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Evaluation on Luckia live to play in USA this 2022

Yes If you are looking to play live with professional dealers, you are in luck: the operator is one of the casinos that offer aplatform with live roulette from Evolution on seven tables. In this summary of Luckia live we tell you everything in detail.

Luckia live
Summary: choose any section
Live games 7
Featured Games French, European and VIP
Betting Limits €0.10 - €3,000| ||96
Idiomas USA
Advantage Available in the app
Software provider Evolution Gaming
Conclusion excellent quality
Frequently asked questions 3 answers
RTP 96.94%
Visit operator PLAY NOW!
Website www.luckia.es
Overall rating 4.6/5
Luckia highlights
Casino games Live online roulettes
Payment methods Best PayPal casinos
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In addition to the classic European and French roulettes, Luckia offersthree VIP rooms with higher limits for high rollers. Evolution Gaming has tables with and without dealers. And, how could it be less, you can also play from your mobile without problems. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

Specific information of the tables

As we have stated in all our reviews of the other member operators of our top, Luckia's offer focuses on just one of the casino classics: Roulette. The reason for this does not lie in the company itself, much less in the external provider of the service (Evolution Gaming has sufficient infrastructure to produce and transmit live Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker games, among others), but in the legislation in force in USA, which has only allowed the installation and general offer of Live Roulette as a product inthe different licensed online platforms. Let's see then, what are the variants that the site has.

Where can I play?

It is not surprising that the “French” Roulette table is the one chosen by the site . Due to the ease of the rules and operation in general, this version is usually preferred by both companies and users. Luckia has arranged two boards with slight modifications, in order to satisfy as many consumers as possible. The service hours are the most complete in the market, since it operates 24 hours a day, every day of the week. To reach this level, the supplier company has resorted to hiring extra staff, since other casinos that use their transmission service usually take a break between 4 am and 10/11 am.

Variants Live
  • Desde la pantalla de inicio es posible elegir una de las dos mesas1/2 French RouletteThe classic variant for online casino games. Available 24 hours a day in Luckia.
  • En la bandeja de inicio es posible elegir la Ruleta VIP2/2 VIP RouletteThe same table and transmission as French Roulette is used, but here the bet limits are much higher.

Two different types of bet

We mentioned that only one variant is offered in two modes. Because the betting and moving action is generated at a single table and managed by a single Croupier, many of the proprietary features (rules, communication options, screen overview, etc.) remain the same between the two. The main difference lies in the allowed bet amounts and their limitations. While in “French” Roulette it is possible to participate in a range from 50 cents to €5,000 per spin through total combinations, in “VIP” the minimum to play is €5 and the maximum reaches 6 thousand Euros. In the same way, the simple bets have a different range, since in the first of them each movement represents €10, while in the second, these are equivalent to €50.

Overview of the Live tables of Luckia
Tables Roulette Table Limits Simple Bet From the App
French Roulette| ||405 1 50¢-€5000 €10
VIP Roulette 1 5€ – 6000€ €50

Entry to either of the two versions is similar, as it originates from the operator's main page. In the "Lobby" it is possible to choose the table to participate and once the system is loaded, the Croupier in turn will welcome each of the users. For all those who have doubts regarding the proceeding of each spin, it is possible to open a tab with the main explanations, rules, statistics and forms of betting, as well as consult the dealer directly through the live chat service, since the messages they are read aloud by staff and responded to in real time. Typically, less experienced players use French to learn the basics of the game, and then continually use other styles with higher betting possibilities. If the VIP option does not fully satisfy the client's desire for adrenaline,we recommend trying Interwetten and its 20 thousand Euro Roulette.

Mobile access to the Live Roulette

The fusion of modern services in the same range is becoming more and more common. Since Luckia also hasa mobile casino app, it has not been a big problem for the company to include Live tables for remote access via smartphones or tablets . To do this, all you have to do is download the app for devices with an Android or iOS operating system and use a wireless Internet connection (WLAN or WiFi) preferably, so that the quality of the image, video and signal are not affected or interrupted in the middle of the game.

The Dealers preferred by the public

One of the main reasons why users prefer to play in the Live option is because they enjoy the direct and reciprocal interaction with the dealer. staff, by having a real human being as a table administrator and not a computer program. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for any casino to ensure that the workers for the live version are friendly, courteous, as well as professional and helpful, so that they can respond immediately to all the needs of the customers and at the same time keep them entertained during the entire game. your entire stay on the platform.

Meet Luckia's Croupiers
  • Rocío suele operar la Ruleta francesa en Luckia.esRocíoCroupier in:French Roulette, Monday through Friday.

  • Las mesas VIP son atendidas por Jazmín en vivoJasmineCroupier at:VIP Roulette, in the evenings all week.

  • Con una sonrisa, Raquel ofrece sus servicios en la Ruleta liveRaquelCroupier at:French Roulette, on weekends.

  • Alondra es amena y profesional con las apuestasLarkCroupier at:VIP Roulette, from Monday to Friday.

Since Luckia does not generate her own content in this aspect, but is limited to the administration of the bets, it is the complete responsibility of Evolution Gaming to provide quality in the complete service. This means that both the selection of the personnel and the execution of the games are on your own. Needless to say, the company in question has been seen for almost a decade as one of the leaders in the sector, so all the Croupiers hired by it meet the usual high standards. In the transmission of live bets, however, the ones mentioned above tend to be the ones with the largest audience, largely due to their professional, personal and aesthetic qualities.

Interesting information about the software and provider

As we have mentioned throughout the analysis, the company Evolution Gaming (EG) is the one who provides all the services that encompass this option of the Egasa group and theconsortium behind the gaming platform, while the online page serves as a platform for access and administration of income, withdrawals and bets in general. To supply both Luckia and other sites (in USA and the rest of Europe), EG has different transmission points, such as studios specially designed for this purpose or private spaces within real physical premises. For the entire USA public, EG has set up a room in the Gran Casino Murcia, where the Croupiers and the tables generate all the action that users see on their screens.

The audio and image quality is good with 25 cp/s at least, although in the “night” hours (mainly between two and eight in the morning) it usually has much better values. To access the Live Casino it is recommended to use the Chrome browser -for compatibility reasons- and to have a 16 MB video card on your computer and the Adobe Flash Player (10.2) program installed, as well as a broadband connection with at minus 512Kbit/s. In the case of mobile devices, it will be necessary to check the affinity with HTML files, as well as preferring to use a wireless Internet connection, to avoid any sudden failure during the game.

Summary: Satisfactory Live Offer| ||485

La opción de casino live de Luckia presenta diversas ventajas y desventajas en diferentes aspectos generales. En primer lugar, el horario continuo sin interrupciones es único en su estilo. Sumado a ello, la posibilidad de acceso desde el móvil (Android e iOS) sin mayores requisitos a los habituales en el mercado actual, así como la transmisión en alta definición, fueron vistos como puntos positivos por los responsables de la redacción de este análisis.

Pros and Cons of Luckia Live
  • Main Pros
  • 24 hours available
  • Access from mobile
  • Major Weakness
  • Few tables
  • Non-exclusive provider
  • Relevant advantages
  • Evolution Roulettes
  • Relevant weakness
  • Only Roulette

On the negative side is mainly the incursion of a single casino variant. Although this aspect does not entirely concern the company, the user is the main affected, regardless of whose fault it is. In addition, the raid of a single table, but with different bet limits is an improvised solution, to satisfy as many customers as possible. Finally, Evolution Gaming, being one of the main providers in the world (including USA), usually shares the transmission with other sites, so the feeling of exclusivity is lost. For the reasons described here, Luckia's Live Gaming portal is worthy of six of the 10 points available in the category.

We answer our readers' questions

Y So far our review. If you have any doubts,you can contact us by email to emailinfo@casinos-online.es or by sending us aprivate message on Twitter. You can also check the answers to questions that have come to us from our readers in case they were useful.

Is it possible to play live roulette for free?

Unfortunately it is not possible| ||539. Esto se debe a su propia naturaleza en directo. Sin embargo, puedes practicar jugando a la roulette online. The only thing that changes is that it is not live. Everything else is the same.

What's the difference between the VIP rooms?

The difference is in the betting limits. In the case of Luckia live,the bets in the VIP rooms reach €3,000, while the rest reach €2,000.

¿Puedo jugar a la ruleta Quantum en Luckia?

Unfortunately not. Luckiahas only live roulette from Evolution Gaming. However, check out the Lightning version, as it also has multipliers of up to 500x, although it is played without dealers.