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Basic Game Tutorial roulette gos and betting app

Roulette is one of the most popular classic casino games, but also one that features some of the most complicated or difficult to understand betting patterns. Although the development of each spin is somewhat simple and the chances of winning are high in most cases, many people do not dare to try their luck in the available boxes, basically because they are unaware of the current regulations. Would you like to try your luck? If so, continue reading for a simple explanation of the rules of the best roulette games to bet on in the different existing versions.

The development of the game and the goal of the games

El objetivo es ganar “adivinando” el destino de la pelota en cada giro tras colocar una apuesta. Para ello, se coloca una cantidad de dinero a un número, color o combinaciones posibles y, si la casilla ganadora coincide con la prevista, se obtiene el pago correspondiente.

Step-by-step guide to play Roulette

The game in yes it is extremely simple. At the beginning, the Croupier (the casino worker in charge of managing the chips on the table and the development of spins) opens the game with the warning “place bets”, which means that all active participants have a short period of time to decide their next move. Each user can choose between different number options (from 1 to 36), sequences (dozens, columns), groups (color, even, odd) or combinations of all these possibilities. The percentage of probability of winning is measured based on mathematical forecasts and the payment levels are adapted accordingly.

French and European roulette games: differences and similarities

To begin with, it is necessary to establish the main characteristics of each board and the easiest way to do it is to identify the properties of each one, since many users tend to confuse them. Both Roulettes have a “0” (in contrast to the American version, which also has a “00” slot), as well as the same betting possibilities and winning payouts. Where then lies the difference between the two? Basically in the visual design of the game board, because even in the rules of the movements there are no major alterations. In this sense, the distribution of the option boxes (not of the numbers on the board, since these do not change) is different. The names of each option can be found in French Roulette in French, while in European it is possible to find it in USA in the operators present in the country.

European Roulette
Vista general de la mesa europea de ruleta
The names in the tables they are usually in USA or English. The red and black colors are displayed as a diamond only. The fields for the dozens are next to the simple possibilities.
French Roulette
El tablero de la Ruleta francesa en detalle
In French Roulette the names are usually in French. Diamonds for color are often substituted for the Rouge and Noir label. The tens are located at the bottom of the column panel.

The dozen bet options also have minor differences in placement and design. While in European Roulette these boxes are located in the lateral space just above the Even/Odd or Flush areas and are marked with the titles “First 12, Second 12, Third 12”, in French Roulette these boxes are found on the bottom of the board as P12 (première douzain/ first dozen) M12 (medium douzaine/ middle dozen) and D12 (dernière douzaine/ last dozen).

Once the spaces are identified, it is easy to place the desired bets . One last notable difference is the naming of the tab placement options within the system tools. In this way Columna is “Colonnes”, Caballo is “Cheval” and Cuadro is “Carre”. In order to have a complete view of all the denominations, we have included images of both styles.

Various betting styles and payout calculations

When it comes to stacking the chips, there is plenty of room to choose the preferred ones, according tothe game strategy pursued to win. In roulette you can bet on any number or combination, but there are many different ways to do it: simple or internal luck (with really low limits to participate, but few chances of winning, although with great payouts in case of a stroke of luck) and external, which have greater possibilities of granting profits, but whose payment is really low. The following chart will give you a clear overview of all allowed moves. The column called “Payment” (far right) shows the refund generated. This means that in case of winning a bet with value “1:35”, the chips on the table generate a profit of 35 times the value of the amount!

The various bet possibilities in the roulette
Ejemplo de las diferentes posibilidades de juego en la Ruleta
Bet types available on the roulette table
Tokens Coverage French terms Términos en inglés USA terms Paid to
1 1 Number Plein| ||298 Straight up bet Full 35:1
2 2 Numbers Cheval Split bet Knight 17:1
3 3 Numbers Transversal plane Street/Line bet Transversal 11:1
4 4 Numbers Carre Corner Frame 8:1
5 (EU) 4 Numbers Les quatre premiers First Four A cuatro 8:1
5 (AM) 5 Numbers Les cinq premiers First Five A FIVE 6: one
6 6 Numbers Simple Transversale Six Line Six 5:1
7 12 Numbers Douzaines Dozen Dozen 2:1
7 12 Numbers Columns Column Column 2:1
8 12 Numbers Simple Chances Simple Chances Bet simple 1:1

About the limits at the table

In online roulette games usually only two limits are taken into account: the minimum and the maximum allowed. However, there are many details hidden behind these figures, which go unnoticed by most novice players. To clear up any doubts or confusion in this regard, we recommend in the first instance to take a look at the general table of bets, which is usually visible on the operator's screen as inthe Lobby of the 888casino roulettes. It is normal for the lower limits to be valid mainly for simple luck or double numbers, while the higher amounts are limited to simple movements with a 1:1 payment. The reason for this is that the casino keeps the possible payment of winnings to participants within a limited range, without running a great risk of loss, that is: the higher the reimbursement, the lower the maximum limits allowed. It should be noted that online roulette tables differ a bit from this rule, since it is possible to play for larger amounts on them. This is one of the mainadvantages that online casinos can offer.

American Roulette and its particularities

El tablero de la Ruleta americana tiene doble ceroAs mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main and most noticeable difference is the existence of a double zero parallel to the solitary "0" of the other two versions described above, which opens space for extra bet options, such as 0/00 or 0/ 00/1/2/3. Since the payouts per option (original value) do not vary from those present in the European and French versions, the addition of the double zero produces a reduction in the probability of winning in each square, which, to the same extent, is also reflected in lower theoretical profit expectations.

El doble cero es único en la Ruleta americanaPayouts within the new betting options can be easily derived through the number of numbers covered by the chips. Because zero and double zero are two single digits, they are included in the split lottery called “Knight” with a calculated payout of 17 to 1. Three-digit combinations (0/1/2 – 00/2/ 3 – 0/00/2) are listed as traversal, with a payback of 11 to 1. The only exception is the “A 5” bet, which does not exist in the French or European versions and generates payouts of 6 to 1. Although this move is not highly recommended due to low profit expectations, it is an interesting option if you want to experience new ways of playing.

The second major difference is unknown to most players. Look carefully at the image to the right. Have you noticed any different characteristics in both wheels, in addition to the existence of the double zero? The squares have a completely differentorder than is customary in French and European Roulette!

This has the basic result that the alternation between red and black is different. While the numbers on the European and French wheels are seemingly randomly distributed, in American Roulette a unique pattern is followed. Many directly consecutive numbers like 1-2 or 3-4 are found in boxes placed directly across from each other. This obviously does not apply to all digits, since there are also other factors present such as the location of high/low values ​​and avoiding the formation of dozens or columns with the distribution of cells. However, a pattern to follow is clearly recognizable, unlike the other two tables.

La Partege andEn Prison: su influencia en los pronósticos de ganancia

These rules are not automatically immovable pieces of every casino roulette nor do they belong only to the French variant, as the name might indicate. How and when they are available largely depends on the operator and the offer they decide to run. In case you find yourself in a portal that provides these options, it is because we have included this section on our page to help you better understand the existing mechanics in both popular models.

Basically, the simple movements or simple (with payment 1:1) are directly influenced, that is, red/black, even/odd or low/high, with a type of “insurance”. All bets without this rule are losses without exception in case the winning number is "0" and the total value is immediately deducted by the platform from the player's account. On the contrary, if one of the tables offers the possibility of applying these rules, do not hesitate to accept it. In this scenario, the chances are first blocked for a consecutive turn and remain active for the same box or original value, that is, “in prison”. Hence the name that characterizes this exceptional rule. The following spins will definitely decide if the chips are recovered or lost completely. In case of winning the next spin, the bet is released, but it must remain in the same box. If you win once more, the value obtained is paid in full and the money will be fully released, without further restrictions. On the contrary, if the opportunity is lost, the entire sum is withdrawn by the casino and subtracted from the game purse. An alternative to“En Prison” is the rule selection“La Partage”, whereby half of the bet made in case the “0” box is the winner, while the rest is collected by the operator. But this is only possible when the amount is at least twice the minimum value allowed, since the casino will take half of the same low, following the rules of the bet.

This is how the rule || |468La Partage in the game of roulette

Asi se aplica la regla La Partage en las apuestas en Ruleta.Although the probability of the zero box appearing twice is very low, this situation is not completely ruled out. In this case, the chips on the table will be double blocked and therefore, they must be released twice in a row in order to participate in a third winning spin. In the hypothetical case that the “0” wins three or more times in a row, the hand will be automatically lost. But do not forget that the presence ofLa Partage is not 100% guaranteed in each casino, but the operators decide whether to offer it or not. Sometimes a much simpler variant appears, whereby each player receives half of the bets made automatically without going through all the stages that the rules described here include.

You may be wondering what impact these options on your chances of winning? To begin with, the house edge in French and European Roulette is around 2.7%, but by applying the additional rules, the figure is halved: forLa Partage|| |477 se ubica en 1.35% mientras In Prison reaches 1.42%. Therefore, playing in versions that allow these extraordinary rules is favorable for you. But keep in mind that these percentages refer only to simple figures, since the rest of the board remains with the normal advantage of 2.7%.

In short: if you prefer to play for simple bets and apply successfully progressive strategies, it is advisable to look for tables that apply the rules of roulette exposed here. In case you prefer to bet on a single box or a small group of numbers, then it is totally irrelevant whether these rules are offered or not.