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What you should know about the game Blackjack multihands

Gamesys presents one of the most attractive versions of this variant of the card classic, as it takes full advantage of the online Blackjack tables, allowing you to use between one and five hands simultaneously and with individual bets on each game. Unfortunately, this game is currently not available in UK online casinos, but you can try a similar game from Microgaming called Multihand Blackjack. You can enjoy all the advantages of the Digital Croupier, with all theoptions of classic Blackjack available at the tables of the best online casinos.

Juega al Blackjack Multimanos y apuesta en hasta 5 manos a la vez.
InsurancePlay up to 5 pairs of cards simultaneously against the dealer!

The game is offered in the European variant, in which the Dealer does not check if he has 21 when the his first card is an Ace or is worth ten. Blackjack (which pays out at 3:2) is made up of only an Ace and a face value of ten. You can use insurance, double down and split, but only with equal cards.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Free Demo

The multi-hand option gives you the extra thrill of betting on up to five hands simultaneously, and even more, since you have the option of dividing some of them. The rules are very similar to the classic version, but if you have any doubts, it is best to practice with the free demo. In it you will be able to try without limit of balance (it is replenished automatically when you log in), with all the functions of the original game, just as you will find it in the casinos.

Mesa con cartas de Blackjack Super 21

The Multi-hand option is one of the many that are currently offered at virtually all online Blackjack tables that operators have on their sites, such as Super 7s Multihand Blackjack. It implies that the game is carried out with several decks, which is not a problem for the digital dealer, who guarantees its proper and professional handling in each game. As with any other Blackjack, this is an arithmetic game, for which you will also find a table withcard counting strategies. But don't forget that by using multiple hands, the odds of winning change with each game.

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How to play: rules and available features

In this version, the main rule of the game remains: to win you have to make a combination of 21 or as close as possible. You achieve "Blackjack" when during the deal of cards you get a 21 formed by an Ace and another card (ten or figure). If during the course of the game, by requesting a third, fourth or more cards, you form a combination of 21, this is not considered Blackjack, although the win is certain.

The game uses six French decks of fifty-two cards, which are automatically shuffled before each game. You can participate from the beginning in up to five simultaneous hands, placing your bet for each of them on the table. At the beginning, the Dealer first deals one card face up to everyone (including himself) and then another to the player in all the hands that he has decided to activate. The house is left with only the initial card face up, until you make all your decisions.

After making all your bets, the Croupier will complete his combination on the initial card, standing on 17. In case of a tie with the dealer (if the two of you, for example, add up to 19 in your respective hands) you recover the bet. Winnings are always paid 1:1, except when you have "Blackjack", which is paid 3:2.

In total you can request up to nine more cards per hand (making a total of eleven). When you go over 21, the hand is listed as passed and is removed from the board. If you hit 21, it stands automatically, just like when you hit “Blackjack”. When the first two cards of a hand add up to 9, 10 or 11, you have the option to double your bet, but if you do, you will only receive one more card.

If you are dealt in the same hand two of the same cards, you can choose to split the hand in two: the second hand will go with a bet of the same value as the original. It is only possible to split once, and even if you make 21 with Ace and ten it will not be recognized as “Blackjack”. Also, if you split two Aces, you only receive one more card for each split hand, and you are not allowed to double down.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack for real money

Ready to get started? earn real money? If you want to play for cash prizes, here you will find the best place to do it, with the same rules as seen in the demo version. After making a deposit you can try your luck at allblackjack tables at the online casino, as well as the operator's other table games, roulette and slots. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to have fun while feeling the thrill of betting with cash prizes.

Finally you will be pleased to know that the RTP (Theoretical Return to Player Percentage) reaches 99.42% and it is verified during a trial period of no less than thirty days, proving itself to be reliable. We wish you good luck in all your hands!

RTP DEL99.42%