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Roulette on online for real money: where and how to play

When it comes to games that involve real money, having all the information you need to make the best decision is essential before the action begins. In this sense, participation in online Roulette tables (both virtual and Live streaming) requires extensive knowledge of all the aspects that surround you: what is the best casino available?, How to play roulette with money Real? Where can you make quick and easy deposits and payments? You will find the answer to these and many more questions throughout our page, as well as in the various sections that we have prepared on the casinos-online.es site, for all users in USA.

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The winner of our TOP 5 is Betsson, due to the presence of numerous games and the particularly low minimum bet limits, unlike the closest competitor 888casino . Keep in mind that due to Royal Decree 958/2020, in force in USA since November 3, 2020, the advertising of casino bonuses in traditional and virtual media is prohibited, so to see information about them you must enter each casino .

Various table limits and their interpretation

For some users, the differences between the different types of possible bets are not perfectly clear, as well as the meaning of the limits present in each table. In the simplest cases, the publicly marked minimum and maximum amounts represent the figures allowed in each spin byRoulette variants or styles. However, there are other more complicated cases.

A good example of this is Live Roulettes, which are necessarily played for real money, due to the high costs involved in recording, broadcasting, broadcasting and running that the rolls represent. In these types of games, the higher limit can have different meanings. For example, the figure posted on the front page or “Lobby” usually refers to single bets such as red/black or even/odd. All types and options that provide a payout greater than 1:1 are subject to lower amounts. This is because casino managers want to take the least risk of paying out large amounts of real money when the house loses a game. By keeping the betting limits in a relatively low range, the losses for the company are controlled.

To know exactly how much it is possible to bet for each movement, it will be enough to click on the icon corresponding to “tools” or “ options” (according to theLive online casino software provider), for a complete list of all the types of movements that the casino allows, as well as the caps marked for each of them. Another possibility is that the table limit shown only specifies the total amount of money that can be used per spin. When opening the table and starting to place the chips, it will be possible to observe the different maximum limits for each type of bet.

General table limits
los límites de dinero real en general
In online Roulette the upper limits and lower are valid on each spin, without further restrictions.
Various specific bets
opciones diversas de apuesta en vivo
Live Roulette tables usually have different limits, depending on the type of bet.

Another possible scenario is that the indicated minimum limits are valid only for certain types of movements. This commonly happens in land-based/land-based casinos, as opposed to services offered online. Generally applies to games that have a high payout ratio, such as single number picking. These types of positions are generally allowed from 10 cents, while the options with lower payouts (2:1 or 1:1) require a much higher minimum bet. The reason behind this restriction is to prevent too many players participating at the same time for low values. Fortunately, in online casinos this does not happen. Any of the operators included in our analyzes allow you to access the spins from the minimum general amount, regardless of the type of insertion you make.

Before concluding with this topic, we want to highlight that all the customers or participants of the Roulette spins should be completely clear aboutthe different betting rules that the game has, before making your moves, in order to take full advantage of every chance and lucky break. By doing so, you will simultaneously avoid going through a mess caused by a misunderstanding that ends in the loss of your cash. A practical advice: if you have the slightest doubt about the development and/or payment of a rule, try the demo version of free online Roulettes that most sites have on their platforms.

How to place the bets and claim payouts

Todas los números cubiertos por una apuesta cambian de colorIn online options, placing bets is really easy and there are hardly any mistakes. The software is designed to respect your orders, allowing all the necessary time before starting a game. To choose the chips (with a value from one cent to €5 or €10, depending on the operator), just click on the corresponding symbol once. To the left or right of these are the other available values, in descending and ascending order, respectively. With a double click on the selected value, the chip in question can be placed on the table. Generally, by moving the mouse around the board, the different betting options will change color and, by clicking on any of them, one chip per click will be placed in the corresponding box.

In the event of making a mistake, exceeding the initially desired amount or simply changing your mind, the “undo” option appears on the screen, which will allow you to correct the situation. As soon as all bets have been placed, the 'spin' button must be selected for the game to begin. Live Roulettes do have a time limit, because the table is shared with hundreds, or even thousands of users at the same time. In this case, the responsible Croupier will always announce the remaining time and, if applicable, the closing of the betting period.

Attention: Live games have a time limit for placing bets
Cerca de diez segundos son disponibles para apostar

Both in online Roulette (free and for real money) and in direct transmissions, the winning box will be announced at the end of the spin. The payment of profits or the collection of losses is carried out automatically, since the software is programmed to calculate all the movements made in a couple of seconds. The corresponding money will be immediately added to the game account and will be available to be used again or, where appropriate, to be withdrawn, as long as there are norelease requirements to cover, in case of having obtained a bonus.

What happens when the connection is lost in the middle of the game?

An unusual situation but one that generates uncertainty: imagine that you have a hunch and you place a large sum to “X” number on the board. The wheel spins and before the winning box can be seen, the Internet connection is temporarily interrupted or blocked. Surely you are wondering what happens to the money? Have you won or lost? Has real money betting disappeared from the system? What happens next?

Online casinos have a protocol in place to take action when these types of situations occur. The steps depend on the information that the servers of the company in question have obtained moments before suffering the interruption. In the virtual warehouse are the digital files with all the details of the game and the game in your profile. As soon as the connection is reestablished, the spin will continue exactly at the point where your computer, tablet or mobile stopped receiving the signal from the operator. All the exact procedures are explained within the company's terms and conditions, as is the case with theSportium general contract, to mention just one clear example.

What happens to real money bets when the connection is interrupted?
Esto es lo que sucede cuando el giro virtual es interrumpido

Let's say for example that you have placed the desired chips and before spinning the wheel, the connection was lost. In this case, the game information was not received by the server, so the corresponding movement was not made and the amount of the bet was not withdrawn from your wallet. On the contrary, if the connection problem arose after the turn was made, the result will be generated by the software and saved by it, for later playback as soon as the signal is restored. Immediately after this, winnings or losses will be added/deducted from your active account.

Interruption in Live Roulette games
Proceso de juego en vivo tras conexión perdida

A similar situation occurs in the Live casino, but with one small exception. Because the games are played in real time, you can't simply pause until the affected client is back online. The result of each game is saved on the server and you will be able to review each and every one of the winning numbers in the history of the games, as soon as you return to the platform. Depending on each operator and design, some histories are easier to find than others, although in our TOP 5, they are all easy to locate.

Prohibited moves or penalized bets

Existen ciertas apuestas no permitidas en la RuletaAll bets that are included in the rules of the tables and their corresponding limits are allowed, although there are some specific restrictions on placing the chips. For example, by covering a high percentage, (35% or more of the total), with any simple bet (red/black or even/odd, etc.), the chances of losing are reduced. However, some online casinos tend to eliminate this option within the betting possibilities or completely exclude its use for the contribution to the release of bonuses, otherwise the required figures would be reached quickly and the house would lose real money. These types of operations violate the conditions of the bonus and, by executing them, you can be punished with the cancellation of the bonus, the winnings generated with it or even with the cancellation of the gaming account.