We have reached the end of our review by analyzing in detail all the relevant points of this operator that still has a lot to offer its players. We know that there has been a lot of information that we have poured here and we understand that sometimes it could happen thatthere are some concepts to reinforce. That is why we have provided this section of frequently asked questions with the most common questions that come to our newsroom. If you wish to contact us to send us your doubt, comment or simply start a conversation with us regarding this or other topics; you can write us anemail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is Tombola casino a scam?

Definitely not. Since 2012 it has had its own license issued by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling under the USA Ministry of Finance. This is very important to keep in mind whenever you want to sign up with a new operator. Never register or deposit money with an operator that does not have a legal license.

What can I play at Tombola?

Thegame selection de Tombola is not one of the most impressive, but it has very peculiar games. You can playfour bingo variants, a slot machine, as well as card games.

Do I need to verify my account to play?

It is a requirement established by the DGOJ in USA that all users and players of online casinos must go through the identity verification process in order to be able to play in said operators. To do this, you will be asked to enter your personal data in the registration window and, probably, you will also have to send a copy of your DNI or NIE, in case you are a foreigner residing in the country, in order to verify your identity. All the requirements that you must meet and the information that you will have to provide to the operator are stipulated inthe clauses of the Tombola contract.