The Best 2021: another award for Alexia Putellas

It was expected and confirmed during the The Best 2021 award gala awarded by the International Federation of Football Association ( FIFA) since 2016. In this way, the FC Barcelona player Alexia Putellas adds the FIFA award to the Best UEFA Player and the Golden Ball ofFrance Football. Sin embargo, Putellas no sería elegida en el mejor once femenino. Un pequeña decepción para una temporada excepcional y una jugadora excepcional que está haciendo historia.

La jugadora del FC Barcelona Alexia Putellas ofrece el premio a la grada.

Alexia Putellas is the biggest. After being chosen Best Female Player by UEFA and winning the Ballon d'Or, FIFA recognizes the exceptional season of the FC Barcelona player by awarding her The Best 2021 award.©makamuki0/Pixabay || |26

¡Alexia Putellas conquista el triplete!

As the best player on the planet, AlexiaPutellas succeeds legends like Marta Vieira and Megan Rapinoe in FIFA The Best|| |30 y a la última ganadora del premio Lucy Bronze, la jugadora inglesa que actualmente milita en el Manchester City después de una exitosa carrera en el todopoderoso Olympique de Lyon.

The great season of the women's FC Barcelona that last year won the treble: the Iberdrola League, the Queen's Cup and the women's UEFA Champions League, owes a lot to the talent of the player born in Mollet del Vallès who has become, thanks to her exceptional season,the player with the most caps wearing the USA national team shirt and also the second all-time scorer for the national team.

“I never imagined that she would reach this level”, declared the USA player during The award ceremony for The Best el pasado lunes. Alexia Putellas has become a world reference on her own merits and the player did not forget her teammates at FC Barcelona and the national team.

2023 is a date marked on the calendar with the dispute of the Women's Soccer World Cup that takes place in Australia-New Zealand. Putellasdoes not hide her desire to become the best in the world and for USA to complete a great championship:

“All we needed was a project and a little bit of time to reach the maximum level… we could become the best players in the world, and we are doing a magnificent job. We hope things don't stop here and continue for many more years.”

Alexia Putellas adds hers to The Best the well-deserved Ballon d'Or last November || | 51 . Un año lleno de galardones que esperemos se repita durante este 2022.

Other categories and a little disappointment

The disappointment came in not seeing Alexia Putellas in the FIFA FIFPRO World11 women's eleven, the award chosen by professional footballers around the world. In the selected squad, where the inexhaustible Marta stands outthere was no USA representative and only one player who plays for a team in the Iberdrola League: the Argentine player from At. Madrid Estefania Banini.

In the men's categories, it is worth noting the award for Robert Lewandowski, whom FIFA has made the alternative to Lionel Messi in terms of award-winning male footballers.The best men's eleven was full of well-known stars, such as the Austrian defender David Alaba who plays for Real Madrid or the extraordinary midfielder of FC Chelsea N'Golo Kanté. There was no USA presence in this section either.

That corruption and match-fixing do not tarnish sporting achievements

The successes achieved by soccer players cannot be tarnished by the cases of corruption and match-fixing that are increasing in the world of sport in general and football in particular. Thefirst Global Report on Corruption in Sport published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime warned of this.

With the The growth of legal sports betting and technological advances such as mobile betting applications, the massive consumption of this activity, especially in young sectors of the population, make sport very attractive for criminal betting networks. The connection between illegal gambling and fixing is undeniable andthe UN office has established mechanisms to address this problem that can only be successful with effective support from state regulatory authorities such as the DGOJ, which play a fundamental role in this regard.

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