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The Blackjack Twins Variation: Review of this casino game

Attention! Unfortunately, this gameis currently unavailable! Check out ourblackjack guide at UK online casinos and choose an alternative variant.

Merkurmagic has created three of the best online casino tables for European Blackjack with side bets and has also adapted the best options of the American version. Here we present the variant called "Blackjack Twins", based on the rules of the European style that offers you to add to the excitement of the classic game, the adrenaline released after betting to form a pair of equal figures or better yet, identical. Try it for free in the demo or directly place real money for cash prizes in an online casino.

Ofertas de juego diferente en BlackJack Twins desde casinos online.
RTP del 99.36% Try the Blackjack Twins variant now and secure your prize at merkurmagic!

Is Blackjack your thing? Well pay attention because this table exceeds all expectations you can imagine. The combination of Ace and 10 pays 3:2; there is possibility of insurance, doubling and dividing. In addition, the side bet for pairs is paid in 5, 12 and up to 25 times the chips placed.

Play Blackjack Twins for free

This style is played on a European table with some extra options They give you a special spark of emotion. If you want to know them all first-hand before betting with real money, use our link to go directly to the merkurmagic casino, because there you can try the demo for free. It is exactly the same as the paid version, but without having to worry about the balance or losses. There is also no time or hand limit, play as much as you want until you know all its phases.

Mesa con cartas de Blackjack Twins

Blackjack is itself a game with multiple possibilities, in which the options of bet and the way to proceed in the face of various eventualities make the difference at each table. All Blackjack aim to get a hand of 21, but not all are paid out the same, nor are they played by the same rules. Depending on the site where you participate, you will find one or another style: the good thing about Twins is that it has the best of all the modalities, that's why it offers a unique and improved experience.

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How to Play: Rules and Payouts

In Twins, the rules of a multi-hand European table are applied (with up to three starting pairs), with six decks of fifty-two cards each. It has a side bet for twins, insurance when the Croupier draws an Ace and the option to double the amount or split the hands on certain occasions. These are just some of theadvantages that online versions of Blackjack have.

A combination of Ace plus 10 or face card is considered “Blackjack”. that add up to 21 (the Ace is worth 1 or 11, whichever suits you). The next composition after Blackjack is anyone who adds up to 21 in total or at least as close as possible, but obviously without going over.

The Dealer stands when he reaches 17 points. If his first card is an Ace, he will give you the option to buy insurance for half your initial bet. This insurance will be paid to you 2:1 if you finally turn out to have 21. When in a hand you are the one who gets "Blackjack", the dealer checks his combination (regardless of the rest of the cards you have on the table). If you don't have Blackjack in any of your pairs, you will lose it automatically.

Each hand that is played simultaneously on the table is independent of the rest and is compared only with the Croupier's. When you and the house have the same score (even for “Blackjack”) you are considered to be tied, and you get back the amount initially bet.

The bet options of the game contemplate that you double the chips of a hand if the two initial cards of this add up to 9, 10 or 11. When you double, one more is dealt and the game is closed. You can also split a pair when its first two cards are the same (not just equal in value, eg a J and a 10 don't count) and you can keep splitting until you get to six totals per table. Except if they are Aces, in which case after splitting one more card is dealt for each hand and this is closed.

The side bet of twins is optional for each pair, and is deposited at the beginning. If your first two cards are the same (for example, two queens, or any other pair), it pays 5:1. For a flush pair (two red queens, either hearts, diamonds or both) 12:1, and for what is considered a perfect pair with identical cards (eg two queens of clubs) it goes up to 25:1!

Try to win real money at Blackjack Twins

As you are surely dying to start playing for cash prizes by now, don't think twice: we have the best casino for you , with the same version of the demo. In the merkurmagic portal you can register after filling out the access form in a few steps. Your deposit balance will be immediately available for you to try your luck at Blackjack Twins and all the other casino tables, slot halls and other games.

It's always a pleasure to present tables that are so complete and Well designed like Blackjack Twins. But before we say goodbye, we have one last piece of news to share with you: the RTP or theoretical return percentage of this game is calculated at 99.36%. Unbeatable right? Well, good luck!

RTP del 99.36%