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We bring you the best strategies for blackjack– Improve your game to the maximum

If you already have experience in one of the favorite card games for casinos, then you will know very well that it is key have good logistics and preparation to win. We want to say thatto win you need the best blackjack strategies knowing well the possibilities of each one and knowing when and how to act.

Access the topic about blackjack strategies that interests you the most

Incluso siguiendo la estrategia perfecta de blackjack al detalle no se puede garantizar que se ganará en un 100%. Lo que sí es constante en este juego es que la casa siempre tendrá la ventaja independientemente de lo que se haga. Por lo que aplicar las mejores estrategias, como se explica a continuación, solo reducirá la ventaja de la casa, pero nunca la cancelará por completo.

Blackjack strategy issues to consider

There is a wide range of blackjack variants with different rules. Within this universe there are two important differences to take into account as they will be key when choosing which step to follow:Know if the dealer will stand or ask for another card with a soft 17|| |250.

How to win at blackjack when the dealer stands on soft 17

This could be the most common scenario in blackjack, since you have a small advantage over the house. So, if you want to learn the best known blackjack strategy by heart then you should follow the steps below. Although of course, when you play at any online casino, you can always refer to this page as well as the blackjack tables while you play so you don't have to memorize these steps.Each strategy is divided into three parts: for hard hands (without an ace), soft hands (with an ace) and pairs. Simply find the type of hand you have and check the comparison chart below.

Basic blackjack strategy when the dealer stands on a soft 17
Un rey negro y un seis rojo sobre un paño de blackjack.

In case the hand does not include an ace.

Hit or stand

Un as rojo y un seis negro sobre un paño de blackjack.

When your hand includes an ace.|| |284

Pedir o plantarse

Dos ochos sobre un paño de blackjack.

Splitting is allowed on a hand that starts with a pair.

When to split

Un cuatro rojo y un siete negro sobre un paño de blackjack.

If the starting hand adds up to 9, 10 or 11, you can double the bet.

When to Double Down

Many of the decisions we recommend you make are not surprising but are the logical path to take. In our opinion, the most interesting hands are those that have pairs. As you can see,actions change based not only on the type of pair you have, but also on the face card the dealer has. Arguably, with a pair of 10s against a relatively low card in the dealer's hands, splitting would be most beneficial; this provides the chance to win twice. However, the perfect blackjack strategy would tell you to stand since, statistically, hands that are split rarely add up to 20 points and therefore there is a higher chance of losing.

Best blackjack strategy when the dealer hits on a soft 17

One of the most common variations on the standard setup is where the dealer draws another card from holding a soft 17 hand. This would radically change the options we have against certain combinations compared to the previous examples. That's whywe need another table to better decide against these cases.

Basic blackjack strategy when the dealer hits on 17 Soft
Una jota roja y un siete negro sobre un paño de blackjack.

In case the hand does not include an Ace.

Hit or Stand

Un ocho rojo y un as negro sobre un paño de blackjack.

When your hand includes an Ace.

Hit or Stand

Dos nueves sobre un paño de blackjack.

Splitting is allowed on a hand that starts with a pair.

When to split

Un siete rojo y un cuatro negro sobre un paño de blackjack.
Double down

If starting hand adds 9, 10 or 11, you can double the bet.

When to double down

Como puedes ver, no existen grandes diferencias entre estas dos estrategias de blackjack. Pero, por más pequeñas que sean estas diferencias, podría ser suficiente para aumentar nuestras posibilidades de obtener mejores ganancias con un mayor RTP. Por ejemplo, en el título de Playtech “Lucky Lucky Blackjack” for both desktop and mobile play, you will see the dealer calling for another card on soft 17.These subtle differences are worth paying attention to when playing so you can squeeze out every last detail that can maximize your winnings.

Common Blackjack Hands

It might be difficult to understand some of these charts and tables. We know that there are many numbers and the pressure to make a decision can become very intense. To help you understand some of these more complicated situations more clearly, here is an image with some of the hands that are most often dealt in games of this card game.

Example of a common scenario

Una mesa de blackjack sobre la que hay varias manos repartidas.

These are some of the most paradigmatic and important cases that you will surely come across in your games. It's key to understand that not even the best move -backed by statistics- will guarantee you victory. Now that you've seen exactly what it would look like to make these moves you have bigger and better tools to be confident in making your own decisions during a game.

Some tips for memorizing blackjack strategies

The advantages of using these blackjack strategy charts are clear: they will help you not have to think about what to do with each move. On the contrary, it will suffice that, in the event that you decide to play in online casinos, do as these plays suggest. Forget about worrying for a hand about the most appropriate path to take.The best policy you can take is to follow these tips to the letter until you have achieved superior knowledge and experience in the game. When you have achieved this, then you will be very close to becoming a master of blackjack.

Be careful about using these tips and ways to win. We've told you before and we'll say it again:These blackjack strategies will not ensure you win but will reduce the house edge. This will be the case in many physical casinos where, for example, they will not allow you to take these printed guides with you, so you will have to memorize them and be prepared to use them at the right time. For those who find that they prefer to memorize basic blackjack strategy, we have developed a simpler version of the table below.

Dealer's card Player's card
2 to 6 7 to A Hard|| |438
H H 4 to 8
D H 9|| |454
D with more than the dealer 10 to 11
S H 12 al 16
S S 17 to 21
Dealer card Player card
2 to 6 7 to A Soft
H H 13 al 15
D H 16 to 18
S S 19 to 20
Dealer card Player card
2 to 6 7 to A Even
AND N 22, 33, 66, 77, 99
AND Y 88, AA
N N 44, 55, 10-10
Exceptions :
Stand on 16 when the dealer has 10
Never Buy Insurance
Double Down
Don't split

At first glance, you can see that this simplified version is much easier to remember. czar. Of course, there are some differences between this table and the detailed versions, although these are minor. This strategy is easier to memorize so you could study it perfectly and put it into practice at a table in a physical casino. However,we recommend that you memorize it for use in online operators to superlatively improve your game. Remember that unless you are a professional, going to play in a land-based casino is more than anything to have fun, probably in the company of friends. Therefore, when you are in front of a real dealer, remember that it is more important to have a good time and enjoy it than to be racking your brain for these strategies. No game of blackjack is ever perfect, there is no play that will guarantee you a victory, since it is still a game of chance for a reason. If you want to take some time to learn and practice these plays, then you can tryplaying blackjack for free before you jump in for real money.

Strategy advanced blackjack

Learning how to win at blackjack using basic strategy is a good place to start.These tactics will surely help you greatly to reduce the house edge and insert yourself into this world. However, there are a number of additional factors that you should learn perfectly to improve your odds. The following moves you can make will serve you at very specific moments that you will quickly learn to recognize if you play enough to know when to use them and if you have already learned the basic moves by heart.

Dependent composition|| |610

Esta sección ampliaremos los aspectos básicos al observar con mayor detalle las cartas que se han repartido. En lugar de ver simplemente la suma total de una mano, también se pueden considerar aspectos adyacentes como por ejemplo las cartas que componen nuestra mano. The benefits of thedependent composition strategy are likely to be suboptimal on multiple hands. However, there are only a few cases to take into account that we present below with these examples that are only valid in games with standard rules with the dealer standing on a soft 17.

Tres cartas, un siete, un seis y un tres contra un diez del crupier sobre un paño de blackjack.

Player with 16, dealer with 10

There are different ways to add 16: with a ten value card and a six value card; or a nine and a seven; or a four, five and seven; or two eights; Ultimately, the possibilities are vast. If the dealer has a 10, then basic blackjack strategy tells us to hit the first three cases and split the eights.

However,in perfect blackjack strategy , it is convenient to stand if your hand consists of three cards, since having three low-value cards in your hand that don't add up to much means there are fewer low-value cards left in the deck. Just these few cards that are dealt are enough to turn the odds in our favor.

Un siete un y un ocho contra un diez del crupier sobre un paño de blackjack.

Player on 15, dealer on 10

The composition dependent spin on this hand combination | ||632va a sugerir que nos rindamos. In most cases this will be the most drinkable option, since otherwise we will run the risk of going overboard.

However, if the15 is made up of an eight and a seven, then the best statistical option is to hit another card. But it is only in these cases since most of the time it will happen that surrendering is perhaps the only way out.

Un diez y un dos contra un cuatro sobre un paño de blackjack.

Player with 12, dealer with 4

A hand depending on the composition a A little more complicated to take into account is if you start with a total of 12 against a 4 from the dealer. There are five different combinations that can make a 12, and three different options that can be taken depending on the composition. If you have a pair of sixes, then it is better to split. Now, if you are dealt a ten value card and a two, you will have a better chance of beating the dealer who presents a four, (as long as the variant is played with fewer than eight decks). Having only one 10-value card in your hand reduces the chances that you'll scramble enough to change the game statistically advantageous.

Gráfico de barras con una flecha descendente con la palabra riesgo.

What is Dependent Composition?: This strategy takes note of the exact cards what is in your hand and, depending on these, what is the best measure to take. By incorporating the composition-dependent strategy into your base game, it ispossible to reduce the house edge by as much as 5.3%.

Strategies for when playing with other people

The cards of other players must also be taken into account when choosing the best path to take during a game, since these can affect your possibilities and therefore, the decisions you will have to make. As explained in thedependent composition strategy, the cards that have been dealt to the table can drastically change the percentages of your chances.

In some variants, such as European blackjack,the dealer's second card is not drawn until all players have completed their turn. In a physical casino, for example, it could happen that the other players at the table criticize your decisions because this will affect them too and ultimately, the card that the dealer is dealt. This is not something common, much less somethingdesirable according to the rules of etiquette so if it happens to you, just ask them for patience and respect.

Está bien claro que no se puede predecir qué carta saldrá, por más bueno que se fuese contando cartas, es por eso que las decisiones que tome siempre tendrán un margen de error que se debe aceptar, especialmente cuando se pierda en una mano. Esto no significa que el juego esté viciado sino que esta vez la suerte no ha querido acompañarnos. También es importante saber perder y que es parte de la gracia de esto. Si supiésemos que sin importar qué hiciéramos ganaríamos de todas formas, nada de esto tendría sentido.

How to count cards in blackjack

Well, this has to be the section that most interests the audience. Several queries regarding this point usually come to the editorial office. Interestingly,This is the most popular blackjack strategy but also the most difficult to follow due to its complexity. This card counting method could eventually allow you to overcome the house edge in your favor and increase your winnings even more.

Basically,card counting is about a value of -1, 1 or +1 to groups of cards according to their values. Card counting could become the best possible strategy since in order to execute it you need to be well trained in all the others to know how and when to act in the best possible way at the right time.

More than once you have wondered if it islegal to count cards during a game of blackjack. Strictly speaking, it is since it is a tactic like any other to maximize the player's profits. If we were to cut a fine line, we would find all kinds of stratagems carried out by the casino to achieve the same purpose, so you will not have legal problems when counting cards. TheThe only problem that could result from using this method in a physical house is being denied further play. Like any other establishment, casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone they wish, as long as it is not for discriminatory reasons. You won't be in trouble if you get caught using this strategy, but you won't be allowed to continue playing if you start drawing too much attention. You can rest assured that card counting is perfectly legal even though it carries its onerous risks.

Imagen de una bombilla de luz apagada.

Understanding how to win at blackjack means knowing the best course of action to take in any circumstance, taking into account the composition and total your hand, the hands of other players and the dealer's hand. Playing perfect blackjack strategydoes not guarantee that you will win every hand but only reduces the house edge and eliminates losses due to player error.

Blackjack Betting Systems

Another type of strategy that is commonly used in casinos is the way bets are placed.These tactics should generally be considered as an addition to the strategies you are using. The only case where both could overlap would be if you needed to put more money on the table, for example bydoubling or splitting. For these actions, you just need to make sure that the table limits allow you to place such bets on the table. Do not see the following betting strategies have nothing to do with understanding how to win at blackjack but rather additional options that you will have. As you will see, the complexity of this game has no limits.


The Martingale is one of the most popular and well-known strategies. It ismost commonly associated with the game of roulette. But, his system is also applicable to blackjack. The method is very simple, basically you have to double your bet every time you lose a round. In other words, if you bet €5 and lose, your next bet will be €10. Keep doubling your bet with each loss until you win a game. On the next bet after winning, you go back to the original sum of €5. Using this system, when you win a game, all your losses are recovered, plus a small win.

Una ficha de 5€, una flecha que apunta a dos fichas de 5€, una flecha que apunta a cuatro fichas de 5€ en una progresión.

For both blackjack and roulette, there are certain limitations in the use of this system. Bets can only be doubled as many times as money is available to you as well as reaching the table limit. What's more, in blackjack, it's not uncommon to have a losing streak that can last 10 games in a row. This would mean betting very large sums of money using this system. Overall, though, it's a pretty easy strategy to apply, so you can give it a try to see if it works for you.


Dos gráficos, uno ganador y otro perdedor con fichas de valor 5.

Blackjack D'Alembert betting strategy was named after a French mathematician and is a negative progression betting system that is also commonly used for roulette bets.Involves choosing a base betting amount, then increasing the bet with each loss by that base amount, and decreasing the bet with each win by the same amount.


Cuatro pilas de fichas en orden creciente que ilustran la estrategia de Labouchere.

Another negative progression system, Labouchere's blackjack betting strategy seeks to shift wins and losses based on a cyclical system.You simply choose a series of bets that you will make randomly, after making each one, cross them off the list and add the figures of what you have lost. At the end of the loop, you start over.


Based on the mathematical sequence of the 12th century Italian mathematician. The Fibonacci system is also a negative progression betting system. Witheach losing bet, you must increase your original sum multiplied by the next number in the Fibonacci sequence. A winning bet would be followed by two numbers in sequence.

La sucesión de Fibonacci ilustrado en fichas de valor 5 hasta llegar a 34.


Ilustración de la secuencia 1-2-3-6 en ese orden con fichas de valor 5.|| |760

El sistema 1-3-2-6 es una estrategia de apuestas progresiva que se ha comparado con la técnica de Paroli. Involves raising bets on winning hands following the pattern of 1-3-2-6, where you will multiply your base bet by the number that follows the series.


Sucesión de uno, dos y tres con fichas de valor cinco en orden ganador.

The betting system deBlackjack Parlay is a progressive system that involves staking the winnings of winning bets. Also known asLet it Ride, the theory is to leave your winnings on the table and include them in the betting for the next hand. The benefit is that a winning streak will increase profits faster than a negative system, but the disadvantage is that it has no system to recover losses and is also extremely risky.


La estrategia de Paroli ilustrada con fichas de valor cinco en orden 1, 2, 4 y vuelta a 1.

The Paroli technique is another progressive betting strategy. Requires the player todouble his bet after winning a hand until three in a row. In case of losing, it goes back to the original bet.

Oscar's Grind

Ilustración en dos imágenes de la estrategia de Oscar Grind, una perdedora y otra ganadora.

Also known as the Hoyle Press, the || |798Grind de Oscar is a relatively new betting system that seeks to increase bets by a factor of one for each winning hand, until losses are recovered and a matching win is made with the base bet. It could be said that thismethod would complement well with the Parlay method to recover losses.

Interaction between hands

Let's takethis technique as a parallel possibility to the standard one of betting on blackjack that is only possible to carry out in a physical casino. This is because it is a strategy that involves interacting with other players at the same table. In principle, to carry this out, you must take into account the hands of others and how to benefit from them.

For example, if the dealer has a card worth 10 in sight and another player of the table receives a hand equal to 10, thenit is convenient to double the bet as seen in the previous strategy cards. It may happen that if the player is not experienced in blackjack strategies, he hesitates about spending more money at an opportunity like this. When playing with the interaction between the hands in mind, a more experienced player could meet the bet on behalf of the original player and thus take advantage of it.

Another example of interaction between hands, which is itself somewhat more controversial, consists ofreducing losses by “selling” part of a bad hand to a novice player at your table, (from hence we say that it is a bit controversial). This is a type of “insurance” that smart players might use when they are dealt a bad pair against a dealer's hand showing an ace, for example. In this way, one makes sure not to lose so much money in case the dealer does very well, although, by etiquette, it is considered that all the players at the table are playing against the house and therefore camaraderie should not be violated.

Insurance and side bets

Theside bets, like insurance, will also have no negative effect on the game the best blackjack strategy as they will not interfere with the main hand. However, a very very useful advice that we have for you is to avoid abusing insurance and secondary bets. We say this because the expected payout for this class of bets is significantly lower than normal. The main game has an RTP rate as high as 99% while the side bets tend to range between 95% and 97%. Of course, a difference of 4% to 2% does not seem so much at first, but if what we are looking for is to maximize our profits, then they should be taken into account so as not to reduce our possibilities.Remember that in this game you always win more or less the same percentage of money per bet so you will never make a profit for being close to 21. With this we mean that even a 1% difference in RTP can be what turns a losing hand into a winning one.

System Criticism

Yes, there is a science to achieving the best blackjack strategy, which will help the player sufficiently decrease the advantage that the house has in each hand. However, the betting systems that offer an excellent mathematical basis, guaranteeing a higher percentage of profit, will never be able to cancel the chance factor that exists in the game or destroy the intrinsic advantage that the casino has. Understanding this is also understanding the grace and tricks of blackjack, that it is a fun game, with many challenges and scalable according to the player's ability. Chances are you will make bigger profits and improve your game by following and practicing these strategies, butkeep in mind that they will not save you from losing from time to time.

The use of any betting system will not nullify the advantage that the house has by default. intrinsic. They are simply offered as a method to better control profits and losses depending on the types of bets that are made. However,will not prevent you from losing money on a losing streak.

How to practice your blackjack strategy

How We have already mentioned, there are different variants of the classic way to play online. That is whyit is important to take into account the type and style of the game being played to know which strategy to use. The example that best explains this criterion that we are describing is that of not using tactics for when the dealer asks for a card on 17 with a soft deck hand where he does not. It might seem obvious to some and even confusing to others, but keep in mind.

Dealer stands on soft 17
Una mesa de blackjack sobre la que todavía no se ha realizado ningún movimiento.
Blackjack Surrender
  • RTP: 99.66%
  • 5 decks
  • Double after delivery: No

Play for free!

Una mesa de blackjack sobre la que están repartidas una mano para el crupier y otra para el jugador.
Blackjack Super 21
  • RTP: 99.22%
  • 6 decks
  • Double after delivery: Yes

Play for free!

Dealer hits on soft 17
Una mesa de blackjack de la variante Lucky Lucky con una mano repartida al crupier y otra al jugador.
Lucky Lucky Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.51% / 96 .10%
  • 6 decks
  • Double after delivery: Yes

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Una mesa de blackjack con una mano repartida al crupier y cinco para el jugador.
  • RTP: 99.64%
  • 8 decks
  • Double after delivery: Yes

Play for free!

You can check againthe different suitable strategies. There are a variety of different strategies, as the recommended game actions will vary depending on the rules of the variant you are playing, sowe recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different options ;access the complete blackjack rules guide. You will be able to investigate many more varieties to play this game with the many free demos to play and understand all the different strategic moves before playing real money blackjack.

How to choose the best casino

Una vez que hayas memorizado las estrategias básicas de blackjack, descargado los cuadros útiles que hemos preparado y jugado a algunos juegos de práctica de una de las variantes sugeridas anteriormente, estarás listo para aumentar las apuestas y utilizar estos métodos en apuestas de dinero real en un casino online. Ahora bien, a la hora de elegir al mejor operador online para jugar al blackjack por dinero real, existe una serie de cuestiones que debes de tomar en cuenta que te compartimos a continuación.

First of all, it is crucial that the casino you are interested in has a good variety of tables with excellent RTP's. This will keep you motivated to continue playing and try the different variants of this exciting game with its variants and side bets.

Another point that must be taken very, very much into account is the average rate of return to the player . While this game, as a general rule, has one of the best RTP percentages of all casino games, each game you come across will offer a slightly different percentage depending on the developer, title type, and other more technical variants that you play. They are measured over a specified period of time. Although the difference is usually between 99.29% and 99.80%, the goal of using a proper strategy is to close the house edge as much as possible. For you to start applying the tricks and strategies in online casinos for real money, we have put together this list with the best operators so you can start playing right now.

The best blackjack casinos
Blackjack variants Special variants Minimum bet Maximum bet
10 1 1€ 100€ Play here!*
4 N/A €1 €200 Play here! *

*T&C apply to each offer. Click "Play Here" for more details. Gamble responsibly – Only valid for people over 18 years of age.

These operators we bring to you have an unbeatable selection of blackjack variants for you to try endlessly with excellent RTP rates. Needless to say,these casinos are legal and have a valid license from the Directorate General for Gaming Regulation of USA, under the Ministry of Finance. Each one has a particularity marked by the different types of offers, all attractive and with excellent conditions. To learn more, you can read ourcomplete guide on bonuses at online casinos in USA.

Myths and common mistakes about blackjack

Some myths and misunderstandings that float around some aspects of the game come to our editorial staff. This is understandable given the long history of blackjack and the number of different rules and variations that have been introduced over the years. Unfortunately, many of themyths that swarm in the air are taken as truths and may have come to play against us. We share below some of the most common myths that exist for you to be aware of.

The most common myths about blackjack
  • Cuatro cartas de baraja francesa sperpuestas que suman veintiuno. 1/5 Always add 21 This is the most common error among novice players. The goal is not to hit 21 but to make a better hand than the dealer, with 21 being the best possible hand.
  • Dos cartas Q. 2/5 Split 10'sThe less experienced might assume that having two hands starting with 10 is an excellent strategy. However, it doesn't always happen and 20 is a hand that will win in 78% of cases.
  • Tres cartas, 9, 4 y 8. 3/5 3 out of 5 in our favor Uno de los errores más comunes entre aquellos con más corazón que cabeza. Este mito propone que se gana 3 de cada 5 veces sin importar lo que suceda. Nada más lejos que la realidad.
  • Un as y una carta tapada. 4/5 Being a great mathematician Due to the fame that the statistic obtained to win at blackjack, it is thought by mistake that only a good mathematician can play well. But this does not guarantee anything.
  • Imagen de una K y un cinco con una ficha roja 5/5 You will beat the dealer 50% of the time Many times we think we have to win, and if It has not touched us already, it will be next time. The risk of playing improperly will make us lose more times than win.

If you are just starting to play this game, you will probably reach confuse these myths with common sense at first. Knowing the various rules also means knowing that some sayings that sound like rules of thumb are actually just bad advice. It's not always easy when you have money involved, butthe only way to win and be successful in this game is to be consistent, cool-headed and confident in making the right decisions|| |1076.

Useful Resources

Throughout this article we have covered various aspects of how to win at blackjack using basic and advanced strategies, so it's understandable to be a bit lost if this is new information for you. That's why we've compiled the most important resources to help you in your preparation and study including strategy sheets, a glossary of important terminology, and a section full of frequently asked questions.

Downloadable blackjack resources| ||1084

Nuestros descargables en PDF cubren todas las diferentes estrategias que se pueden utilizar en una partida. Para hacerte las cosas más sencillas, hemos reunido toda la información clave que desarrollamos a lo largo de esta página en los siguientes archivos. Accede a las tácticas básicas y más importantes para saber cuándo pedir, plantarse, dividir o doblar sin estar pensando ni dudar un solo segundo a la hora de actuar. Estas guías te ayudarán para mejorar tu juego y estrategia que puedes aplicar tanto en un casino online como físico.

Dealer calls Imagen previa del archivo descargable pdf donde el crupier pide en 17. Download the PDF
Dealer stands Imagen previa del archivo descargable pdf donde el crupier se planta en 17. Download the PDF
Basic strategy Imagen previa del archivo descargable pdf acerca de la estrategia básica de blackjack. Download the PDF

These tables cover all the aspects that you will have to take into account during any game, either with an internet machine or at a real table of a physical operator both in USA and anywhere in the world. The language of this game is universal as well as the strategies that must be applied to win. These tactics will not require prior knowledge to know how to apply them. The only thing you need is to start memorizing a couple and apply them. Only with experience will you master the game. It all starts here to be a teacher.

Blackjack Key Glossary

Throughout the page, we've included some easy-to-download PDF files for you to save to your computer or print|| |1115 para aprender de memoria. Para hacer las cosas aún más fáciles para usted, puede encontrarlas todas compiladas a continuación.

    • Bust When a hand goes over 21, which in most cases, is considered lost.
    • Cut This is a card that the dealer uses as a reference to reshuffle the deck.
    • Split Said of the possibility of separating two cards to play two hands simultaneously as long as the first two cards that the player receives are the same.
    • Double Down An alternative given to the player to double their initial bet to obtain a new card.
    • Gambler's Fallacy A very common myth that some players fall into by believing that the losing streak has been changed for no apparent reason.
    • Player with advantageIt is said of that player who has a mathematical advantage over the casino.
    • Labouchere A complicated betting system that follows the cancellation system also known as Split Martingale.
    • Hard Hand A hand where the ace counts as one.
    • Soft hand Hand where the ace counts as a ten.
    • Oscar's Grind A negative progression betting system also known in English as Hoyle's Press.
    • Hit Request a new card.
    • Stand Stop asking cards
    • Ploppy A player who ignores blackjack strategies.
    • Primera base / First base This is the square occupied by the player to the dealer's left and who receives the first cards.
    • Penetration range Number of cards cut in the shoe
    • Quick Surrender When a hand goes over 21, which in most cases, is considered lost.
    • Late surrender When the player decides to give up his hand before it is confirmed if the dealer has blackjack or not, where half of the bet will be lost.
    • Insurance A bet, equal to half the initial, that is made when the dealer's up card is an ace so there is a chance that you have a straight blackjack .
    • Blackjack System Series of techniques used to improve the odds in this game.
    • Strategy Table Known as the Strategy Table. A resource highly valued by players that helps them improve their movements.
    • Last base/ Last base It is the square occupied by the last player to the right of the dealer and who receives the last cards.
    • Shoe The container for the dealer's cards.

Blackjack in cultural productions

Such is the popularity of this game that it has aroused the passion of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the ages. Thanks to this,many treatises, strategy books, and even fictions in books and movies have been created that take this game as the central axis of their stories.|| |1262

Libros sobre blackjack

It is always possible to improve your skills in the game.One of the options you have is to be amused by a large number of books that have been written on how to count cards. Many mathematicians have tried to explain the best tactics to maximize profits as is the case withProfessional Blackjack by American author Stanford Wong, which covers much of the simple strategy I have described above and some of the variations found in different casinos around the world. Other more technical titles you'll find includeMillion Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston, who invented some very advanced card counting strategies.

Movies about strategy of blackjack

Blackjack is so popular in the world that more than once it has been the central axis of movies and television series. Perhaps the most emblematic case of recent years is the one exposed in the Hollywood movie21: Black Jack, with the participation of the renowned American actor, Kevin Spacey, who plays Mickey Rosa, an unscrupulous university professor who has invented the trick here that allows them to earn millions. Nothing further from reality, but still very funny. Another paradigmatic case that has hit previous generations has been the movieRain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, who is able to perfectly personify a person who suffers from autism. According to the logic of the film, due to this condition, Hoffman's character has superior mathematical ability and therefore can effortlessly and perfectly count cards, which leads him to win large sums of money. It would be possible to believe that this film had much to do with implanting in the collective imagination thatcounting cards is the perfect strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Let's take a breath. If you've read the entire guide along with the downloads then you've absorbed a lot of information that will go a long way towards making better hands and hitting higher profits. However, after such an extensive analysis there is always room for doubts and questions.That's why we've put together a list of frequently asked questions below to help you anchor some of the most important concepts. Remember that you can always come back to this list to clarify and refresh your ideas.

What is the basic strategy in blackjack?

The basic strategy is very simple. It just requires knowing when to hit, stand, split, or double down. At the beginning of this guide you will find a complete introduction to this topic with graphics and downloadable files that will be very easy for you to understand.

How are cards counted?

Card counting cards generally involves assigning a value of -1, 1, or +1 to groups of cards based on their values. This helps the player to keep track of those cards that have already been played on a table and therefore, thanks to the use of statistical formulas, infer what cards are left. As we have already mentioned before, it is completely legal to count cards in the casino, although that does not mean that the operator does not take precautions to avoid it.

What does “split” mean?

called splitting when you are dealt two of the same cards. You will then have the option to split them, turning one hand into two with each holding one of the original cards. To make the split, (known as in English), you will have to place a new bet because you will be playing two hands simultaneously.

What is the difference between a hard and a soft hand?|| |1303

La diferencia entre una mano blanda y otra dura es muy sencilla como clave a la hora de entender las estrategias básicas de este juego y sus trucos. Se le llama mano blanda a aquella que es mutable debido a que incluye un as desde el comienzo. Al vales estos 1 o 10, según convenga al jugador, el resultado podrá variar con facilidad dependiendo de la conveniencia del apostador.

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