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The most important thing about the contract with Sportium

Carefully reviewing the clauses that the online casino has between the company and the user is one of the points most important when establishing a business relationship with any operator. By accepting all the terms set forth herein, responsibilities are assumed by both parties, as are various limitations, restrictions and reservations that mainly protect the company. Unfortunately, very few people carefully read the parameters of the contract, so we have dedicated this section of our analysis to explaining, as simply as possible, the most important details present in the differentarticles of the treaty oficial.

The content of the Terms and Conditions

Throughout the following paragraphs, we list the different articles that make up the general contract, and we add comments of the analyst team, in those that, due to their importance, deserve a detailed explanation, or in those clauses that contain valuable information or transcendental details for the proper functioning of the gaming account. In the event that our effort does not result in the answer to all the doubts present in the public, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the addressinfo@casinos-online.es, y con gusto contestaremos a todas las inquietudes existentes.

1. Introduction

1.3When registering on this page website through the Registration Form and accept the terms and conditions of the same, and/or by using the Gaming Services offered therein, the User expressly agrees to be governed in his participation and use of the Gaming Services, by this Agreement of Game, in its entirety and without reservation, as well as by the Privacy Policy and the Particular Rules of the Games. As such, this Gaming Agreement constitutes a binding and mandatory legal document between the User and the gaming operator and, together with the Privacy Policy, the Responsible Gaming Policy, the Particular Rules of the Games, the Methods of payment, the Cookies Policy, the System Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions, which are all considered an integral element hereof, will govern the way in which Users use the Gaming Services at all times.”

Comment: The first article makes it clear that the user accepts all the regulations that the casino stipulates, as well as his acknowledgment of responsibility for private activity carried out on the operator's page. The article in question has 16 sub-sections, which describe each of the services that make up the general offer of the platform and the transactions.

2. Object of the contract Gaming

3. Acceptance of the general contracting conditions contained in the gaming contract

4. Registration and identification of authorized users

4.3The identification of the user is mandatory to be able to participate in this website, as well as the verification that he is not involved in any of the subjective prohibitions collected in the applicable legislation and in these Terms and Conditions. Such verification by the Operator is an essential condition for the collection of the prizes that the User may have obtained, whatever their amount and nature.

To correctly identify the User before activating the user registration , the data verification system provided by the competent regulatory body for players resident in USA will be used, being able to use as many identification elements as it deems necessary for those players not resident in USA, in compliance with current regulations, so that the activation of your account may not be automatic.”

Comment: Identity verification is one of the security pillars that all sites must cover in order to operate in USA territory . In the event that the identification is doubtful, suspicious or cannot be carried out, Sportium stipulates in article 6 in the same way, the consequences that the user will suffer, which range from the prohibition of withdrawal of funds, to the cancellation of the account and the consequent notice to the corresponding authorities.

5. Access codes

6. Game account|| |280

6.2The Operator reserves the right to suspend an account, ban a player from playing and withhold all their funds, when the account is suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities such as, by way of but not limited to: use of stolen or counterfeit credit cards or account numbers, chip dumping, late betting, forgery, collusion, and submission of forged, stolen, or inappropriate documents. The User will have restricted access to the gaming account for the duration of the relevant investigation period by the operator.”

Comment: This section of the sixth article is complementary to the clause 4.3. In general, the section stipulates the various reasons why the activity in an account may be suspicious or the reasons to prohibit the payment of cash or cancel the direct service. In the same way, the consequences in case of inactivity, inter-bank transfers and advertising mailings are explained.

7. Deposit limits

8.|| |291 Autoexclusión

9. Rights and obligations of Sportium

9.1The Operator undertakes to: Make accessible to the User, at all times when he is using the Gaming Services, the information about the time he has been playing or using the Gaming Services. (...) Inform the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, the identification data of those participants who could pose a risk of collusion or who have fraudulently used credit cards in the gaming account. (…) Provide the User with a test on attitudes and potentially problematic game patterns. (…) Modify unilaterally and without prior notice, whenever deemed appropriate, the structure and design of the Website, as well as update, modify or delete all or part of the contents or Gaming Services and conditions of access and/or use, being able to even limit or not allow access to said information.”

Comment: The ninth article of the terms and conditions explains in detail all the commitments that the platform acquires towards the client , points that mainly cover the transparent handling of the requirements in the offers, the provision of information regarding the bets, clarity of the transactions, data protection and safeguarding the integrity of the user.

10. Rights and obligations of the User

11. Payment methods

12. Deposits and withdrawals

13. Fraudulent payment transactions and payments

14. Offers

15. Use of the Software and intellectual and industrial property rights

16. Privacy Policy

17.| ||326 Limitaciones de responsabilidad

17.3The Operator is not responsible for any damage or harm to the User's software or hardware arising from access to the Website or of the use of the Gaming Services or applications contained therein.”

Comment: In general, online betting platforms are released from liability for damages caused to the technical equipment (Software or Hardware) of the user. In the case of Sportium, article 17th. it is quite extensive, and legally exempts the company from any legal commitment. We recommend that players who wish to use this domain carefully read all the clauses in this section, in order to be able to identify the commitment made in time, and, where appropriate, avoid an upset with the company.

18 . Breach of gaming contract

19. Complaint resolution and customer service

19.1El usuario podrá presentar su reclamación dentro de un plazo de tres meses posteriores a la fecha de la decisión o el evento que originó la reclamación. La reclamación será atendida siempre y de manera obligatoria por parte de Sportium, en un plazo máximo de 72 horas una vez recibida la reclamación. El usuario debe indicar en su misiva su nombre de usuario y el ID de la apuesta sobre la que desea reclamar. El usuario debe comprobar el procedimiento de reclamación establecido para cada juego en sus reglas.”

Comment: In the event that a player does not agree with the policies present in any of the the tables, machines or sections of the online casino or, has suffered any mishap, problem or incident, you have the right to file a complaint and demand the resolution of the conflict, as long as the times and forms that the company considers are followed. in the contract.

20. Validity

21. Assignment

22. Applicable Law

23. Provisions relating to specific games

24. Language