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The best working roulette strategies

When you enter a casino the first question that comes to mind is: how can I win money at roulette? On this pagewe will analyze in detail the most popular roulette strategies among players and we will check if they really are as effective as they seem.

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Click any of the elements above to jump directly to the section that most interests you where you will find all the information you need to decide for yourself which isthe best roulette strategy. Como ves, hemos incluido igualmente un apartado de trucos muy útiles y otro con las preguntas frecuentes de nuestros usuarios.

The best strategy for roulette

Unfortunately, none of the betting systems to roulette is 100% effective, since this game is entirely based on chance. However, if you want to know how to win at roulette, we recommend our favorites, the Martingale and James Bond strategies,, because they are the easiest and most fun to implement. You can get an idea of ​​the effectiveness and simplicity of these and many other systems in the table below:

Table to compare the best roulette strategies
Strategy Sencillez Low risk * Short term Long term Possible profit ** Divertida
Martingale Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
James Bond Yes Yes Yes No| ||302 Yes
Paroli Yes No Yes No Yes No
D'Alembert Yes Yes No Yes No No
Labouchere Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Fibonacci Yes No No Yes No
Hot Numbers No No No Yes No Yes
Faulty wheels No No No Yes No No
Dealer Launch No No Yes No Yes Yes

*It will depend of conditions external to the strategy, such as the table limits and the player's budget

**It will depend on the amount and risk of the bet

All the strategies that we have compiled here above can be divided into three groups: progressive, non-progressive and physical systems. We have spent many hours putting them all into practice and have provided our honest opinion and explanation of how they work in this review. If before learning how to win you need some basic notions about this game, you can visit ourpage dedicated exclusively to roulette.

Progressive strategies|| |434

Los sistemas progresivos son cualquier aquella estrategia en la que la cantidad de la apuesta va aumentando. Como hemos podido comprobar desde casinos-online.es, they are the simplest and most common strategies among players and, in our opinion, also the most effective. Your bet will increase proportionally according to the result you get in each round to ensure that you recover any possible losses from previous spins. Keep reading so you can see clearly and with examples how these systems work.


This system is considered by many to be the best strategy for roulette because it is,además de lógica, increíblemente sencilla and it is the one that brings the most benefits to the players —as long as you have enough money and have patience. To optimize the results of this system, we recommend using it in a casino that has very high table limits, even for single bets. It would be best to play European or French roulette withLa Partage rule, which will keep the house edge at 2.70% instead of 5, 56% of the American Variation.

How does it work?

This method is a very useful roulette trick and it's basically a cover. Start with a low, single bet—ie red or black, odd or even, miss or pass. If you guess right, bet the same amount again (let's say it's €5) until you lose. When this happens, double the amount (in this case €10) and place a single bet again. If you lose again, double the last amount again. Thus, when you win, you will have recovered what you bet plus a small profit. As you can see, it is a very slow strategy, but it can be effective if you are willing to play for a long time. And remember: always bet on easy luck.

Paño de una ruleta con una apuesta de 5€ a los números rojos.


The big disadvantage of this system is if it has a really bad streak and you you run out of funds or reach the maximum bet limit for that table. In that case, there is nothing you can do: you will have lost all the money you have bet. That is why we recommend that you always start with small bets and that you choose tables with a very high bet limit.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: The Martingale strategy is a simple system that consists of placing a bet on simple luck and, if you lose, double it to get your money back in the next round. Beware of the maximum limits of the table!

James Bond

The idea of ​​playing in a casino may conjure up in many an image of large gambling halls in Monte Carlo with chandeliers chandelier and packed with smartly dressed men and women and, most likely, Agent 007 up to his mischief. Nothing is further from reality; however, you can bring a bit of this British agent's movies into your living room with the James Bond strategy.

Imagen de un paño de la ruleta con tres fichas colocadas. Es un ejemplo de la estrategia James Bond.
Profit table
Apuesta Profit
€140 at 19-36 €80
€50 at 16-18 100€
€10 at 0 €160

How does it work?

The ideal to carry out this strategy is that the player starts with €200, which will be divided into three different bets: €140 on the high numbers —that is, the group 19-36—, €50 on the line of six numbers between 13 and 18 and €10 on the 0.With this system you cover a greater amount of numbers than if you bet on red-black or even-odd and, therefore, it will slightly increase your chances of hitting. If a number between 1 and 12 comes up and you lose the money bet, repeat the strategy and double the amounts, just as it happened with the Martingale. Keep doubling the amounts until you win and get back what you wagered. These kinds of roulette tricks should only be done if you have a high budget and can afford to cover your losses if you are unlucky enough to hit a losing streak.


Lo peor de esta estrategia es lo mismo que con la Martingala: quedarte sin dinero o alcanzar el límite máximo de la mesa antes de recuperar tu dinero. Además, supone una desventaja para los jugadores a los que les gusta saltar de un número a otro. Por último, la más decepcionante: aunque uses esta estrategia, no eres James Bond y tus probabilidades de perder dinero con este sistema son las mismas que las de cualquier otra persona.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: Aunque este sistema suene muy sofisticado, como el Agente 007, no recomendamos usarlo muy a menudo. Las ganancias pueden ser enormes, sí, pero para arriesgarte necesitarás contar con un gran presupuesto.


The difference between this system and the Martingale system is that, in this case, you have thatdouble your bet after a winning spin until you win three rounds in a row or until you lose. The idea of ​​this strategy is to accumulate a little extra money by winning three spins in which you have been betting higher amounts and then return to your original bet. With the Paroli strategy, by doubling your bet just twice, you will have much more control over your money and allow you to win a little more.

Infográfico en el que se explica la estrategia Paroli con ejemplos.

How does it work?

This system, like most, uses simple chance bets; that is, even or odd, red or black or the numbers 1-18 or 19-36. You can bet a little more than usual without fear, especially if you take into account that the maximum bet will be four times the original. Place your chip on the table anddouble the amount if you win or play again for the same money if you lose. The aim of Paroli is to win three spins in a row by doubling the bet with each win. Once you have won three times in a row or if you lose the spin, go back to the original bet and start over. The good thing about this system is that it can be used at lower limit tables as it doesn't require huge bets to recoup losses from previous rounds.


Finding a system that answers the question how to win money at roulette is very complicated; As with all, this strategy also has disadvantages: just like the game of roulette, Paroli is completely dependent on chance and you will only make a profit if you are lucky enough to manage to win three rounds in a row. You may have to play a long time before this happens, which means that you can lose a lot of money in the meantime without making a profit.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: The goal is to double down your initial bet after a winning spin up to a maximum of three rounds; after three winning spins or after one losing spin, go back to the initial bet and start again.


Designed by the French mathematician Jean Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert , this system that bears his name is one of the least risky tricks that you will find on this page. It can be a very attractive method if you are new to this game or if you are a cautious player.Using this strategy effectively will require a good deal of patience, as you will have to change the amount bet each round, whether you won the previous one or not.

Infográfico en el que se explica la estrategia D’Alembert con ejemplos.

How does it work?

The strategy is very simple: start by betting €10, for example. It's best to start with a small amount, because the payout percentage will be incredibly small at very high stakes. Place a single bet — red or black, even or odd, high or low numbers. If you win, reduce your bet by €1; if you lose, increase it by €1. This strategy is not at all difficult to carry out, although you may find it difficult and frustrating to constantly adjust your bet and a bit discouraging to see such a small profit. Patience, once again, is the key to success; this method is not intended for those who like to see their funds grow by leaps and bounds; is for those who enjoy a good game of roulette and like to try different betting tricks.


Although small increases in the bet will not bankrupt you, or at least not immediately, the increase of €1 will not compensate for your losses either. You won't make any money with this system unless you are terribly lucky and have plenty of time to put it into practice.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: The d'Alembert system is simple: increase your bet by €1 after a loss and decrease it by the same amount after a win. It is a very slow strategy that will not bring you big profits.


The Labouchere strategy allows you to record your progress towards a profit goal that you have previously set for yourself. The idea is that you choose how much you want to win in the game, divide it into smaller amounts and try to get a small part in each round. For example, ifthe goal is to win €20, you can split it into 2-2-4-2-4-4-2. We already warned you that if you want to carry out this strategy, you should think about writing this down. It will be much easier for you!

Tabla para llevar a cabo la estrategia Labouchere. Download PDF

How does it work?

The first thing you have to do is choose the amount you want to win in the game and divide it into smaller and more realistic amounts.Write them down in the table for this strategy that you will find on this page; It will be incredibly useful to you. Add the figures of the first and the last box and place the result in a simple bet. If you win, cross off both numbers on the list. If you lose, add them to the end, as you will now have to recover that loss if you want to reach your initial goal. Some players say that you should write down the total amount that you have bet on the list and not the two that you added to get it, but it seems to us a mistake: if you are unlucky enough to lose several times, you will end up adding much higher figures and can that you reach the limit of the table or worse, that of your pocket. You will have to continue with this strategy until you check all the boxes on the list.


This system can be used to try to win both high and low amounts, but honestly, It seems to us that the most useful thing about it is that you can record your income and losses from the game. In short: not a very effective strategy,except perhaps to know when to stop playing. In addition, we do not recommend using it in physical establishments, since the dealer may not take well that you hinder the development of the game to write down each one of the results.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: Labouchere está diseñado para personas a las que les gusta marcarse un objetivo: establece la cantidad que quieres ganar y divídela para ir consiguiéndola pasito a pasito. Ten en cuenta de que nada te garantiza que puedas llegar a tapar todos los números de la lista.


If you have always liked mathematics, surely you have heard of the Fibonacci number sequence. It appeared in the year 200 BC and is a list of numbers in which each one is the sum of the previous two. However, this sequence did not receive its name until the Italian mathematician introduced the system to Europe. This series has now become a roulette strategy.

Infográfico en el que se explica la estrategia Fibonnaci con ejemplos.

How does it work?

This system, like the Martingale and most tricks that we explain on the page, should be used in simple luck bets. Its operation is as follows: choose an amount to play —one that is on the list, of course—, for example, €8. If you hit and win, you see two numbers to the left. That is, you would have to bet €3 on the next round. If you lose, go one number to the right; that is, for the next roll your bet would be €13. The principle of this system is simple and the same as in the others: recover with a bet what you have lost in the previous ones and ensure, by betting less after a victory, what you have just won. As you can see, the bets increase progressively very slowly, andyou will have to play a long time if you want to get big profits.


A small disadvantage that we found in this system is that, when you win, you only receive as a prize the sum of the two previous bets. And, as with the other progressive systems, there may come a time when you find yourself broke if you hit a losing streak. We also find it a rather slow and boring strategy.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: The Fibonacci sequence has many mathematical applications, but when it comes to roulette strategies, it's not the best. We do not recommend this system.

Other progressive systems

Of course, in addition to the ones we have explained on this page,there are many other progressive systems to play roulette, such as the Montante Hollande tactic, the Whittaker method, the Fitzroy system and the Goldstein progression. All of them are similar to the ones we have just explained, both in their development and in the results and even in the disadvantages.

Non-progressive strategies

This type of strategy uses sequences of numbers and statistics to try to predict the outcome of the next round. Contrary to progressive systems, the amount of the bet does not change depending on the previous results. These types of systems are also known as flat bets.Players base themselves on the numbers that have already been drawn to try to guess the next ones.

Play hot numbers

Playing hot numbers is considerably riskier than any of the tactics we have described above, since we are betting on a specific number and not on an entire section. We repeat thatit is very difficult for you to make a lot of money with any tactic, but with this one, it is even more difficult.

Tabla para llevar a cabo la estrategia de los números calientes. Download PDF

How does it work?

This strategy basically consists ofbet on the numbers that have not been exit. The idea is that all the numbers have to come out at some point, so if the ball takes a few spins without landing on them, they have to be about to come out. This idea is based on the Law of Large Numbers, a theorem of probability theory according to which if we repeat the same experiment many times, the frequency of obtaining the same results is constant. Putting this system into practice requires a good deal of patience, effort and a lot of time, since you will have to play many rounds to determine which numbers have not been drawn yet. To help you with this follow-up task, you can download and print the table that we have prepared for you.


The flaws of this tactic are obvious: the first thing is that you get to writing down all the results of the game will not make you look very good in front of other players or the dealer if you play in a real casino, so we only recommend that you use it at home. Also, hitting a single number is very, very tricky, so the best way to approach this strategy is to make very small bets.

Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: Also known as the Andrucci, the strategy of playing hot numbers may seem very clever at first, but let's not forget that we are talking about a game of chance and there is no guarantee that a number that has not come up for a long time will be the winner.

Physical systems

Physical systems try to find fault with the roulette wheel or look for clues in the way the dealer throws the ball to find clues and predict what numbers will come up. Of all the tactics we've seen,these are by far the most ineffective; Obviously, if you play online, they are completely useless. We cannot recommend any of these systems if you want to make money; however, it can be quite fun to watch the dealer's throwing or wheel misses and try to guess which area the ball will land on.

Faulty roulettes

Un cilindro de una ruleta.

This system it can only be put into practice in traditional casinos where, in theory, the roulette wheels could be defective. These faults could have occurred in the manufacturing process or in the installation; or the cylinder may be off-level, which could cause a certain range of numbers to win more often. However, it takes a lot of time and a keen eye to be able to detect any kind of tilt or flaw in a roulette that serves to tip the balance in your favor when betting. And of course casinos are always very careful with their facilities and their games; they constantly review their tables to correct any small errors that may exist.

: Dibujo de un certificado.

Summary: We don't think it's the best roulette strategy at all: it can only be used in land-based casinos and is also of questionable reliability.

Launch of the croupier

Some professionals use a somewhat unusual system: watch the dealer closely to know how he throws the ball, how fast both the ball and the cylinder rotate; With all this information they intend to find out in which section it will fall. You may be familiar with Christian Kaisan, a famous roulette player who used this method; although, all told, he spent three years of his life studying this method before venturing to make a single bet. In general, there are so many factors that can alter the result thatit is practically impossible to come up with an exact result.

Dibujo de una mano de crupier lanzando una bola en el cilindro de la ruleta.
Dibujo de un certificado

Summary: Esta táctica puede funcionarle a algún afortunado, pero lo más probable es que con ella acabes perdiendo tu dinero. Es mejor apostar a los números, que nunca cambian, que basándote en el estilo de lanzamiento del crupier, que puede variar de una ronda a otra.

A few tips to keep in mind

Here are some tips that we think are very useful and very valuable for anyone who starts playing roulette, regardless of experience; some of them can even be applied to other casino games. Some of them may seem obvious to you, but we have seen fit to repeat them because many users forget them, especially when using tactics.Keep these four tips in mind when playing roulette games:

Play only the European and French variants

If you want to keep the house edge as low as possible, then stick to the European and French variants. In the American the advantage of the house is greater thanks to an extra square: the double zero.

Be aware of your budget

Keep in mind at all times what your budget is and how much money you can afford to lose. Be realistic and set a loss limit before you start playing. Do not forget that, despite the tactics, this is still a game of chance.

The smart thing is to bet on simple luck

If you are going toplay roulette for real money, our advice is that stick to single bets. Although with other bets the payouts are higher, the odds of hitting are much lower.

Play exclusively for fun

Using the different tricks can be a lot of fun and help reduce your losses, butno tactic is foolproof in a game of chance. Play for pleasure and never do it with the intention of earning money, much less to solve financial problems.

If you keep these four tips in mind, we are sure that you will have an unforgettable time playing roulette. Our page is dedicated to all those who enjoy the thrill of these casino games. However, if what we intend with them is to earn money or solve economic problems of any kind, we run the risk of losing much more than we intended to earn and suffering major headaches. If you are a fan of this game, and especially if you likeplaying with high limits, these tips are even more important.

Resources interesting and very useful

In this review we have reviewed many tricks to play roulette and you may still feel overwhelmed by so much new information. For this reason, and to make it easier for you to put some of them into practice, we have prepared this section with useful resources that you candownload and use completely free. Get your pen ready and put into practice everything you've learned with us today!

Download tables

Here below are a couple of downloadable tables to put Labouchere tactics into practice and that of hot numbers. Download the PDFs to your computer, print them and fill them in while you play. They will be extremely useful for writing down the results of each roll so that you do not have to remember all the details by heart.

Labouchere sheet Vista previa de la hoja con casillas que se usa en la estrategia Labouchere. Download the PDF
Hoja de Números calientes Vista previa de la hoja que se usa en la estrategia de números calientes. Download the PDF

These roulette strategies are not our favorites, although some players swear by their usefulness. However, if you let us give you a tip, we recommend that you trythe Martingale orthe James Bond. But don't let us tell you. Try them out for yourself and decide which one is the best to win.

Roulette Glossary

As with any unfamiliar topic, you're sure to come across terminology related to this game that you haven't heard never. That is why we have prepared this glossary, to help you understand the terms that are unknown to you and that you can understand this game perfectly.

    • Even / Odd Bets Betting on evens is placing the bet on the even numbers on the cloth. Bet on the odds, is to place it on the odds.
    • Betting on Red / Black Betting on red is placing the bet on the numbers that are in a red box. To bet on black, is to place it on the numbers that are in a black box.
    • Outside Bet See Single Bet.
    • Inside bet The one made on an individual number or a small group of numbers. The payouts are higher than outside bets, but the chances of hitting are lower.
    • Single bet Also known as an outside bet, this type of bet is the one with which you have the best chance of winning. There are six options, which are red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36.
    • Random They are those little diamond-shaped pieces at the bottom of the roulette wheel, just above the number slots. Its function is to interrupt the trajectory of the ball and contribute to the randomness of the game.
    • Pocket The red, black, and green numbered cells into which a roulette wheel is divided are called pockets.
    • CrupierFrom the French “croupier”. He is the casino employee in charge of dealing the cards, spinning the roulette wheel, controlling the bets and directing the game in general. .
    • La Partage This is a rule present in many French variants, where if a player has made a single bet and the ball lands on zero, the player will receive half of their bet back.
    • American Roulette A modality of roulette in which the cylinder has two green boxes: zero and double zero, compared to the French and European versions they only have the zero. In this modality the house has a greater advantage, so we recommend that you avoid it whenever you can because you have less chance of winning.
    • Physical system Any strategy based on the physical elements of the game, such as the cylinder, the ball or the dealer.
    • Non-progressive system Any strategy that uses sequences of numbers and statistics to try to predict the outcome of the next round. The amount of the bet is always the same and does not vary depending on the previous results, unlike in progressive systems.
    • Progressive system Betting strategy whereby the amount of the bet increases progressively as the game progresses.
    • Simple Luck A little-known way of referring to single or outside bets. They are the ones with the highest probability of winning and include red, black, even, odd, 1-18 and 19-36.

Frequently asked questions

In our doubts and suggestions mailbox we receive many questions about roulette; more than any other casino game. Perhaps it is because, although it is one of the simplest games, it can be overwhelming at first for new players who do not yet know the rules. Below we have collected the most common ones.

Which number comes up most often in roulette?

The wheel of the roulette wheel is divided into 37 pockets —or 38, if you play in the American mode. They all measure exactly the same, which means that there is an equal chance that the ball will land on any of them. Take a look at thehot numbers strategy to see how you can try to predict which square it will land on.

What are the chances that the ball will land on a black number?

The probability that it will land on black is 48.65% in European and French roulette and 47.37% in the American. This difference is due to the fact thatthe American version has two boxes with 0.

How can I win at roulette?

The million dollar question. There are many tricks to try to increase profits in roulette, but there is no one that is definitive. Each one, depending on their way of playing and their budget and, above all, their tastes, one attracts more attention than the other. On this page we present atable with all the strategies along with their advantages and disadvantages so you can see which ones work best.

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