Almedin “Ali” Imsirovic, best poker player in the world in 2021

The Bosnian-American player had a spectacular year and capped it off by taking the spot #1 in the GPI (Global Poker Index) ranking. This is the most important list for professional players. Imsirovic finished 2021 as Player of the Year. He was also the tour's highest-grossing player.

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Ali Isimrovic, 2021 Player of the Year.©Peter-Lomas/Pixabay

Ali Imsirovic, the best player in the world in 2021

The latest update of the Global Poker Index presents Imsirovic at number 1. This ranking isthe most prestigious in the world of poker, as it takes into account the skill of the players in live matches. This is the second distinction that Ali Imsirovic has received for his performance in 2021, after winning the PokerGo ranking.

The GPI indicates a rating for each tournament on the circuit, which includes the number of registrations, the | ||30buy-in and game volume, among other issues. Likewise, the index takes into account the results of previous years, with an amortization of value as time passes. With this,they try to give weight to the trajectory of the professionals in the ranking of each year.

The top 3 of the Global Poker Index was quite tight.Imsirovic scored 3,478 points; Chance Kornuth, 3,335, and Shannon Shorr, 3,141. The number 4 also finished very close: Uri Reichenstein with 3,138 points. Of the top 10 in the world, 6 are American, not counting Imsirovic, who is Bosnian-American.

Ali Imsirovic had the most satisfying moment during the beginning of the season, with the two podium finishes at the Venetian August High Rollers. Those results put them first in the Global Poker standings. On September 1one of the biggest wins of the year in the $50,000 No Limit Hold'em – SHRB Europe Event 09. By taking the tournament, Imsirovic won US $598,000. This cemented him as GPI #1.

The most profitable win for the Bosnian-born player was his last of the year in the United States, witha $695,355 win in the $25,500 No Limit Hold'em – High Roller Event #26. Also, this was the last competition of the year

Other top performers

Chance Kornuth came very close to beating Imsirovic as he followed him closely for a good distance. Lithuanian Matias Cimbolas, third in the ranking, took advantage of Alex Fxen's points expiration, who had already been #1. Shannon Shorr, who finished fourth, racked up 400 hit points at The Wynn Winter Classic. There he achieved the main event podium

Sergio Aido is the only Spaniard in the top 10, where he ranks eighth. He got 2,446 during a very good circuit. It is the first time in several years thatAdrián Mateos is not number 1 in USA; this year the top goes to Aido, who was able to be in the first place of GPI at the beginning of the season, for the first time in his career.

Aido's most outstanding victory in 2021 was in the || |58Wynn Winter Classic de octubre, donde consiguió US$270.000. The contest had afield of 1,411 players, a fairly significant volume.

The other Spaniard with a very good year is Sergi Reixach, who finished with 2,296 points, barely ranked 21st in the GPI ranking. The top 5 Spaniards are completed by Javier Zarco, Ramón Collilas and Adrián Mateos.

Online poker in casinos in USA

Poker's contribution range in the GGR (|| |70gross gaming revenue) from USA operators has historically been around 10%. This places it quite a bit behind other areas such as sports betting or live roulette. However, it isa card game deeply rooted in the cultural practices of USA, and therefore it is not surprising that there is a Spaniard in the GPI.

According to thethird quarterly report of the DGOJ of 2021, the last published so far, poker sawa minimal decrease in comparison with the same period of the previous year. In 2020, the contribution of poker had been 11.92%, while in 2021 it was 10.72%. This is equivalent to €19.58 million.

The role of professional players asdisseminators of poker culture is central in USA. Figures such as Adrián Mateos and Sergio Aidos are very important to publicize the world of professional gaming, as well as to educate the audience.

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