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Blackjack 2vs1 – El juego revisado a fondo

The 2vs1 Blackjack variant of the card classic has been created by Merkur Gaming and allows you to play up to three simultaneous hands with two against one side bets, hence its name. 2v1 Blackjack has all the betting options of the classic version, plus an extra thrill. Unfortunately, this game is not available in UK online casinos at the moment and therefore we recommend you to try otherblackjack games online.

Juega al Black Jack 2vs1 con un alto índice de RTP.
Side betsTry the variant now! 2vs1 blackjack, an interesting game from Merkur Gaming!

In 2vs1 you get a Blackjack payout of 3: 2 by having an Ace plus a card value 10. You can bet two against one that your cards are equal to or less than the Dealer's. You have the option of insurance, you can split up to six times and double or surrender before receiving.

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If you regularly participate in this type of card games You are going to love this table, because it brings together all the betting options that most favor the user, with the extra of the parallel option of two against one. Enjoy the game with no limits on time, balance or available hands, because the credit will be replenished when you restart the session.

Mesa con cartas de Blackjack Super 21

European Blackjack has some differences compared to the American style, the Chief among them is that the Croupier does not look at or turn over his cards until bets on the players' hands are closed. In addition, in the event of a tie, the user recovers the amount wagered. The American version also has its advantages: for example the side bets, or the option to surrender (surrender). As you will see, all of them meet here in a Blackjack modality with the best of each house. In addition, this table has three different types of parallel luck, one in each of the versions created by the same developer of the Lucky7 and Twins programs, about which we have also prepared complete reviews.

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Overview of rules and payouts

The table uses six French decks of 52 cards each and you can play up to three hands simultaneously. As in any Blackjack, the goal is to get a combination of 21 or as close as possible without going over. Here only Blackjack is considered to be the pair of an Ace plus another 10 value card (a ten itself or a J, Q, K face). Therefore, the prize hierarchy is Blackjack, combination of 21 and, in descending order, the sum of the rest of the cards (from 20 to 2).

If at the beginning of the game the card of the Croupier face up is an Ace, you have the option to buy insurance. If the house eventually turns out to have Blackjack (checked at the end of the game), the insurance is paid 2:1. If it doesn't, you will lose the insurance amount, that is, half of your initial bet on the hand.

When your first two cards are the same or have the same value (for example a ten and a J) you can split the hand. This can be done up to six consecutive times. However, Aces can only be split once and immediately the table will deal one last card before closing the game. If the second card of one of these hands is worth 10, it is also considered Blackjack and will be paid accordingly.

The table allows you to surrender when your first two cards don't work for you, but before you've hit the hit button. In this case, you give half of the bet for that game to the house, and you recover the other half, without playing. The option to "double down" is also available only with the first two cards, except when you split a hand. Here one more card is delivered for that turn and the bet is closed automatically.

But the real star option of the table (which in fact gives it its name), is the 2 against 1 or side bet of two against one Before the cards are dealt and at the same time that you move your chips, you can play that your two cards (considered individually) are going to be equal to or less than the dealer's visible card. If successful, one and a half the value of each chip will be paid.

Play Blackjack 2 vs 1 for real money

After familiarizing yourself with the game in the free demo , surely you are looking forward to getting down to business and betting for real money prizes. Well, in that case, we have the ideal place for you to do it, and who better than the official casino of the company that has created this and many other games of chance? The portal has been verified and proven as an excellent option and thanks to this it appears in theTop 5 online Blackjack casinos in USA. To start playing, create your account and make a deposit, the money will be transferred to your balance and you can use it to try your luck at all the blackjack tables in the house, also including other card games, roulette wheels and slot halls. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the review, this version brings together most of the betting options that have proven to be more favorable to the user. This is reflected in the RTP of the game, calculated at 99.98% for plays with optimal strategy. Without a doubt, the highest you will find!

RTP DEL99.98%