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Summary of Betway contract terms and conditions

The casino has one of the most complete stories that this editorial team has witnessed. To a great extent, all users will benefit from the accuracy of the document in general. However, few will take the time to carefully read each of the articles included in it and thus have a general knowledge of the topics that the operator contemplates. Our readers will find in this review, a summary ofthe clauses of the contract, with special emphasis on the most important articles, where we have added a couple of clarifying comments. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us via emailinfo@casinos-online.es, as we will receive your opinions with pleasure.

Contenido de los Términos y Condiciones

The first phase of the contract focuses on clarifying that the use of the platform is free and voluntary. In the event that the user does not wish to participate in the operator's games or bets, he is instructed to remove the program from the computer or device. Immediately afterwards, Betway dedicates a "pre-article" to explain the definition of concepts and titles, so that there are no confusions. Immediately after, the 1st and 2nd articles clarify the fiscal reason of the company, as well as the possession of the corresponding licenses to practice in USA.

1. About Betway

2. Licensing and Statutory Authority

3. Your participation in Betway

3.1 Durante la utilización de los servicios de juego ofrecidos por Betway pueden producirse potenciales limitaciones de visualización, información y/o de funcionalidad de los servicios de juegos en función del dispositivo o terminal que el cliente pudiera utilizar como medio de acceso a los mismos, tales como dispositivos móviles, sin que se garantice en dichos supuestos la correcta funcionalidad de los mismos por parte de Betway.”

Comment: Although Betway makes the software available to the public free of charge to access the different options of the online casino, the quality of access, connection, image or video load escape full operator competence.

3.2 Restrictions

3.3 Identification Documentation

3.4|| |264 Verificación

3.5 Risk

3.6 Acceptable use

4.|| |273 Su cuenta

4.1 The game contract

4.2 Single user registration

4.3 Accuracy

4.4 Password

4.5 Verification of bank details

4.5.1 If you use a debit/credit card or bank/financial account for transactions on Betway, the name of the card/account holder MUST be the same name as you used when registering an account at Betway. In the event that the name you have used when registering and the name that appears on your debit/credit card and/or bank/financial account do not completely match, the debit/credit card and/or bank/financial account will be blocked. and an explanation will be required in this regard. Any withdrawal made by bank transfer will only be payable to the name indicated when you registered an account with Betway.”

Comment: These types of actions are used by operators as a protection mechanism against the theft of cards or data. The fact that the casino exercises such detailed control over the source of income is for the financial protection of the player and the prevention of the use of the platform for criminal purposes.

4.6 Exención de la responsabilidad

4.7 Inactivity/Suspension/Account Closure

4.7.1When you do not access your account or you do not contact Betway for 6 months continuously, your account will become inactive and deactivated. A level of authentication higher than the usual one of account number and password will be necessary to be able to access your account once it is inactive.”

Comment: Likewise, there are guidelines to proceed in case of account suspension. After 6 months of inactivity, the account will be deactivated. If the time goes from 24 to 72 months without use, then it will be suspended. In the event that an account remains inactive for 72 months and the owner does not request to reverse the suspension, it will be permanently canceled and deleted from the system.

4.8 Transfer between accounts|| |315

4.9 Interest

4.10 User registration suspension

4.11 Close of account and temporary suspension

4.12 Account in practice game

4.13 Money still in play

5. Payment/withdrawal data

5.1 Identification checks

5.2 Checks Credit

5.3 Registration

5.4 Withdrawals

5.5 Update of payment data

5.6 Withdrawal Recovery

6. Bonuses

6.1|| |355 Términos y condiciones independientes

6.2 Bonus System Abuse

6.2 If we believe that you (… ) benefit personally you through the abuse of a Betway gaming rule, we may (…) override any rules that are being abused either temporarily or permanently, terminate your access to our services and/or block your account. In such circumstances, Betway will be under no obligation to return to you any amount you may have in the account other than the initial deposit.”

Comment: This may be one of the points that generate the most frustration among users. In the event that the casino for any reason suspects the abuse of the system (such as the use of external software) or the methodical use of bets to speed up the release of the offer, the company can retain or cancel the winnings generated in the games, without being obliged to return them, because only by appealing to judicial or legal instances, they will present the arguments (and their respective evidence) to have acted in such a way. An arbitrary clause that disempowers the user.

6.3 Cancellation right

7. Privacy policy

8. Intellectual and industrial property

9. Game crash

9.1 No guarantees

9.1 The service and the program are provided as is. We do not offer any guarantee or assertion, either explicit or implicit, in relation to the satisfactory quality, suitability for the purpose, completeness or accuracy of the service or the program, notwithstanding that the technical systems have the guarantees required by USA regulations in in relation to its security and availability.”

Comment: It is normal for casinos that belong to large international consortiums with divisions in various countries to disclaim direct responsibility for the failure platform technician. This is because, in general, the software is developed by a parent provider company and adapted for the different operating pages of the company. From time to time there are compatibility issues, for which the casino cannot respond.

9.2 Malfunction

9.3 Información de averías

9.4 Viruses

9.5 Service suspension

9.6 No bets

9.7 Complaints and claims

9.8 Changes

10.|| |413 Indemnización y limitación de responsabilidad

10.1 Indemnification

10.2 Limitation of Liability

10.2In no event shall we, our directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents and affiliates, our principal parent company and parent companies and any of our affiliates be liable in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising from any cause, whether direct or indirect, or in any amount (even where we have been notified by you of the possibility of such loss or damage).”

Comment: Again, a clause that disclaims liability to any of the people (moral or fiscal) who work in or for the casino . The contract is designed so that the client knows at all times that the actions undertaken in the games are the sole responsibility of the user himself. Although almost all operators do the same in the terms and conditions section, Betway specifies in various ways the nullity taken for technical failures, loss of capital or general negligence. A similar feature has been observed only on the GoldenPark portal

10.3 Links

10.4 Negligence

11. Offer Availability

11.1 Eligibility

11.2 Offer Revocation

11.2Where there is evidence of a series of bets placed by a player or group of players which, as a result of increased payouts through promotional offers, result in guaranteed profits for the player regardless of the result…”

Comment: This article goes hand in hand with what is stated in section 6.2, where it is warned of the measures to be taken by the company in case it is discovered that the player has used technical assistance of any kind to gain an advantage in betting. We highly recommend all our readers not to use programs or software to win at the tables and machines, to avoid being reprimanded or punished, as the contract warns.

12. Game responsible

12.1 Policy

12.2 Self-exclusion policy

13. Protección del jugador

13.1 Policy

14. Help, disputes and complaints

14.1| ||471 Ayuda

14.2 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) / Online Dispute Resolution

15.1 No interest

15.2 No legal or tax advice

15.3 No arbitrations

15.4 Prevention of money laundering

15.4Players are strictly prohibited from using Betway and its systems to facilitate any kind of illegal money transfers. You must not use the website for any illegal or fraudulent activity or for prohibited transactions (including money laundering) under the laws of the jurisdiction that corresponds to you.”

Comment: It is obvious that the general public is advised not to use the platform, payment or withdrawal services, system and software in general for criminal purposes. Not only for the protection of the clients themselves, but also because of the legal implications that this would have for the company. In the event that the company suspects or corroborates any illegal transaction, it will be reported immediately to the authorities.

16. Others

16.1 Acceptance

16.2 Allowed Players

16.3 Account Cancellation

16.3 || |510Betway se reserva el derecho de cancelar su cuenta por cualquier razón y en cualquier momento sin notificárselo a usted. Cualquier saldo de su cuenta en el momento de dicha cancelación será depositado en su tarjeta de crédito/débito o cuenta financiera.”

Comment: This can happen for a variety of reasons, including that stand out having more than one account, the non-correspondence of name between user and owner of the payment system, withdrawal of capital before covering the release requirements, if the client is a professional player of any of the variants of the casino or other operators have canceled (for whatever reason) game profile.

16.4 Advertising

16.5 Entire agreement

16.6Irregular Game

16.7Final Decision


16.9 Force Majeure

16.10 No Agencies

16.11 Severability

16.12 Explanation of terms and conditions

17. Efficacy and duration

18. Rights and obligations of the client te

Comment: This article consists of two paragraphs, which specify the rights and obligations of users. Among the former, the protection (and possible exclusion) of addicted players or those with gambling tendencies stand out; guarantee the protection of data and information; the immediate recording of charges, payments and winnings in the user's account and making the fair payment of winnings.

18.1 As a customer you have the right:

18.2 As a customer you are obliged to:

19. Rights and obligations of Betway

19.1 Betway will have all those rights established in these terms and conditions.

19.2 For our part, we undertake to:

20. Accessory services

21.1 Applicable law and jurisdiction

21.1These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the USA legislation. The customer and Betway expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the USA courts to resolve any dispute or claim that may arise as a result of the use of the website.”

Comment: Although the company is part of an international consortium, the actions and operations carried out in USA are governed by USA law, so any disagreement, claim or similar must be settled before local legal instances. Likewise, the deposit and withdrawal limits must be subject to the legal statutes in force in the nation and established in the Gaming Regulation Law.