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Analysis of the he best online sports betting operators in 2022

Our safe bet for this 2022 interests you, regardless of the sport you follow closely. These four operators are the best for theirwide range of disciplines and championships, welcome bonuses that are as attractive as they are realistic, and their perfect optimization for mobile so you don't miss any event on direct.

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In this review we want to present youan analysis of the best sports betting pages with details aboutthe most popular sports that you can bet on paying attention todividends and odds as well as to thebonuses andfree bets at your disposal.

We will also consider issues such as thelive broadcasts of the most important events, as well as the different sports markets. Access from your mobile will focus our attention and, in addition, we will not forget to highlight that to operate in our country online betting houses need to be in possession of alegal license .

How to know which is your sports betting house?

The myriad of possibilities that you have online makes it very difficult to discern between the best online sports betting pages or those that adapt to your preferences.This selection work is arduous and it's not difficult to get lost in front of juicy offers that slightly cloud your capacity for objective and calm judgement.

We want to help you in this purpose andpresent criteria that can serve as a guide. Questions like the number of sports you can bet on, examining the different odds on offer, understanding how they work and why they vary between different operators are of the utmost importance.

Furthermore, we explain howthe welcome offers work and the bonuses of the USA bookmakers. If you are familiar withonline casinos you will see that the differences are substantial.

The most popular sports betting sites and markets

Es importante entonces to take into account the different sports offered and which ones interest you the most. In this sense, the main point is that with the most popular sports it happens like withslot machines.

As these are one of the most popular games, the offer between the different operators increases exponentially. The analogy here is thatthe most popular sports have bigger betting markets with incredible options.

The sports you can bet on online in USA| ||341

Although the number of sports that you can find in the different operators is very similar, the important thing here isto know available markets for particular events. The possibilities are many and the best bookmakers tend to diversify the options as much as possible.

The most common bet is on the winner of the match. But, the better the operator, the greater the options. You can bet on the difference in goals, points or shots, or any relevant circumstance that may occur during the match, such as the number of yellow cards in a football match.

The most interesting sports that you can bet on online in USA
  • La página de apuestas de fútbol en el operador Betfair. 1/4 Football bettingThere is no doubt that football is the sport that attracts more bettors in our country. The fact that our soccer league is among the 2 most important in the world contributes to this. For this reason, you will find the best betting markets in football.
  • La página de apuestas de baloncesto en el operador Bwin. 2/4 Basketball bettingThe recent successes of the USA basketball team have triggered the interest of bettors for this sport. In addition, the American league, the NBA, is still the favorite. Other events such as the Euroleague also attract many followers. Your odds are getting better and better.
  • Apuestas de tenis para el Roland Garros en el operador Betsson. 3/4 Bet on tennis Rafael Nadal's spectacular career has contributed to the growth of interest in this sport in our country. An event like Roland Garros attracts thousands of bettors online, and the possibility of Rafa Nadal winning again creates very exciting betting markets.
  • Apuestas de Fórmula 1 para el Grand Prix de Canadá en Marca Apuestas. 4/4 Bet on Formula 1Despite the retirement of Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 is still widely followed in our country. This is reflected in the number of bettors, which continues to grow. And we cannot forget motorcycling, with a very competitive world championship and the best USA riders.

The popularity of the sport is associated with the its successes in the country.In USA, football wins by a landslide. Others that have experienced great recent successes such as basketball or handball are also among the bettors' favourites.

The USA bookmakers thus try to focus on those events that are particularly attractive for the player from our country. In addition to football,the popularity of other sports has been increasing such as basketball, tennis and also cycling or volleyball, without forgetting the brand new esports, which attract an increasing number of players.

In this regard, we hope that new bookmakers will considerdiversifying markets into other sports. On many occasions, the best odds are not found in the events that everyone follows, but in those with a smaller audience and that can bring great dividends to the savvy player.

Dividends and odds: which are the best?

Odds can be explained as theprobability of an event happening, sea el que sea. La probabilidad suele expresarse como un número entre 0 y 1, es decir, entre 0% y el 100%. Las páginas españolas de apuestas deportivas la expresan con números decimales.

We give you a very simple soccer example so you can understand this important concept.What is the probability that Barcelona will score in a first division football match? Definitely big.

Odds are also offered in fractions, the most widely used system in the UK, or use the American format which consists of positive or negative figures that express how much you will have to invest to get a profit of 100 (negative) or how much you will win betting 100 (positive).

The higher the odds, the higher dividends in case of guessing right but also the risks assumed per unit wagered. If the probability that Barcelona wins the Champions League is set at 40%, dividing this by 100 gives you a share of 2.5, that is, a profit of 1.5 after discounting the unit wagered.

Therefore, odds have mathematics and strategy behind them. But, on many occasions,the odds vary between operators, since they include the house edge. You will have to be awake. So they are very different from the random number generators, or RNGs, that ruleonline roulette or slots.

Bonuses to get the best results

You'll be used to seeing lusciousonline bonus offers at casinos of up to €1,000 or even €2,000. With sports betting houses things are very different.The welcome packages are not so juicy a priori and have their own way of being interpreted.

However, and unlike online casinos that many of them lack additional extra promotions, it is always good to review the bonus page of your favorite sports betting house because you often find newspecial promotional offers for specific events, sobre todo aquellos más populares como el fútbol.

So, in addition to the welcome bonusthere are bets likecashback or without risk for live bets; in addition to others associated with special fees.

Un jugador de fútbol con la camiseta número 10 festeja un gol.
  • €100 welcome bonus
  • 100% first deposit
  • x10 rollover*
GLIPlayWellGaming license:ADC/2017/014
* Terms and conditions apply. Click on Bet Now! for more information.

Bonuses are expressed as free bets orfree bets. Basically, this means that the operator offers you a certain amount to bet. Normally, this is 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum that can vary between €100 and €150.

In order to transform the amount received into real money, the player must bet a number of times the amount of the bonus, which is known as rollover.Its conditions are not as demanding as in online casinos, and it does not usually exceed 10 times, which is enough for sports betting.

You will have topay attention to the minimum odds required, which can vary towards 2.0 and are rarely less than 1.5. In this way the operator is protected, since very low odds mean that the risk assumed by the bettor is low.

Betting also from mobile

The advantages of betting online through iOS and Android devices are the same as with themobile casino. But here the time factor is decisive, especially in live betting. A sporting event can find you anywhere, so it isessential to have a good connection from your mobile.

The best sports betting houses offer native apps that you can download through the operator's website or by accessing directly the Apple App Store or Google Play. Sportium, for example, also offers you an extra app with all the live results updated in real time.

Grupo de deportistas varios celebrando en línea.
  • Native app
  • Live
  • Sportium results*
iOSAndroidGame license:24
* Terms and conditions apply. Click on Bet Now! for more information.

Although thanks to HTML5 technology, responsive websites allow you to access your favorite betting page from your mobile, in our opinionnative apps are preferable|| |543, sobre todo para aquellos que apuestan habitualmente y para los que la conexión live with live broadcasts is a decisive factor.

A pesar de que there are still many improvable details in the apps, the operators make an effort to adapt to some devices through which most of the internet traffic happens . Today, it is not possible to understand sports betting sites without mobile technology.

The best sports betting houses only with a license

We cannot ignore thelegal and security aspects of online operators. In USAsports betting has been regulated since 2011. The entity in charge of guaranteeing compliance with the law is theGeneral Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).

This means that USA bookmakers must havelegal licenses to be able to operate in our country. It is a general license for betting and a singular one for counterparty sports betting, as they are known in specialized jargon.

At the bottom of the home page of the online operatorthe Secure Game seal is a guarantee of legality, as well as a guarantee of impartiality and also responsibility for possible conflicts. If you access a page outside the jurisdiction of the DGOJ you will be playing at your own risk.

Contact the operator

Without dismissing the FAQ page, the best bookmakers sportsbooks also haveonline forms and live chat, which is a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with the operator and ask all questions quickly and directly that we have.

Betting online is tricky, so if you have any doubtswe recommend that you use the customer service. There are many issues surrounding the odds, for example how they change as the event approaches or even during the broadcast of the event, that can be shocking to you.

Why bet online?

The reasons for deciding to bet online instead of in a physical location can be many. But basically we can say that it boils down to availability and location. These pages areavailable 24 hours a day, without restrictions, and within reach of a click. You don't have to worry if you have one close to home.

These literally exist in your house. On the other hand, the advantage of physical venues is that they have live broadcasts with connections to television signals, although you can also do this from home. Also,the online betting markets are larger in most cases.

Capturas de pantalla de varios sitios web de casinos online que incluyen: Paf, Betfair e Interwetten.

New bookmakers in 2022

The offer can be almost endless nowadays. Most online casinos are also incorporating bets, thus diversifying their offer in the hope of attracting new players. Case, for example, of Casino Gran Madrid and Betsson. Of thebest sportsbooks they all also offer casino games.

This has its advantages. Trusting a reliable operator avoids having to register with several at the same time. Now then,the welcome packages are valid for new users, and if you are already registered, for example, in the casino and enjoyed their welcome bonus, it is very possible that you will not be able to do it again.

The gaming market today

Sports betting is on the rise. Theinternal reports of the DGOJ show asignificant growth in turnover, higher than that of the casinos on-line. Technology today is capable of providing spectacular features that were unthinkable a few years ago, such as live betting.

Different aspects of the game are constantly evolving andoperators introduce innovative variants with which they try to stimulate online sports betting. Players are increasingly demanding and operators have to know how to adapt to them.

However, compulsive gambling can create numerous social problems, which the DGOJ addresses through theJugarBien initiative. The USA authority requires operators to supportresponsible gaming policies and make assistance and control mechanisms available to customers.

Betting houses sports: our conclusion

We have provided a summary of online betting sites in USA. You can read it as a guide that tries to help you toplace your bets with the greatest security and comfort possible.

In our opinion,the best sports bookmakers are characterized by the large number of markets that, depending on the discipline, you have at your disposal.Having live footage is an added advantage, although we have to say that for the biggest matches it is difficult to have live broadcast rights.

Finally,do not forget to pay attention to the odds, also in relation to the welcome bonuses, and that their conditions are as impartial as possible.

Why place sports bets online|| |647
  • Ventajas significativas
  • Lots of markets
  • Real time information
  • Significant Disadvantages
  • None
  • Notable advantages
  • Excellent bonuses
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Notable Disadvantages
  • Not always with live images

Frequently asked questions

Do not hesitate to write to our email address,info@casinos-online.es, yes want to ask us anything about the topics covered in this review. In our team we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Which is the best bookmaker?

It is a difficult question to answer, because when deciding which is the best there is always a subjective element to consider. So,depends a bit on what you're looking for. We have established some criteria that can help you and presented those that according to our review are the best houses in USA. If you look at the table that we have attached in theconclusion, you will see which of these is our favorite betting page.

And the best bookmakers? of bets for soccer?

Really complicated. Since we are talking about one of the most popular sports in our country,all the online sports pages offer soccer and the best European and international leagues. It goes without saying that ourbest online houses all, of course, offer football. You may be interested in an operator that has less attractive leagues. But we can recommend that you take a look, for example, atfutsal, a tremendously attractive sport, which offers large odds, and in which USA is a world power .