MGA adds weight to its USA Celebrities line

MGA says goodbye to the year with two new slot machines within its already well-knownUSA Celebrities: Ismael Beiro and Sandro Rey have been chosen. The company analyzes the year to come and presents the goals it has set for 2021, the year in which it turns 20.

Rueda de la fortuna en primer plano.

MGA adds two new titles to its USA Celebrities line with two very special characters : Ismael Beiro and Sandro Rey. The company announces that this collection will add 7 new titles in 2021.@Element5 Digital/Pexels

The seriesUSA Celebrities is the collection of MGA slot machines and video slots most loved by USA players. The secret lies in locating their products with familiar faces on the USA scene such asArévalo, Leticia Sabater, el Dioni or Aramis Fuster.

Since October we can bet in the vast majority of USA online casinos along with thenice Cadiz Ismael Beiro, also known aspisha. Beiro rose to fame for becoming the winner of the first edition of Big Brother in USA after 90 days of televised confinement. With the choice of this character, MGA would wink at a television program that celebrated its 20th anniversary in April and became a sociological experiment of the time.

In this slot, Ismael shares the lead with his partner and friend Iván Armesto, third finalist in that same edition of Big Brother. On the different screens, the stellartelevision moments of Beiro are reviewed. They could not miss the dreaded Big Brother confessional and the house's garden with swimming pool; his participation in other programs reality show like Expedition Impossible or La isla de the famous; its side more kitchens inCome to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition; or his facet as a co-presenter on Canal Sur.

Technically speaking, the slot falls under the classic bar slot series with three main reels and three additional reels on top. It comes with6 fun mini-games andbets range from 20 cents to 10 euros, medium volatility and maximum prizes of 10,000 euros.

AnotherUSA celebrity came to light in November in a new installment of the collectionHyperrealism Series by MGA Games: Sandro Rey. The seer also participated in Big Brother, in the VIP edition of 2015. The theme is easy to imagine: King with a crystal ball on the main screen, potions and candles as symbols or phrases about astrology as background music.

This 5-reel slot comes with max bets of €25,A4 special mini-games and wins of a maximum of €14,750.

2021: the year of MGA

Despite the strongimpact of COVID-19, 2020 has been a fruitful for the USA supplier. MGA presented interesting proposals such asCSI:Miami, as well as new characters within its lineUSA Celebrities.

MGA announced on November 26 in itsofficial statement MGA Games Day some of the surprises that the company has scheduled to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021. One of his most anticipated releases would see the light of day in September:Chiquito 2. The first installment not only enjoys great popularity among the USA public, but the likeable Chiquito has received a good reception beyond our borders, which is why the character has been chosen to celebrate such a special anniversary.

The MGA catalog would have15 new products, 7 of them with 3 rollers and the rest with 5. The company revealed two of the what will be your nextUSA Celebrities: Yola Berrocal, a regular on programsreality, and the iconic character from Toi so popular among the children of the 90s.

Jose Antonio Giacomelli, general director of MGA, anticipated that the new slot machine products will come with improved audio, more mini-games and better mathematical algorithms, among otherssurprises like promotions every quarter. 2021 also seems like a good time to explore a totally new modality for your online brand: a Grand Croupier roulette wheel that Giacomelli says we are going to love.

The numbers also speak in favor of MGA. In 2020, the brand had a market share of 76% of the total number of legal operators present in USA, a very positive figure considering the great competitiveness that currently exists in the gaming industry. For the new year,the company aims to reach 98%.

In terms of internationalization, Marga Fernández, MGA's sales director, gave a detailed explanation of the markets that the USA company is exploring. The most important thing for the supplier is to have a good product that adapts to the regulations of each country.The first objective would be to enter Portugal because it is a regulated market, its proximity to USA and the stability of the industry in the country. This would be followed by five other European markets: Bulgaria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. In these new European objectives, MGA proposes to localize its content to make it as attractive as theUSA Celebrities. No, Marga reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be one of the nextPortuguese Celebrities.

In Latin America, MGA would bepreparing its launch in other strategic markets such as Brazil, Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, countries that would be added to its portfolio of quality in Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

MGA narrowly missed out on a 2020EGR B2B Awards statuette. Given this, a year as special as 2020 has been and the great plans of the supplier for 2021, one wonders: will MGA put the finishing touch to its 20 years in the industry withan international award? Betting Open!

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