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How to bet better knowing the rules of roulette

Roulette has been one of the classic games in physical casinos and today it is becoming a classic of online casinos. Althoughthe rules of roulette are quite elementary you will never become an expert if you do not have a thorough understanding of them. On our page we show them to you step by step.

Access the topic about the roulette rules that most interests you

Here you can see the different sections of the page and by clicking on each of the titles you will be able to access the sections that are most catch your attention. We start with a look at the basic rules and then we explain the differences between European and American roulette. Once you know all the rules you canfind the game that best suits your style.

How does roulette work?

The game of roulette is quite simple. You place a bet on a number or a combination of numbers. The dealer launches the ball that rotates through the wooden projection of the cylinder that has numbered pockets.If the ball lands in one of the boxes that coincides with your bet, you win, otherwise you lose. It's that simple.

Make your bet

Se ve una mano realizar una apuesta al número 14 sobre el tapete verde de la ruleta.

Before the game begins, players must place their bets with the chips provided for this purpose. In land-based casinos, the dealers usually put the chips for you.

The dealer releases the ball

El crupier está a punto de lanzar la bola en el cilindro de madera de la ruleta.

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer prepares to release the ball that rotates on the cylinder shoulder. Some versions in online casinos accept bets while the ball is spinning.

The result

Se puede ver cómo la bola ha caído sobre el número 23 rojo en el cilindro de la ruleta.

The ball loses strength until it lands in one of the numbered pockets. If this coincides with the number of your bet on the cover, you will have won.

Spin again, change strategy

El crupier retira del tapete con el rastrillo las fichas con las que se han realizado las apuestas.

You have the option to bet again on the same number or change strategy. With the En Prison rule you can continue playing without changing the bet that is “en prison”.

This would be the basic premise of roulette, which works both in physical and online casinos. However, through our test we also want to show you howsmall differences in the rules can affect your experience in the game. Variations and other aspects are relevant when it comes to your options when placing bets, as we will show you later. We also want to teach you some rules that are important for more experienced players. These include table limits, En Prison and La Partage rules, as well as a guide to finding the game that best suits your expectations.

How to play: an easy guide

Antes de comenzar a jugar a la ruleta por dinero real debes familiarizarte con las reglas básicas. En las siguientes secciones te mostraremos todo lo que tienes que saber al respecto. Con toda esta información no deberías tener problema para dominar el juego.

Mesa de una ruleta europea online. En el extremo superior izquierdo se puede ver el cilindro de la ruleta y en el centro la mesa de apuestas. Un pantalla a la derecha te va mostrando los números ganadores.
Un cilindro clásico de ruleta con el peralte de madera y la serie de casillas numeradas alternando colores rojo y negro.

The cylinder or roulette

Its name comes from the French roulette which means small wheel. The oldest reference is supposed to go back to the wheel of fortune. But if you are interested in knowing about its history, the best thing is to access the followingreview in which we explain the origin and development of roulette. Regardless of its shape or size, the cylinder has37 numbered slots that alternate between red and black slots. These range from number 1 to 36, with box 37 being 0, normally green.

When guaranteeing the randomness of the result, the cylinder rotates opposite to the direction of the ball. If in live casinos it is the dealer who performs the operation,online the spin of the reel is controlled by an algorithm that guarantees the randomness of the result, producing the same effect as in land-based casinos.

The box with the 0 and the house edge

All roulette wheels have a box with the number 0, which was introduced in France in the middle of the XIX century. In the Anglo-Saxon variants we find the characteristic of two boxes with the number zero: 0 and 00. This box is important because it represents the advantage of the house. Without it, with external bets the odds would be 50:50 and for the casinos it would be a ruin.The house edge on a single 0 is 2.70% or 1:37. In the case of double zero, the advantage reaches 5.30%.

The layout of the mat

Disposición de un tapate de la ruleta europea. El paño está cubierto con una serie de recuadros numerados y en los márgenes se pueden ver las opciones de apuestas externas como el rojo y el negro o los pares e impares.

The cylinder is located at the end of a table covered by a cloth originally colored green. There are rugs with other ranges of colors, but the most traditional is dark green. This is where the bets are placed, for which some chips are used that represent the amount of money of the bet. The surface is mostly laid out witha series of numbered boxes representing your betting options. This area is considered for inside bets. In its margins we find the bets on black and red, even and odd, as well as bets on the columns, which are the external bets.

You can place your chips in any of the options you have at your disposal. Also, you have to take into account thatthe position of the numbers on the cylinder and on the mat is different. It is not irrelevant that you will learn the order of the numbers on the reel well before betting real money.

Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary: Players place their bets on the table. These consist of numbers or the characteristics of numbers, odd or even, for example. They are known as inside and outside bets, respectively. The numbers on the mat and on the cylinder are not in the same order.

The basic rules for betting and winnings

When it comes to roulette the only thing the player has under your control is the bet, and the game has quite a few options to choose from. But, although the number of betting possibilities is quite large, the logic behind it is clear. There are 2 basic types of bet. The outside bets, in which players place their bets on any of the options outside the central layout with the numbered boxes, and the inside bets, which, as you may have guessed, are placed on the inside positions of the mat.Payouts range from a modest 1:1 to 35:1.

Imagen de nuestra guía con las reglas básicas para apostar a la ruleta con una tabla detallada con todos los pagos dependiendo del tipo de apuesta.

Knowing the basic rules is essential when playing. You must know what you have to do on each occasion, for example, how to split or what a multiple bet is. Download our complete guide and always have it with you.

Download the PDF

The simplest rule to remember is that the payments correspond to the portion of the mat that you have covered with your bet. Aninside bet on one of the 37 numbers pays 35 to 1. It pays very well because the chances of winning are low, you will only get it thanks to a stroke of luck. The split bet, also known as horse, consists of making the bet between 2 numbers, with a payment of 17 to 1. The transversal consists of 3 numbers with a payment of 11 to 1, etc.

The outside bets reward you very little, since here the chances of making a profit are really high. The payment is 1:1. You have a complete list of payments in the following graph. The names are also in French because we have taken them fromthe French variant of roulette, but the payouts are the same.

Pleno/Plein 35:1

The chip is placed on a single number. The bet has a low probability but the best payout.

Caballo/Cheval 17:1

The bet is placed on the line between 2 numbers. The bet is split and the payout is half of the previous one.

Transversal/Transversale pleine 11:1

This is a bet that covers 3 numbers at a time. The chip is placed at the end of a row of 3 numbers.

Cuadro/Carre 8:1

The chip covers 4 contiguous numbers forming a square and is located at the intersection point of them.

A four/Les Quatre Premiers (EU) 8:1

In this case the bet covers a row with the numbers 1, 2, 3 in addition to the 0.

Top Line (US) 6:1

The American variant of the above, when the chip in addition to covering the 0 also covers the 00.

Seisena/Transversale Simple 5:1

Similar to the Horse bet here the bet is divides between two rows of numbers covering 6 in total.

Dozen/Douzaines 2:1

Consists of bet on one of the 3 dozen in which the roulette numbers can be grouped, which are arranged on the cloth as 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12.

Column/Colonnes 2:1

The chip moves to the bottom of one of the 3 columns on the table, so you bet on that the winning number will be in one of them.

Black and Red/Noir und Rouge 1:1

All numbers have an associated color, red or black. It consists of betting on the color of the winning number.

Pares e Impares/Pair and Impair 1:1

You can bet on odd or even numbers. Together with the previous one, it has the highest chances of winning.

Foul /Manque 1:1

It is about betting if the winning number is between the group of low numbers, from 1 to 18.

Passe/Passe 1:1

The opposite of the previous bet. You bet that the winning number falls between the group of high numbers, from 19 to 36.

El paño completo de una ruleta europea estándar con todas las opciones de apuesta: suertes sencillas o apuestas internas, apuestas externas y múltiples.

The graphic shows the most basicbet options that you have at your disposal. In any case, there are many variants that you can follow when it comes to how and where to place your chips, with very creative strategies, as you can see by scrolling to the section ofadvanced strategies .

Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary: There are two basic types of bets. The internal bets (to the numbers) and the external ones (to their characteristics). The latter are easy to understand and offer good odds. The best choice for beginners. Inside bets offer better profits, but carry more risks.

The rules of European roulette

When you go to play roulette in the casino it is normal that something stays perplexed with the distinction between European and French roulette. The truth is that the differences are not many.The rules of the game are the same for both variants, with the presence of a single 0 in the green box of the cylinder. To tell the truth, what distinguishes them are purely superficial differences and they basically come down to the design of the mat and the distribution of the outside bets. The dozens, for example, are placed at the ends of the columns and the Fault and Pass bets are called Manque and Passe, respectively.

European Roulette Betting Layout:

Vista general de un paño de apuesta en la ruleta europea.

The names on the tables are usually in USA or English. The colors red and black are shown with two diamonds. The dozen fields are next to the single lots.

French Roulette Betting Layout:

Vista general de un paño de apuesta en la ruleta francesa.

In French Roulette the names are usually in French. Diamonds for color are often substituted for the words Rouge and Noir. The tens are located at the end of the column panel.

The placement of the dozens is one of the main differences of the mats. Although in European roulettethe dozens are placed next to the simple luck: Fault/Pass, Odd/Even, Red/Black, in French roulette these are moved to the end of the cloth and appear as P12, M12 and D12, as corresponds to the French première, moyenne and dernière douzaine. In the graph that we have prepared above you have all the terms in USA with their French variant so that you do not have any doubts. Otherwise, the terms are all equivalent.

Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary: The differences between the French and European variants of roulette basically come down to the layout of the roulette. Although the terms of how to bet on French roulette are in French, the bets are fundamentally the same.

American roulette: double 0

Characteristic of some roulette wheels in Anglo-Saxon countries and what is known as American roulette is the extra 0, both on the cylinder and on the table. The 00increases the house edge twice the, from 2.70% to 5.30%. This also means that the theoretical return to player or RTP goes from the standard 97.3%, which you find in the French and European variants, to 94.7%. Honestly, you will not be interested in playing this roulette if you are not a risk lover and what really matters to you is the profits. European roulette is the one that offers you the best returns.

European roulette

Gráfica del cilindro de una ruleta europea en la que se ve la distribución de los números con la característica del 0 en la casilla verde.

American roulette

Gráfica del cilindro de una ruleta americana en la que se ve la distribución de los números con la característica de dos casillas verdes: una con un 0 simple y otra con 00.

The double zero works just like any other box andallows more betting options, such as 0, 00, which is equivalent to the Horse bet or the American Top Line that covers the row of 1, 2 and 3 in addition to 0 and 00. For example, you can combine a cross bet by joining 0, 00, 2 or 00, 2, 3, with the same payout of 11 to 1. An exception is bets on 5 numbers, which do not exist in French roulette and European, with a payout of 6 to 1.

Although the options are increased thanks to the double zero feature, you have to keep in mind thatin American roulette the advantage of the house is greater. As a general rule you should avoid it for this reason. Another difference is that, although the numbers continue to alternate, the red and black colors are located in different positions, as you can see in the image above.

Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary: American roulette it has an extra box with a 00. This is different from French and European roulette. The extra 0 increases the house edge up to 5.30% affecting the dividends. But the rules are the same. If you can,avoid this type of roulette, where the disadvantage for the player is greater.

Rules for advanced players

Ahora vamos a tratar algunas reglas de la ruleta para jugadores con algo más de experiencia. Aunque, en general, they do not represent any difficulties and are easy to understand players who are still getting familiar with the most basic ones can ignore them. We talk about the betting limits, the En Prison and La Partage rules, and how to choose a suitable table. Perfect for those players who are wanting to develop their own system.

Table limits

In all roulette games you will see thatminimums have been set and bet maximums. But these limits are not the whole story. You will see that it is also very common for casinos to set limits according to the individual bet. In this way, operators protect themselves in the case of a very high bet that could be a winner.

Although in most online casinos the minimum bet is usually very affordable, starting with €0.10 , reaching very appetizing maximum bets, as you will be able to verify in the examination that we have carried out of theroulettes with the highest bet limits, the truth is that these minimum limits are indifferent to the most experienced players. Well, they useadvanced betting systems. Most strategy systems use outside bets. So it's important to find atable that has high limits for these types of bets. Only then can the strategy work properly. Check the page that our team has prepared aboutall roulette systems and strategies. This way you can decide which system is best for you.

Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary: Each roulette game has its own betting limits. In every game there are also internal limits. The maximum limits are only interesting for those players who employ strategies and are willing to bet big.

A review of La Partage and En Prison

These rules are not found in all variants of the game nor are they exclusive to French roulette, as you might think due to the French names. Some American roulettes include the Surrender rule, which is similar to La Partage. If you want to know if the rule is availablecheck the description of the game or ask in the help section. In land-based casinos you can ask the dealer.

These rules revolve around the number 0 for single outside bets. When the ball lands on 0 outside bets lose. Now, if the game has the La Partage rule, this is a kind of insurance that you should not hesitate to accept. If the ball lands on the zero slot with La Partagehalf of your bet is returned to you. Partage means to deal in French.

The En Prison rule means that your bet is locked for the next round when the ball lands on 0. If you keep losing then your original bet loses, but if you win the bet it will remain active in the same box or for the same original value, that is, “in prison”. If you win once more, the value you have obtained is paid in full and the game is released. This rule increases your chances of winning games with a good RTP.The house edge is reduced to 1.35%.

Representación gráfica de cómo funcionan las apuestas que emplean los sistemas En Prison y La Partage.
Página con una serie de puntos de enumeración.

Summary:|| |635

La Partage: Simple lots are paid back with a value of 50% if the ball lands on 0.

En Prison: when the ball lands on the 0 slot the outside bets are blocked during the next spin of the wheel. If the bet wins, the bet is unlocked and if the player wins the subsequent round, they collect the bet, although there are no additional winnings.

Find your game with the best rules

A When looking for the best roulette game, the strategy is given:find the game that offers you the best dividends. The following steps will help you find the best roulette forgambling for real money.

Step 1: Stick with the European variant

Lo primero en lo que deberás fijarte es en el cilindro de la ruleta. Si te encuentras con a single 0 then you are in the right place. This is the European or French variant. On the other hand, if the game has a 0 and a 00, our recommendation is that you avoid it; American roulette isn't worth it.

The extra 0 in the American version of roulette means the house edge is higher, so it doesn't reward the player as much corresponds. Find a cylinder with a single 0 to take the next step.

Imagen de una mesa de ruleta europea clásica con la ruleta o cilindro en un extremo de la mesa y el tapete cubierto con un paño verde en donde se distribuyen las apuestas.

Second step: suitable limits according to the strategy

Knowing the limits of the tables is essential for the more advanced player. Those who want to usesystems with progressions will be interested in small bets, although this requires high limits on outside bets. Enthusiasts of theMartingale strategy know all too well how frustrating it is to play with low limits for outside bets. If you lose several times in a row you will find yourself reaching the limit very soon and, consequently, your chances of continuing to bet using the strategy. Therefore, it is best to find a game that allowssmall bets that allow you to progress proportionally, recovering losses.

Limits with outside bets ideal for progressive strategies.
Gráfica en la que se muestran los límites mínimos y máximos de apuesta, así como la tasa de pagos en la ruleta europea Premium.

In the graph you can see that the maximum limits in the Outside bets are really high, and can even be higher at limit tables for risk-loving players. But here the minimum limits can also be higher. Notethat the rules are appropriate for progressive systems because of the low bet limit, but a good maximum for outside bets.

Third step: find a game that pays dividends

As we have explained before, we recommend a game that offers En Prison and La Partage rules, especially if you are a fan of outside bets. The reason is thatthese rules benefit the player by decreasing the house edge. Although the terms are in French, it does not mean that they are available in all variants of the French version, because they are not. European variants also have these standards. One piece of advice: if you are a player who likes to use strategies, it is better that the game has good limits and avoid La Partage:they are not the most appropriate when you are using strategies .

Fourth step: varied rules

Although these are not the most important rules, it is not bad to find games that offer you other options such as the fast ball or vertical roulette with a innovative layout of the mat that mimics a racetrack circuit. In this case, for example, it is easier to make neighbor bets because the order of the numbers on the table matches that of the cylinder. Althoughin the vertical version the rules of the game do not change. However, it is a very practical variant for the less experienced. Another welcome option is to save your betting strategy, especially for advanced players who have developed their own systems.

Step Five: Behave

As with other casino games , here we also have a series of unspoken rules when it comes to the behavior of the players. Although most of these will not affect you when you play online. However, you will want to know what is expected of you if you have decided to play at a land-based casino. You will have to behave politely with the other players and also with the dealers. If, for example, you are playing in the live casino, never use the chat to argue or say inappropriate things to other players or complain about the dealer. It is very possible that the casino expels you from the table if this is the case. Another unspoken rule in land-based casinos is that you should never touch other players' chips. If you want to place the same bet justask the dealer to place the chips for you. The same happens when the game ends. Wait for the dealer to remove and move the chips with the rake, don't do it yourself. It also doesn't hurt to tip your favorite dealer.

Important variants

Online casinos have expanded and enriched the possibilities of the game. Independent providers strive to offer new titles with innovations that are often more apparent than real. However,some variants have introduced changes to the game rules that bring an interesting twist to the game.

Roulette myths exposed
  • Imagen de una partida de la ruleta multirueda. En la parte superior se ven 8 cilindros y en la inferior, el paño con las apuestas. 1/4 Multi-wheel roulette Fun variant that increases the chances of winning by adding up to 8 reels with independent results. You can win a bet on one wheel, lose it on another or, if you're lucky, win on all of them at once! The distribution of payments is somewhat strange. Check out ourMulti-Wheel Roulette Review to learn more.
  • Una partida a la ruleta 3D. 2/4 3D RouletteSu mayor atractivo son los impresionantes gráficos 3D. Da la sensación de que estás jugando en un casino real. Además, ofrece altos índices de retorno al jugador, ya que puedes jugar con la regla La Partage. Puedes enterarte de más características en our review on how to play 3D roulette.
  • Una partida a la ruleta vertical. El paño está dispuesto de forma vertical. 3/4 Vertical Roulette This variation does not change anything essential in terms of the rules, but it is still interesting due to the innovative layout of the table . Very convenient for those who use bets that include orphans and thirds, among others. There is also the VIP variant, as you can see in our review of theVIP vertical roulette.
  • Partida a la ruleta calles de oro. En el centro del cilindro se anuncia el número ganador. 4/4 golden streets roulette You can play traditional European roulette and place a side bet called golden streets at the same time. The objective is to light up as many streets as possible to win, you must light up at least 7 streets. In this roulette you have a maximum table limit of €1,000 and it allows you to bet using the La Partage rule.

Other roulette games

Online you will find countless variants, such as mini roulette, which offers a miniature version of the traditional game perfect for beginners. We explain some of these variants and other curiosities of the game on our page aboutroulette casinos.

Se puede ver la imagen de una bombilla.

Tips about variants:|| |771 Existen muchas variantes creativas y divertidas de este juego. Algunas de ellas son gratificantes y provechosas, otras disminuyen tus posibilidades de obtener alguna ganancia. Lo mejor es que juegues a la versión europea, la variante con mayor presencia en los USA online casinos.

Frequently asked questions

Aunque pueda parecer complicado a primera vista, cuando por ejemplo ves a los jugadores emplazar las fichas en el tapete de una manera aparentemente arbitraria, una vez que te has familiarizado con las reglas de la ruleta más básicas se ve todo un poco más claro. No obstante, los jugadores siempre tienen dudas con respecto a las reglas del juego, límites y estrategias. Te presentamos a continuación algunas de las preguntas que nos han planteado los lectores.

How do I play roulette?

This is one of the easiest casino games to play. Bets on a number or a series of numbers. The ball rotates inside the cylinder. If it lands on one of the numbers in your bet, you win.

How are the winnings distributed?

Normally the payments are in relation to the bets you have made on the cover, their coverage or risk. Logically, the payments will be higher the less you have covered. If you have put a lot of chips on the table you will have risked less.

What is the best bet?

The best bets are the outside ones, on the margins of the table. These include odd/even, red/black, and miss/pass.

How to win at roulette?

You win when you hit the correct number. Occurs when the ball lands in the box that matches the number you have bet on. Otherwise you lose.

What is the bet with the best odds?

Outside bets have the best odds of winning. They are placed on the sides of the board in the margins of the numbered boxes.

What is the best way to play roulette?

If you are a beginner the best way to play is to concentrate on external bets, since they are the ones with the least risk. And remember to bet only the amount you know you can lose.

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