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Overview of Luckia casino Terms and Conditions

The scenario is practically known to everyone: before finishing the registration on a new casino site, Internet (regardless of its nature), you have to accept the clauses exposed by the portal, but few - if not anyone - carefully read each of the articles included in it. In online casinos the situation is no different, only that in this type of services you have to be extremely careful, because sensitive information is shared, in addition to the fact that it is an activity with real money, and absolutely no one wants to lose capital, for not having carefully read the contract. For this reason, we took on the task of creating a summary with the most important information in this regard.

Content of the conditions of use

Thecontrato de Luckia (with the latest version dated 07.23.2015) consists of 25 articles with independent topics, some of which include subsequent and correlated paragraphs. While some of the clauses are mere definitions of parties and/or concepts, others establish the obligations, responsibilities and rights of those involved, define guidelines to follow to make payments or compensation and even dictate the current regulations to fine, punish or cancel an account. . In this analysis we have taken the most important ones, added textual quotes and added explanatory comments, so that the content is easy to understand.

1. Owner Identity

2. Acceptance and proof of acceptance

3. Object of the Gaming Contract

3. LUCKIA GAMES will make its software available to Users (in the terms established in this Agreement) for the use of the Gaming Services available through its Website. In the event of not accepting the terms and conditions of this Game Agreement or, as the case may be, its subsequent updates and/or modifications, you must stop using said software as well as, where appropriate, remove it from your PC.”|| |

Comment: Basically, the client is placed in an “all or nothing” situation, since it is not possible to negotiate, deal or establish any contact, in case of not agreeing with the contract . This is normal in any company, but not the addition that the casino exposes in relation to future modifications. Essentially, a blank consent is extended for the company to alter the content of the contract to its liking and convenience, and if the client disagrees, you will have to close the account and leave the company.

4. User registration activation procedure and authorized users

4.2 LUCKIA GAMES realizará durante el primer mes desde la activación del registro recordatorios periódicos que solicitaran (sic) el envío de la documentación requerida por LUCKIA GAMES con el fin de identificar completamente su Registro de Usuario. Durante dicho período se realizará una “Activación Temporal” del Registro y de la Cuenta de Juego. El Usuario podrá depositar fondos y usar los Servicios de Juego pero no podrá retirar las ganancias o premios en su caso obtenidos hasta el registro definitivo mediante el envío de la documentación solicitada y verificación por LUCKIA GAMES de la misma.”

Comentario: All new casino customers will need to wait at least one month for the company to recognize the accounts as authentic. During this period it is possible to use all the services of the platform, but it is not allowed to withdraw cash, not even the capital entered.

5. Means of identification

6. Game Account Operation

6.Registered Users who have been assigned a Game Account will not be able to re-register as new Users with another name or address. If the Company detects any connection between user accounts, it will assume the existence of multiple registrations and, therefore, will consider it as a breach of this Gaming Agreement.”

Comment: Like other companies in the sector, only one account is allowed to be opened per client. In the event that a user shares a name, address or different similarities with the data of another player, the company will carry out an investigation to corroborate the individuality of those involved. If it is verified that more than one account belongs to the same person, different penalties will be executed by the casino to the detriment of the culprit(s).

7. Prohibited uses of the Gaming Account

Comment: This clause explains the various misuses of the gaming account, among which are the use of illegal funds, committing fraud, alter the security statutes, modify the software, not respect the legal provisions or provide false information. All actions will be punished with the suspension/cancellation of the account, the freezing of the available credit and, if applicable, immediate notification to the corresponding authorities.

8. Limits to Deposit

9. Slots Login

10. Self Exclusion

11.|| |299 Derechos y Obligaciones del Usuario

11. The User expressly declares that he is aware of the risk of losing money that exists when participating and/or using the Gaming Services and undertakes to fully respond for any losses incurred. He represents and agrees that his use of the Gaming Services is at his sole risk and responsibility and is left entirely to his personal decision. The User may not make any type of claim in relation to their losses to LUCKIA GAMES, the companies of the business group to which it belongs, its partners, directors, managers, executives or employees, without prejudice to the exercise of their rights to file complaints and claims as established in the Claims procedure of the Website.”

Comment: It is also the responsibility of the client to deliver true information to the casino, assume the cost of the losses generated in the games, ensure the integrity of the security password, as well as the non-access of third parties to your account, respect all the statutes of the Terms and Conditions and notify the company in case of notifying that a user does not respect the rules. The client becomes a spy, for the benefit of the company.

12. Rights and obligations of LUCKIA GAMES

Comment: This and the subsequent article are the most important, since they delimit clearly what are the responsibilities that the company assumes. We recommend all our readers to thoroughly review all the points contained herein, to avoid misunderstandings and possible bad experiences.

13. Responsibilities of LUCKIA GAMES

14. Payment Methods

15. Promotions, bonuses or special offers

16. Use of the Software and Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

16. The User is solely responsible for the infractions that may be incurred or the damages that may be caused by the use of the Software , as well as any damage, loss or expense that may arise in relation to any of the Prohibited Conduct, leaving LUCKIA GAMES, its partners, group companies, collaborators, employees and representatives, exempt from any kind of liability that may arise from the actions of the User.”

Comment: A clause that legally exempts the company from any liability could not be missing. that, in case of failures, malfunctions or malfunctions that lead to loss of games and money for the user. Although no precedent has been recorded to date, knowing that the casino "washes its hands" in this type of circumstance generates a feeling of distrust and vulnerability.

17.|| |338 Política de Privacidad.

18. Resolution of incidents, complaints and claims

19. Breach of Game Contract

20. Validity of the Game Contract

21. Termination of the contract and cancellation of the Game Account

22. Assignment

23. Language

24. Provisions relating to specific games

25. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

25. Any discrepancy or divergence that may arise in relation the execution of this Contract will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of A Coruña.”

Comment: The Gambling Law is the national regulation under which all contracts are ruled. However, in case of presenting a complaint, problem or disagreement, the first responsible instance will be the courts of the indicated province, since the company has its headquarters in said city of the autonomous community of Galicia.