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The most interesting thing about the contract at Paf casino

Las condiciones del operador contienen los aspectos más importantes a los que tanto la empresa como el usuario deben enfrentarse. Lejos de ser un escrito en el que la compañía se deslinda de cualquier responsabilidad, el contrato aclara el rol de cada una de las partes involucradas, de forma equitativa y justa, sin otorgar una ventaja considerable al casino. La last published version of the contract dates from June 5, 2016. Although a couple of years have passed since the drafting of the Terms and Conditions, they remain in force and they have undergone minor corrections since then.

The operator's Terms and Conditions under the magnifying glass

In this last review we have given ourselves the task of summarizing the most interesting or important details for the user described in the company contract. Due to the terminology of this type of document, it is often difficult to understand the true meaning of the articles included. However, it is of utmost importance to understand all aspects of an agreement, before accepting the parameters included in it. In the most important points we have added textual quotes and allusive comments, to explain the situation described as best as possible. If you have any specific questions, please contact us atinfo@casinos-online.es, because we will gladly clarify all the details.

1. The parties and the agreement

2. Game client registration

2.1 Condiciones para registrarse

2.2 Conformity for the registration, storage and use of personal data

2.2 The Client of the game accepts and expressly consents that their personal data provided to the Operator be incorporated into the Operator's Customer Registry and processed, in an automated manner or not, for the purposes of which the Operator can provide Internet Gaming services”.

Comment: The data provided is guarded by security systems such as SSL or GLI, so customers should not fear their vulnerability. The purposes that the company has for these, lie primarily in statistical aspects, marketing or to corroborate information when making withdrawals.

2.3 Acceptance of information by mail and sms|| |264

2.4 Do you want to receive advertising by e-mail and sms

2.5 Confidentiality

2.6 Login Data

2.6 The Game Client is responsible for contacting the Operator immediately if it suspects that an unauthorized person has become aware of your login details. The Operator reserves the right, in the aforementioned situation, to temporarily suspend the gaming account, in order to adopt the necessary security measures. The Operator assumes no responsibility for losses caused by the fact that the login details have been communicated to third parties.”

Comment: To ensure the integrity of both data such as capital, the casino will briefly suspend the player's activities, to verify that no one has entered the user's account without their consent or modified their information. Once the situation is cleared up, everything will return to normal.

3. The game account

3.1 Using the gaming account

3.2 Commissions

3.3 Administration and information of client funds by the Operator

3.3 Funds deposited by game Clients are subject to financial accounting records. The Operator differentiates the client's funds from his other assets and deposits them in a differentiated bank account. The Gaming Client accepts that the Operator deposits these funds together with those of other clients as credits in current account and that the separation is made only in the electronic accounting of the Operator's gaming account.”

Comment : This is the only negative point that the drafting team found throughout the Terms and Conditions, since the Paf does not pay interest on the money (property of the user) generated in the bank accounts, according to the stipulated in Article 3.4. of this contract.

3.4. Interest on client money

3.5. Game client access to funds registered in your gaming account

3.6. Prohibition of pledges and monetary speculations

3.7. Possibility of the client to freeze the game account

3.8. Ability for the client to block the game account

3.9. Transaction control| ||319

3.10. Claim and prescription

3.10 The Operator has a contingency plan that will be activated in the event that the page Web or the software offered through it becomes inoperative for any reason. In any case, the Operator does not guarantee that said software or the services offered meet your expectations. Similarly, the Operator does not guarantee that the gaming services offered through its website may not be interrupted or that they are absolutely free of errors or computer viruses.”

Comment: Al brindar servicio a miles de usuarios en todo el país, es posible que en algún momento el sistema colapse, debido a la sobrecarga o a algún elemento externo a las capacidades de la empresa. Este artículo hace alusión a esta posibilidad, para que el jugador tenga claro los riesgos (aunque mínimos) presentes.

3.11. External networks

4.| ||334 Limitaciones del juego

4.1 General

4.2 Void sessions and prohibited practices

Comentario: Any spin or round can be declared invalid, in case of: system (computer) error, use of external software to win the game, illegal origin of the money used, transfer of funds to other players or attempted abuse of the system. The casino explains in detail each of the possible cases in this clause.

4.3 Limited zones

4.4 Deposit limits

4.5 Illegal conduct

4.5 The Operator will have zero tolerance for illegal conduct and may, in the event that they have place or there is substantiated evidence of it, cancel the commercial relationship and the gaming account immediately, and notify the National Gaming Commission together with the elements of judgment collected.”

Comment: This is a recurring premise in all online casinos in USA, because due to ethics and legal obligation, any lack of proper regulations and the Law in general will be reported to the competent authorities, in addition to the obvious account cancellation, as well as the seizure of capital.

5. Game hours

6. Price list

7. Prizes and payment of prizes

8. Chat service

8. The Operator does not support or oppose any opinion expressed by its customers, but may take action against the manner in which they are expressed if complaints are referred to it regarding defamatory, vexatious, or inappropriate content or offensive.”

Comment: The direct communication tool is a way to eliminate technological barriers and encourage interaction between the casino, its staff and its users. However, good behavior and respect for the other participants must be presented, to avoid being sanctioned or completely expelled from the system.

8.1. Generalities

8.2 Content and behavior

8.3 Security

8.4 Violations

8.5 Illegal acts

9 No guarantee

Remark: There are some situations where The company cannot offer any security. Among those listed in the clause, the following stand out: bets and their amount, joint download of viruses or malicious software, delays in loading the system and the result of the games themselves. It seems that the casino disclaims all commitment, but if you read the article carefully, it is easy to understand that the company cannot guarantee the points indicated.

10 Limitation of liability| ||410

11 Force majeure

12 Changes in the game service, the game rules or the agreement

13 Game client's right to terminate customer relationship

14 Operator's right to block a game account or to terminate its relationship with the client

14. The Operator shall have the right to retain the funds registered in the gaming account and/or demand their return, if they have been obtained by improper means, through fraud or other violations against the rules of the game or the conditions of the Agreement, criminal acts, manipulation of the game system or any other irregular means or by attempt or suspicion of having carried out the above mentioned acts.”

Comment:| ||427= == Complementary to art. 4.5 of the contract, this section specifies the reasons why the money in the account can be withheld by the company, as well as the reasons for freezing/blocking it. A complementary paragraph of the clause also indicates the procedure in the event that active capital is still found in a blocked account. Complementario al art. 4.5 del contrato, en este apartado se especifican las razones por las cuales el dinero de la cuenta puede ser retenido por la empresa, al igual que los motivos para congelar/ bloquear la misma. Un párrafo complementario de la cláusula señala además el proceder en caso de que en una cuenta bloqueada se encuentre aún capital activo.

15 Intellectual and industrial property rights

16 Period of validity of the agreement and resolution

17 Applicable law and legal instance