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Blackjack Super 21 – The most important thing to detail

This variant of the card classic is a special table created by Playtech to complete its series dedicated to the card classic. Try the free demo of this fun version, or play for real money at a verified casino. You will see for yourself why the Super 21 Blackjack style is one of the most betting card styles in the world. Plus, double your luck with a starting Blackjack of Diamonds!

Juega al Black Jack Super 21 y recibe premios atractivos.
Surrender OptionA version of the game of 21 with 6 decks and payout of blackjack 1:1, from the hand of Playtech.

With Super 21 you will be surprised: its rules are based on European Blackjack, but with an extra component. If you manage to make initial Blackjack, that is, add twenty-one with an Ace and a face (both of diamonds), you win a payment of 3:1. This complementary rule makes this variant an attractive option, as the prizes can grow considerably.

Is it possible to play for free?

Surely you already know this popular game in which The goal is to get twenty-one points without going over. This is one of the most complete versions in terms of possibilities, since in addition to the super 21 of diamonds, it has other options such as insurance, surrender and the possibility of splitting cards. Try it now in the StarCasino free demo, without worrying about the balance, since the credit will be renewed with each login. There is also no hand or playing time limit.

Mesa con cartas de Blackjack Super 21

Blackjack is one of the oldest known card games, with different predecessor versions (some dated to the Middle Ages), from Asia to Europe. In addition, since the 19th century the game has also become popular in America, where they created their own version and it became known in the rustic casinos spread throughout the Southwest, at the same time that new settlements were founded in the country, due in large part to the Gold Rush and mining activity. Since then, casinos began to offer ten times the bet if 21 was added using the "J" (hence the name of the game, since the figure is known as Jack in the United States) of the black suits of the deck.|| |

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How to Play: Rules and Available Features

The Goal , as in any version of this game, is to get 21 points by adding an Ace (with a value of 1 or 11, whichever suits you), plus a ten or any of the figures. But be careful, because if you go over, you lose. Your bet is made in parallel to that of the Croupier, who plays on behalf of the house. If, for example, neither of you reach twenty-one, but he comes closer than you (without going over), you lose. If you both get the same sum, then there is a tie.

As we announced above, the main feature of Blackjack Super 21 is that the sum of twenty-one formed with the diamond suit beats any other. This means that if the house gets Blackjack starting, but you made it with an Ace and a ten or any of the diamond face cards, you win. In any other version of the game than Super21, this would be considered a tie.

Another feature of this version is that normal Blackjack pays out 1:1 (if you play €5, you get your bet plus another five, which adds up to a total of ten Euros), but the diamonds are paid double (having bet five, the table would return a total of fifteen).

Pero eso no es todo respecto a opciones especiales: esta versión te permitirá jugar hasta con cinco apuestas individuales simultáneas, que puedes doblar cuando creas que vas a ganarle al Croupier; dividir cuando tus dos cartas iniciales tienen el mismo valor (por ejemplo, dos 2s, o también una figura y un diez); y sobre las que puedes rendirte (opción “surrender”) cuando crees que el dealer va a ganarte, recuperando así la mitad de tus fichas colocadas para minimizar las pérdidas. Algo similar encontrarás en el juego de vídeo póker All American.

In addition to all of them are the insurances, which you can buy to protect your bet, when the Dealer draws an Ace as the first card. Insurance is treated as an extra bet on the table, and its value is always half of what was originally wagered on the hand you wish to insure. If when raising the second letter the dealer has obtained Blackjack, you recover the insurance and half of the bet. Although if it doesn't, you will only lose the insurance.

More fun with Blackjack Super 21 for real money

Surely after you have tried all the options of the game and have seen for yourself how easy it is to win, you're looking forward to the thrill of betting with cash prizes. Look no further, because we have the best option for it. On the Sportium site you will have access to the Super 21 for real money after completing your registration. Create your account and make a deposit with one of the accepted payment methods. With most options the money will be instantly available in your account and you can use it to try your luck atany online blackjack table, Roulette or the Slots. What are you waiting for to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity?

Last but not least, we want to tell you about the data regarding the RTP (Theoretical Return to Player Percentage) of this version of the classic Blackjack game, which have been calculated at 99.22%. Good luck and what I said, go for the Super 21!

RTP DEL99.22%