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Online Mini Roulette – Everything you need to know

Online Mini Roulette is a table game developed by Playtech as a miniature version of the traditional casino game. Instead of the thirty-seven boxes of the French version (from one to thirty-six plus zero), it has from one to twelve plus a zero, that is, a total of thirteen numbers available for betting. That makes the game much easier, do you want to try it for free or play directly betting in an online casino?

Juega a mini Roulette.
Ideal for beginnersThe best option to play a quick game of Roulette, especially from mobile!

This little mini Roulette is ideal for beginners, because having only thirteen segments allows you to start the game without complications, while maintaining the opportunity to win prizes important. In addition to betting on a number, you can also bet on red/black or even/odd, bet on columns, lines... and much more!

To play mini Roulette online for free

If this is your first time coming across this game, you might want to try it out in the free demo before jumping into the paid version of the casino. Well, we have selectedthe bwin casino so that you can play it as many times as you want until you completely get the hang of the game, in the demo version that the operator offers. Explore all its possibilities without worrying about the balance, which will be replenished automatically every time you log in. This way you can get an idea of ​​all the features (including the history with the last ten spins) before you actually bet.

Vista de la mesa de Ruleta tipo mini

The stripped-down versions of Roulette are almost as as old as the French wheel itself, born in the 17th century. Currently the mini versions are something like the digital variant of a Pocket Roulette, suitable for playing anywhere, even frommobile casinos. Their success today is due to the fact that they allow you to play with practically the same rules and for equally large prizes, only with smaller mats and therefore easier to view on the smartphone or tablet screen. Its main difference with standard tables is in the plate, which has only thirteen segments.

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How to play: rules and available features

Obviously the size of Roulette greatly simplifies the betting options, but the objective remains the same as in any other: bet on a number and that this is the winner when the ball lands on it. Since the game has about a third of the numbers available on the traditional wheel, your chances of hitting are almost three times higher.

To start playing, place your bet by placing the desired chips on the table . Choose the amount and select it, then place it on your bet position on the table (the bet areas light up when you mouse over them), and release it. You can raise the bet with multiples of the chip just by touching it again once placed on the table.

You can make simple bets, on a single number; to column, covering four options; or in what in the traditional table would be a dozen, covering six numbers. It also allows horse bets (between two numbers) or corner bets (between four), and the traditional low-risk bets on even/odd and red/black.

Spins will be recorded in the history of the game, which you can view at the bottom of the screen. This function registers the last ten numbers, allowing you to also know if they have come up red or black, even or odd, and which column and street.

In the lower bar you can see the balance of the game at all times, that is say, how much money you have, and also the total of what you have earned. In addition, the winnings from each spin will accumulate in the form of chips in your area of ​​the mat. The table indicates the last winning number after each spin and always keeps a sign visible with the minimum and maximum bet allowed.

Otherwise you will find everything you need to know in the help button. You can change the speed of the spin to play fastball wheels, override or modify the background sound and adjust other aspects of the interface in the options button.

Play Mini Roulette for real money

Feel the full thrill of playing the mini wheel when betting real money and don't settle for just winning credits in the free demo. We have for you the best trusted online casinos where you can play this and many other games directly in the paid version and therefore with real cash prizes. If you haven't yet tried the experience ofplaying with a miniature roulette, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

The RTP or percentage of theoretical return to player of the Playtech Mini Roulette is 96.15%. Whether you're a new or experienced player, don't miss out on the miniature version of this fun and dynamic Roulette. We say goodbye wishing you good luck and enjoy the game.

13 numbers available to bet