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An analysis of e Live Casino Software 2022: Best Providers

There isn't much to choose from, but you may still have a hard time deciding on one. In this guide we compare the two live casino softwares with useful information such as who they are,what games they offer in USA and which online operators trust the quality of their services. broadcasts.

What is the best live casino software

As we said before, it isa still emerging market aunque creciente en nuestro país. Las transmisiones en directo con crupieres desde un casino físico en España tienen garantizadas un alto nivel de calidad gracias a las dos empresas más importantes que trabajan en el país.

If you are a seasoned gamer, then you will know that we are talking about Evolution Gaming and Playtech. We still can't say that only one is the best among live casino software, asboth have great qualities.

When analyzing these issues and trying to find the best live casino software provider in the USA market, we find that both are just as good andprovide high quality services to their users.

Within the similarities that both have, it is thatthey only have live roulette games in USA in accordance with the regulations in force. The casinos that offer games from Evolution Gaming and Playtech have licenses from the DGOJ; betting and playing on these portals is therefore completely safe.

There are no big differences between the two providers or, at least, not relevant. We understand that it is difficult to choose one. But if you are one of those who only likes to play live casino, then you can choosethe one you like the most according to the different criteria that we have used.

The giants that do not offer live casino software

Within the bilaterality that exists in USA regarding live casino software, large industry giants are exempt: we do not count with an assorted catalog of providers of this live modality. However,this may change at any time as demand increases among USA users.

Little by little, some companies are falling out of favor and have tosell their services to other better positioned companies, as was the case with || |247Microgaming, which despite being one of the most successful slot developers on the market, has had to sell its shares in Europe to Evolution Gaming.

Choose the best live casino software provider

We have already shown you which are thelive casino software available in USA. We will now go into more detail and enter the part where we exhaustively analyze the providers andanalytically compare them.

Among the ones you will find in the following list, we focus on thenumber of games they offer, where their studios are located, the licenses they they have and who performs the RTP analysis, among other very important points.

Best Live Casino Software Compared
Provider Games Best Game Studies|| |276 Calidad de vídeo License RTP Analysis
Evolution Gaming 35+ French USA High Quality DGOJ
Playtech 10 + Casiopea USA High Quality DGOJ

Thank you Due to its 100% dedication to the live casino software industry,Evolution Gaming has a great advantage and a wide margin above the rest who see their efforts to cover a even larger spectrum. In both cases, users enjoy high-quality video streams with trained dealers who speak USA.

Live Casino Games

If you have been reading this review in search of the best provider of live casino software, you will have already noticed thatthere is a only option in USA which isroulette. Although there is the possibility of other games, we still have a long time until they can land on our market.

You already know that there are other variants of live games that are only available in other countries. One of the main reasons why this has not happened yet is thatthere is not a market large enough to incur the large and onerous investments involved in providing a live broadcast.

RTP indices

What is commonly known as RTP indices throughout the world, in USA, it is also called in the same way, despite the fact that are acronyms in English. Its meaning is very simple,Return To Player, which literallytranslates as “Return to Player”.

What you have to know about this is that this index measures the average and chances of winning in a game. For example, if it says to be 95%, it implies that on average you will receive 95 cents for each euro wagered. Remember, thatpercentages only exist in automatic games.

What you can analyze is, depending on the possibilities that each game throws, such as the number of decks that the dealer has, in the case of blackjack, or if the spinner has one or two zeros. We are talking without more or less than the odds of winning.

Quality and live broadcasts

The image of the first broadcasts was not as sharp and attractive as it is now. We were far from being able to seelive images in high quality broadcast in real time. In addition to streaming, there is live casino software that allows you to play roulette.

Today,even from your mobile phone you can enjoy the best roulette games with the highest video and sound quality without any problem . As long as your device, phone or laptop, is compatible, you're ready to play for hours on end.

Software for mobile devices

Today, most people carry around a powerful little computer in their pockets, capable of performing the most complex tasks possible. Thanks to therapid development of mobile technology, users canaccess the live casino from anywhere without having to to be tied to a computer.

Whether you decide to download thenative application to your smartphone or tablet or enter directly through the browser, the experience is the same as from a computer. Always remember to verify that your portable device is compatible with the program thatmobile casinos offer for proper operation.

Crupiers: the magic behind the live tables

One of the advantages presented by the developers of the best live casino software in USA is not only the quality of the transmissions. It is thelive dealers who make all this a unique and unrepeatable experience; they are the ones who animate the games andsolve all your doubts about the game.

Regardless of the provider you choose,the dealers They speak USA, so you can always chat with them in real time and receive a response in our language. In addition, the transmissions are mostly from a USA physical operator such as Casino de Murcia.

Internal regulation in USA

One of the most important points in the iGaming industry is security and reliability. With so many unscrupulous sites on the internet whose mission is just to steal from people, it is important for operators to have a backup thatguarantees their users that they are not a scam.

In USA we have theGaming Regulation Directorate whichissues licenses to operators y empresas que deseen operar de manera legal en el país bajo estrictas regulaciones. En casinos-online.es, solo analizamos aquellos operadores con todas las licencias pertinentes y en vigor para seguridad de los usuarios.

Awards for the best

To be considered the best provider of live casino software, each company must pass rigorous quality standards and have thepreference of users. It could be said that the situation, although understandable, is somewhat unfair in USA where there is a kind of oligopoly with only two companies.

Most Awarded Live Casino Providers
Provider Live Casino Awards Most Relevant
Evolution Gaming 24 EGR Live Casino Provider (9), EGR Product of the Year (2)
Playtech 9 Casino Life and Business Best Live Studio

How does live casino software work?

We have opened the technical section of our review for those who love these issues. First of all, live casino software relies on two parts. On the one hand, there isthe game's own programming that is offered to operators with the live mode such asWanabet live.

On the other hand, there are live broadcasts withlive dealers from a table in USA. This is the heart of the operation since it is exclusively about what users come to look for.

How Live Casino Software Companies Operate

If you are one of those curious people who loves to know every detail about everything, then you will be interested in how the developers of the best live casino software work. live casino. There are various and different departments in these companies, in addition to a significant number ofoffices and studios worldwide.

You have the case of Evolution Gaming for example, which is the giant and probably the best provider of live casino software worldwide. This operatorhas studios in a lot of cities such as Vancouver, Riga, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Stockholm, Murcia, London and New Jersey, among others.

There are many issues to take into account when analyzing a company of this type. On the one hand there are the own issues thatrelated to the technical and, very importantly,the security that protects data and money of users.

Please note that every time you connect to a live tableyou play through the operator you are registered with. This means that multiple connected players from different casinos could be playing at the same table at the same time. For this reason, the croupiers only solve doubts about the game.

Advantages of the live casino

We can cite a long series of reasons why users in general like and decide to spend the time playing and betting at live roulette tables. The main reason behind this is the possibility ofenjoying a unique and unrepeatable experience uniting the best of both worlds.

On the one hand you experience the warmth of a physical roulette room with a live dealer who you can talk to and keeps the game interesting and active. On the other hand, you have the convenience ofconnect and play wherever you want, whenever you want: from the sofa at home or on the beach.

The casinos Physics had a rapid development on a large scale, especially in the sixties glamorizing their games. But the truth is that people were going to play there because they had no other chance.

Nowadays gamers have the ability to immediately jump into their favorite arcade with just one click. It is also for this reason that most of the players in the world arechanging the physical for the virtual for its comfort, security, entertainment and, above all, for thehigh RTP values.

Live Casino Disadvantages: Do They Exist?

Answering the question from our previous statement: yes, of course they exist. The world of casino gameshas a subjective charge. Depending on what you prefer, you will find different possibilities that you will want more than others.

In this sense, the live tablescannot satisfy all the offer of games, especially in USA where there is only roulette andwe don't have the possibility to play blackjack or baccarat, for example.

Conclusion: Live Casino Software at a Glance

Software is the first step in giving users the best possible experience.José Ramos CruzCasino expert and author ofcasinos-online.esTo the best live casino software | ||510

Existe una wide variety of possibilities when it comes to playing in an operator with a live dealer in USA and in an easy and simple way. Within the options in USA, you will find that the best live casino software is offered by the Evolution Gaming company that specializes only in this. At the moment this provider wins in number of casinos to its rival, Playtech. Only one operator,Betsson and its special rooms, offer the services of both companies. So you don't have to choose!

Thehigh quality live streaming coupled with highly trained dealers make this mode very attractive. Nor can we ignore the facilities provided by the development of live casino software by these companies, giving their users the best possible experience. The drawback we found is that the options are very limited in terms of games (only roulette) and providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered all the aspects that pertain to the most relevant questions about the live casino software, however, there is always room for comments or questions. That is why below we share thefrequently asked questions that come to the newsroom.

Which live software developer do you recommend?

While both are very good and possess great qualities, it is our humble opinion thatEvolution Gaming está un paso por encima del resto. The reason behind this is more than simple. This company specializes only in live games and therefore, by dedicating itself exclusively to this branch and not diversifying, it has a higher level than the rest.

Do you provide special download software to play?| ||537

No necesitarás any special download software to play live. You can do it comfortably from the page of the casino in which you have entered. HTML5 technology allows live tables to work perfectly on your computer or on your mobile from the operator's web-app.

Which provider has the most games?

Without a doubt,Evolution Gaming is a bit ahead of the rest with quite a catalog Awesome. However, companies like Playtech or NetEnt also offer quite a few games. Unfortunately, in our country the number of tables and games to which we have access is very limited, nothing comparable to what happens in other markets. We recommend that you take a look atLeoVegas live page, a recent incorporation in our country that promises many surprises.

Is the mobile software?

Do not have the slightest doubt. Knowing that today the majority of web traffic, also for online gambling, takes place via iOS and Android devices, software providers haveoptimized the entire range of games for mobiles and tablets. The gaming experience has nothing to envy to the desktop and you have access to all the functions, such as live chat.

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