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Important information of the Terms and Conditions in GoldenPark

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Before you can start your participation, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions that the GoldePark casino establishes. This is a point of extreme importance and to which, however, few people give the deserved attention. Since the bets are made with real money and the prizes can sometimes reach several thousand Euros, we recommend that you read each of the clauses carefully, to recognize all the points, scenarios and exceptions that you accept. Don't have the time or patience to do it? To solve this problem, we took on the task of reading all the articles of the contract at GoldenPark, and in this review we present the most relevant ones.

The content of the conditions of use, in detail

The Terms and Conditions are divided into 34 points, each referring to a specific area of ​​the activities, operation and proceeding of both the company and the Username. While some articles are defining and serve to explain basic concepts of the services provided, other clauses indicate the commitments and responsibilities of both parties. Throughout our analysis we have integrated quotes and comments with our explanations or opinions on the segments that are most relevant to players. In case you have any questions or comments, you can use the mailinfo@casinos-online.es to communicate with the writing team. We will gladly receive your emails and we will answer you as soon as possible.

1. Object

2. Rights and obligations of the user

3. Operator responsibilities

3.4 Guarantee the confidentiality and security of the personal data provided by the User for provision of services. However, given that the intervention of third party providers is essential for the provision of certain services, the Operator cannot guarantee the accuracy, confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data transmitted in certain operations. In this sense, the User exonerates the Operator from liability when, for reasons beyond its control, said data is not exact, authentic, complete or is intercepted by a third party.”

Comment: The company exposes at all times the intention to provide the best service and the best possible care. However, since they are not the manufacturers of the offered products, but only administrators of them and the bets placed on them, they cannot be held responsible for possible errors. Fortunately, you can contact the company if you notice a bug in the system and we recommend you not to participate in any of the games, if you find yourself in this situation.

4. Apertura y mantenimiento de su cuenta

5. Suspension and cancellation of user registration and game account

6. Eficacia y duración

7. Customer Service

8. Communications


10. Privacy Policy

10.1 – 10.4“…the Operator can collect and process the information detailed below: I) The information that the user provides to register, to request additional services or to communicate a possible problem with our services, as well as the information that the Operator may request to participate in a contest... II) Record of both electronic and telephone contacts made by the User with the Operator regarding incidents or queries about the service, for statistical, training and security purposes. III) The data of operations that the User carries out with our services and on the fulfillment of their orders. IV) The details of the users' visits to the website including, but not limited to, traffic data, cookie data, IP addresses, etc. as will be specified later.”

Comment: These are some of the points stored in your profile within the company files. The company explicitly makes the collection of the aforementioned data public. Throughout the article, other topics relevant to your cyber information are also listed, such as "anonymous" browsing, the use of cookies and the processing of personal data. We carefully recommend that you read these clauses completely, as it could be that you do not agree with any of the points stated.

11. Complaint and conflict resolution procedures

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

13. Responsible gaming

14. Apertura y mantenimiento de su cuenta

15. Account types

16. Funds in account and amounts bet|| |314

16.1It is part of our gaming policy to request bank authorization at the time of acceptance. However, there may occasionally be delays in bank clearance, in such cases, if there is insufficient time to place the bet before the start of the event, Golden Park will make the decision to accept or reject the bet. If the telemarketers tell you that 'Your bet is confirmed' then the bet will take effect regardless of whether the funds are approved.”

Comment: Although this contract article is of a general nature, the meaning in its wording refers to online sports betting, since the amount wagered onthe GoldenPark casino games is immediately subtracted from the balance of the user in real time. In the event that, due to a technical failure in effect, a similar situation occurs in the slots (bar and with video), video Bingos, Roulette tables, Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat, the operator will inform you of the error and, consequently, , you will not be able to participate with real money at the moment in spins or tournaments.

17. Statements

18. Bets placed by telephone

19. Bet acceptance

20. Market availability

21. Non-Golden Park providers

21.3If you use your mobile phone to place bets, keep in mind that Golden Park will not be held responsible for any damage due to loss of it or the data recorded from your mobile software. We will also not be held responsible for any kind of phone charges incurred while using the software.”

Comment: Security within the system and the casino platform is guaranteed. All transactions, movements, and data in general, are encrypted and stored with high cyber defense standards. However, your use of the mobile and a possible loss of it are beyond all the possibilities that the operator has to protect its customers.

22. Use of computer systems|| |349

23. Use of information on our website

24. Availability of offers

24.1|| |357Todas las ofertas a los clientes están limitadas a una oferta por persona, familia, domicilio, correo electrónico, número de teléfono, dirección, misma cuenta de forma de pago (tarjeta de crédito o débito, etc.) u ordenador compartido (colegio, biblioteca o lugar de trabajo). Golden Park se reserva el derecho de retirar la disponibilidad de cualquiera o todas las ofertas a cualquier cliente o grupo de clientes. Las ofertas solo se aplicarán a aquellos clientes que hayan depositado dinero real en Golden Park.”

Comment: This is usually one of the points that generates the most complaints among users. For this reason,the conditions of the offer are set forth both in the general contract and within the specific terms of each offer. The online casino extends this feature to other areas such as address, IP address, telephone number, bank account and computer number.

25. Complaints and conflicts

26. Client Funds

26.1Any monetary amount deposited with Golden Park is protected in the event of Golden Park's insolvency. The Golden Park bank keeps customer accounts separate from Golden Park's own accounts.”

Comment: Your money will be safe, despite the development that the company take. The possibility of bankruptcy or lack of funds has not been ignored by the operator, as he has taken the necessary steps to safeguard the finances of his clients. Therefore, no matter the financial situation of the company, in case you win from 1 cent to millions in the progressive jackpots of online Slots, your prizes and your balance are protected.

27. Intellectual property

28. Legal agreements

29. No warranty

29.3In case of system or communication errors regarding the generation of random numbers, the establishment of a bet, the result or any other element of the products, Golden Park is not responsible for the result of any of these errors and Golden Park reserves the right to void all bets where such issue is applicable.”

Comment: This paragraph seems to us to contradict the article 4.3. of the contract because, although the operator claims to be responsible for all the processes that correspond to its competence (including the results of the RGN programs and the consequent allocation of winners and prizes), in the event of technical failures, the casino will declare the affected bets void. We recommend clarifying this point directly with the company before accepting the Terms and Conditions, as it seems to us to be a disadvantage for the user.

30. Limitation of responsibilities

Comentario: Unfortunately GoldenPark exposes many situations where they remove their own responsibility. Many other operators assume the commitment to guarantee the service and quality of the products present on their page. However, we find it suspicious that this company invests so much space, time and effort in clarifying the null responsibility in numerous situations.

31. Compensation

32. End of account in Golden Park

33. Prevalescencia

34. General