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Premium French Roulette – free and for money real ro

Premium French Roulette is an advanced version of the traditional casino game created by renowned software provider Playtech. As you will see below, this version has some very special extras, such as the simple betLa Partage. Here we offer you the opportunity to try it in the free demo or if you prefer, play for real money in one of the best current online casinos and thus feel the emotion of winning real prizes.

Juega a la Ruleta Francesa Premium.
Extra bets includedPlay for real money at Marca Apuestas' premium French Roulette tables.|| |221

In Premium French Roulette you can use all the typical betting possibilities in the usual version and they also have a special rule, which makes it the most favorable version of this popular casino game. In addition, it includes multiple settings for you to transform the table and the experience to your liking.

Practice for free in Premium French Roulette

See for yourself why this version of Roulette has one of the best return to player rates with the free demo at Marca Apuestas casino. Test it as much as you want without worrying about the number of games, because the balance will be replenished every time you start a new session. This is the best way to get an idea of ​​all the customization options of the program and the types of bets available, as well as other functions.

Vista de la mesa de Ruleta tipo Francesa

Among all the versions of Roulette, European or French with a single zero, is one of those that offers the greatest chance of winning. Originally, when the ball landed on zero, all bets were considered lost for the participants and the table won all the chips. But some casinos offer as an extra incentive, twospecial betting rules when this circumstance occurs:la Partage andin Prison. In the first, all bets on a number are shared between the table and each player, that is, you immediately get back half of what you have bet. We also recommend the 3D roulette, which also follows thela Partage.

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To play like an expert: rules and functions

As inall roulette games, whatever the version, the objective is that your bet is fulfilled when the ball spins. It could be a simple luck, that is, you bet on a number and that is the winner, but as you will see there are many more options.

On the table there are 36 numbers to bet on, plus zero (which is green), making a total of thirty-seven possibilities. You can bet that the number that comes out is even or odd, and also that its color is red or black (these two are the bets with less risk).

Others are the bets to miss (manque table) and passes (pass), depending on whether you bet by groups from one to eighteen or from nineteen to thirty-six; on horseback or bet to divide between two numbers, placing the chip on the line that separates them; in corner (placing the chip in the angle between four numbers); by columns (you choose one of the three); by lines (six numbers around a line); transverse (three numbers); or by the dozen between the first, second and third (from one to twelve, from thirteen to twenty-four).

The game also allows you to bet on neighbors: this consists of choosing any number of Roulette and spread the bet to its eight neighbors: the four that follow it to the right and left. One of the most popular bets is to bet on the neighbors of zero, that is: 32, 15, 19 and/or 4 on one side, and 26, 3, 35 and/or 12 on the other.

Another extra in the bets of this online Roulette are the so-called "announced". There is a great variety of them. Their particularity is that they require between three and nine tokens to complete. For example, with three chips you can make a horse bet with endings 7/10, which is known as “finals a cheval 7/10”. In it you make a bet divided by pairs between all the numbers that end in "7" or "0". This is the 7th and 10th, the 17th and 20th, as well as the 27th and 30th.

Where to bet Premium French Roulette for real money

If you are torn between several versions of Roulette to play, this is definitely your best option. With its incredible number of options you will never get bored. In addition, thanks to the optionLa Partage, the chances of winning increase compared to other versions. Can you ask for something more? Well, we have located the best verified casino for you. We recommend you check if the casino has bonuses for this Roulette and for all the online casino rooms.

The RTP or percentage of theoretical return to the player in case of using an average strategy is 96.93% . However, with theLa Partage option that characterizes this Roulette and an optimal game strategy, the ratio can go up to 98.65% on 1:1 bets and up to 97.30% in the rest. Good luck!

Interesting betsLa Partage and in Prison