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Find out how how to play Blackjack online for real money

Have you decided to use the Blackjack tables beyond the trial options? Then you should consider accessing through authorized and secure portals. The best options for this are online casinos, since they have the constant control of different regulatory bodies (state and private), which guarantee the security and reliability of the services, essential characteristics that generate trust in millions of users throughout the world. world. On this page we want to provide you with the main operators in USA that offer to play Blackjack online for real money, as well as the different variants of the game available and the actions to take in the event of a loss of connection in the middle of the game.

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Betsson and Luckia have the largest number of tables available with attractive terms of use. Wanabet and bwin, on the other hand, make excellent offers available to the public for all types of players. Sportium was included in the Top 5, thanks to the low betting limits and the presence of mobile access with an efficient app.

All possible limits at the tables

At the different versions of the card games, the bet and payout amounts are relatively clear from the start. Unlike other casino variants, in Blackjack, 21 and Pontoon (to mention the most popular), minimum and maximum limits are clearly set before the start of a game. In USA, most boards require a minimum participation of one Euro for each pair of cards, although there are some casinos that reduce this sum to 50 cents or even 10¢, as is the case withthe Finnish operator paf orthe British portal bwin.

En las mesas es visible el límite máximo y mínimo de apuestaBut there are also secondary networks, which can be very different from each other. The simplest requires an amount for the side bet exactly equal to the sum initially placed and, therefore, within the limits of the table. Another possibility is that the side bet may differ from the total placed in the game, so the sum in this type of option may not be greater than the minimum limits. In other variants, an insurance is automatically taken with half of the total amount bet at the beginning of the hand.

In Blackjack, these types of options are not as common as in Roulette, so the exact rules often vary between carriers. For this reason, we recommend that you fully understandthe rules of the game before playing for real money, and, if possible, use the test modes of some operator to practice and gain experience.

Betting for real money and how to claim payouts

Thanks to features adapted for easy use at allblackjack online tables, the choice of bets lasts a couple of seconds. In general, the chips are at the bottom of the screen, in ascending / descending order and just click on one of them, to place the chip on the player's board. The limits are visible at all times, so you know exactly how much you can put down for a couple of cards. Upon receiving them, with a couple of clicks it is possible to select and place the bet in each of the spaces that the table allows and give way to the Croupier to reveal his hand.

Las manos con Blackjack son pagadas al tripleIn case of exceeding the maximum allowed , the system will notify you immediately and offer you an alternative solution. Once the amount of the bet has been decided and after clicking on the “play” button, the table deck will be distributed among the participants. Likewise, once the session is started, buttons for the options “split”, “insurance”, “double” will automatically appear on the screen, depending on the value of the cards obtained, in addition to the boxes referring to “hit” and “double down”. stand up”, which activate the development of the game. Finally, the payment of winnings is made at the end of each hand, in correlation to the general rules. The total will be added to your account and immediately available for further use.

Lost connection in a real money game

Worst situation any Blackjack participant in casinos online you may experience is the sudden loss of internet connection during a game, especially if you have a winning hand. The reasons can be diverse, from a technical failure of the computer, due to a failure in the software or the interruption in the transmission of data. Regardless of the origin of the problem, you can be sure that your capital will not disappear, as there are several protocols provided for this type of situation.

In virtual variants, the game continues automatically

When using any of the online Blackjack tables, the solution is quite simple. Since the dealer is virtual and only one participant bets on the game (except for the optionMultiplayer Blackjack, where several users can share a table), in case of suffer an interference or interruption, the development of the hand will be paused from the last recorded point and archived on the operator's servers, to be resumed once your activity can be reestablished normally. Although it is true that there is a time limit to resume the course, this consists of a period between 30 and 90 days, depending on the company that provides software in the casinos, so you will have some time pressure.

Betting Real Money Online Blackjack - What happens when the connection is interrupted?
Plan de contingencia tras perder conexión a Internet

A little more complicated for the options of this Live game, since the development cannot be stopped to wait for a participant. At the moment, none of the casinos referred to as the best in the USA market offer cards with live transmission with a real Croupier, although the main operators in the country are part of international consortiums with a presence in different European nations (mainly), where this type of services have been offered for several years, so it is possible to think that in a short time they will also be added to the permanent offer in USA. For this reason, we have summarized the main actions to take in case of losing connection to Internet in the middle of a game of Live Blackjack for real money.

First option: Wait without making moves

One way to deal with this situation is to leave the cards without trying to make any further maneuvers or moves. The Dealer will deal himself and compare the scores, so there is a chance that he will exceed the value “21” and you will automatically win. If this is not the case, you will lose the hand unless you have a very high score or at best a Blackjack. The following games will be declined, since you will not place chips in the space corresponding to the bets. This advice represents a disadvantage only in cases where the acquisition of only one card would have generated a winning combination, that is, in a really low percentage of the possible results.

Blackjack connection failure Live. The Evolution Gaming & Microgaming protocol
El casino reacciona al perder conexión

Second way: The game is continued automatically

There are other service providers that use a different solution. For example, the tables managed by Playtech use random number generators (RNG for its acronym in English: Random Number Generator) to simulate the behavior of the Croupier and lead the hand at the end of the game. In this case, the same cards revealed in the Live transmission are used, but in a virtual version. This protocol is the fairest, as it allows users to have 100% control of their movements.

Internet connection with errors- From live casino to online version
Otras soluciones al perder Internet en juego en Vivo

Third variant: Resume the course of the hand

A last resort is used to solve the problem of the interruption in the reception/sending of data. Some platforms automatically applybasic tabulation strategies for Blackjack, upon losing internet connection. In this sense, the client can be sure that the system will take control and with it, also the best decision to generate a winning hand. This variant is totally in your favor. Operators who use it do so to provide the greatest possible feeling of security and confidence. This is understandable, because if a system fails more than once while playing online and real money is lost due to this failure, the reliability of a casino falls and at the same time the perception of having been the victim of a scam increases. Online operators practically live off the satisfaction and trust of their customers, so they try at all costs to avoid these situations.

Automatic use of betting strategies when losing the connection in Blackjack Live
Consultar el historial de juego es una opción

Use of currencies other than the Euro

Current legislation dictates that only casinos with a license issued by the Directorate General for Gaming Regulation can operate in USA. This government body extends the permits under various parameters and after passing strict controls, three of which stand out: 1) a “.es” site specially designed for the country, which guarantees the safety of users, 2) access only for citizens and/or residents in USA and c) the only currency allowed to make money deposits or withdrawals is the Euro. For these three reasons, operations with currencies other than the Euro do not exist.